Your Biggest Most Powerful Enemy

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In business, your biggest most powerful enemy is not your staff, your, competitors, the government or the economy

No, this Dark Force is a much bigger and way more powerful of an enemy than that.

It has its foot on the throat of your business straining your cash flow, your payroll, your retirement, even your health.

It makes you doubt yourself causes you to make irrational decisions, its invisible shackles chain you down and keep you stuck holding you back again and again like a recurring nightmare. It’s your ultimate challenger.

This Enemy in your ranks is YOU.  And it starts with this belief that most people think the whole reason they are in business is TO MAKE MONEY…

And they would be EXACTLY RIGHT… you are in business to make a Profit!!

Too Right, you should be measuring down to the dollar and day and be consistently and strategically working towards your income target.

Here’s where the all-important distinction comes in. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU.

If your total focus is only on making money, you will never make the money you want not, long term anyway.

The reason for this is that money only predictably and sustainably flows to you as a function of the value you provide for a specific result your market is searching for.

When you are tactically trying to plug holes in your business in the form of

 “I Need More Cash”

You TURN OFF THE MONEY TAP in your business because you lose sight of the most important thing. “Helping People Solve Their Gnarliest Problems.”

It’s totally counterintuitive instead of trying to solve your own problems, switch to providing better quality more effective solutions for your Ideal market.

When I was 8 years old, “I asked my mum for a Skateboard”, and she promptly replied, “Sorry, we can’t afford it and do you think money grows on trees?”

Now if you knew my mum you would understand that pleading was futile so

After I picked my bottom lip up of the floor, I realized something profound she did not say “I could not have one.”

Hmmmm… “How can I get the money to buy a Skateboard?”

I remember standing out the front of my house looking at old Jim across the road up on a ladder trying to clean the leaves out of his gutters.

He could barely walk little own clean his gutters, I kind of felt sad for him, so I walked over the road and asked him if he needed help.

Before I knew it, I was cleaning his gutters, and he was sitting on a fold-up chair barking orders making sure I did it properly.

Regardless of the free labour, I got the job done and helped him out, all the while working hard to make sure I did a good job.

Here’s the thing Jim paid me Five Bucks now in 1980 Five Bucks for an 8-year-old was a lot of money.

In fact, it was enough to by a Skateboard it wasn’t flash, but it was a Skateboard none the less.

How could this be? the moment I stopped focusing on my problem of how to get the money, “I got the money.”

At the time it did not realize how important and powerful that lesson was to me I was unknowingly following the hallmarks of the most successful in the world.

Now I can tell you with certainty that all my major business achievements can be attributed to this one lesson. “Including to creating well over 40 Million in revenue from my businesses.”

I intuitively I have always wanted to help people solve their problems.

The harder I worked on solving their problems and not just the easy ones the most difficult ones the more money I would get paid.

And If I could work out ways to solve the most difficult problems for my clients and at the same time do it more efficiently and cost-effectively on my side, I would make even more money.

My rewards and achievements were an indirect creation of trying to help others achieve something important to them.

Once I could put context and language around what I was intuitively doing

I started applying this strategy to all areas of my business including my staff yes instead of asking them to “make me more money and work harder.”

I ask them what they wanted and then helped them develop a plan to solve their problems and achieve their desired solution.

Guess what? I got what I wanted It worked

Here is the formula…

 “Value” x “Problems Solved” = More Profits   (Win Win)

Your income is in direct proportion to the Strategic value you offer another human being It’s that simple.

People are obsessed with scouring the earth looking for solutions to their problems in the form of quick shiny fixes.

None of my achievements has come from magic more my obsession to find solutions to problems that make the biggest difference.

This discovery early on my career changed my perspective on everything; I could see solutions to my problems through “helping solve the problems of others.”

Now to do that you need to take the time to understand your market at a deep level and seriously care about helping them.

By being able to write a page in the diary of your ultimate client and when they read it was as if they wrote it.

Heres the four things

  1. Its never been about you falling in love with your product or service
  2. What we think does not matter the market ultimately decides
  3. Take the time to understand your market at a deep level
  4. To solve your problems and get what you want consciously make the switch to solving your market’s problems.

I put together a free training showing you exactly how you how you can do the same even faster than I did by applying the methods I learned from my journey.

You can register here for free:

If you liked this post, you’re going to love this free training.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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