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“I Knew What I Needed to Do but Why Couldn’t I Do It?”
Day after day it was the same thing.
I would wake up with the best intentions committed to my health, make money, build a World Class Business be present and spend quality time with My Family.
and yet day after day, I would delude myself that I was doing my best.
I would shut the door to my office sit down to work on what needed to be done and instead drop further into the Deep Black Void.
“I need to Follow up on the Quotes”
But I sat there unwilling to write the follow-ups.
My mind drifting back to past failures and things that had gone wrong filling my body with guilt and fear.
“I need to update my Website”
But I could not even focus for long enough to work on the updates.
“I need to call my Key Clients”
But I could not pick up the phone and dial the keypad.
My mind going into the future Imagining horror movies of everything going wrong, filling my body with anxiety and overwhelm.
“I need to make a connection with a joint venture partner.”
But I could not bring myself to have the conversation.
“I need to write up the job add for the new team member”
And yet; still nothing.
Later that day I logged into my bank account and did the math’s on what was coming in and going out adding up all of the outgoings, wages, taxes and expenses.
Like somehow if I rechecked it from earlier in the day it would magically be different.
I would check and double-check the numbers 10 Times a day…
Just like when I was a kid every year checking under the Christmas tree for a Motocross Bike that would somehow magically appear but never did.
I had way more money going out than coming in, countless holes in the bucket and I was trying to refill it with a tiny eyedropper.
And of course, nothing changed from the first to the tenth time I checked the accounts.
Why would it have … what the hell was I thinking?
I wasn’t doing enough of the right work to make an impact, instead
Running around in FEAR AND SCARCITY being a fireman putting out fires all day.
Bathing in the dopamine hit from fixing Sh#t that had no impact on anything meaning full in my life or business.
Toxically enjoying the floods of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through my veins.
Two weeks before Christmas and I needed to come up with a $100,000 shortfall.
Not to mention pay out holiday pay and deal with less staff and lower output during the holiday period.
The payments were due in two weeks and add to that I was about to be hit with the BAS.
I needed to generate over $100,000 in two weeks and knew I had to somehow summon the courage to make it happen.
I was tired, overwhelmed, worn out and every time I tried to get my head above water…
another wave would come along push me under thrashing me around like I was in a washing machine.
It was a tough year running on pure adrenaline and now at the end of it all of that blood sweat and stress.
All I had to show for it was… debt… and a futile unwinnable position.
I walked in the door after another long day from fighting the war that had become my life and before I could even sit down my wife asked
“Are We Able to Go On Holidays Next Month?”
I totally snapped and just started yelling at her.
“You have to be joking I haven’t even got in the door and you hit me with the stupidest question you could have ever asked.”
“Where do you think the money is going to come from, do you think I’m working 60-hour weeks because it’s fun?”
She looked at me with disappointed eyes, turned and walked out of the room and shut the door.
I would get up early and come home late.
Hand on my heart couldn’t I tell you I was doing meaningful productive work that whole time.
To this day…
I have no idea how I managed to burn up so much time.
Days would roll into weeks, then the end of the year would come by and I had accomplished nothing meaningful and lifechanging.
Yes, I could BS myself and others like the best of them on the outside everything looked like I was the Ultimate Business and Family man.
But In reality, apart from hiding behind my busy fool badge of honour consisting of…
Share trading programs
Real-estate programs
Meaningless conversations
YouTube videos
And if you added up all of the hours in the day… only in-between all of the destructions I was focusing on meaningful important work.
I could not see at the time that being busy had nothing to do with MEANINGFUL RESULTS.
Spending your day trying to kill yourself for something you cannot define is like dying a meaningless death of a thousand cuts.
My wife asked me again…
“So, can we go on Holidays?”
My reply to her? “Yes, if you can pay for it”
It Was Easier to Blame Her for the problem…
That way I would have an excuse as to why I felt
Unable to get results anymore
After all, It was her fault why the money was evaporating as she was spending it faster than I could earn it.
It was just easier to blame her for everything. That way I would have an easy way out and not have to deal with my own BS.
The crazy thing is the previous 20 years, I had been the breadwinner and literally made millions but now when things were getting tough it was suddenly her fault.
“I was hurting the ones I loved when that was the complete opposite of what I was trying to do”
It’s Difficult to Describe the Feeling of Not Being Able to Perform to Your True Potential.
I Knew what to do I have done it before many times…
but the stress was clouding my decision-making ability’s and with every bad decision, it further eroded away my confidence.
Once you start a downward spiralling loop of Fear and Scarcity it quickly gains self-perpetuating momentum.
I witness daily top performers stuck in this loop of…
Fear and Scarcity as they start burning their business and everyone around them to the ground.
It’s like watching someone destroy their health and life by overeating junk and not exercising.
When all they have to do is eat healthily and do daily exercise.
Seems easy but yet it’s a worldwide epidemic.
It’s like watching someone drinking to the bottom of another bottle just to numb the pain and get some sleep will somehow fix the problem.
When all they have to do is stop drinking and deal with the problem.
Seems easy but yet it’s the distraction method of choice among millions of people worldwide.
It’s like watching a hardworking Top Producer with a ton of experience skills, talent and good people around them wasting their efforts and ability’s struggling emotionally and financially.
Doing everything other than what they need to do to set themselves free and get results.
It’s not Rocket science.
And yet most business owners will distract themselves with…
complicated busy work and fill their day with everything other than doing what is required to…
Guarantee their results and get paid.
It’s a dangerous loop of fear and scarcity and quickly gains big momentum.
I was living in this dangerous loop
No new marketing hack, get rich quick strategy, or Facebook campaign was going to get me out.
No amount of business courses, masterminds, or motivational speakers were going to set me free
No amount of positive affirmations, meditation downloads or templates were going to solve the problems I had created.
My problem wasn’t a lack of skills, experience, work ethics, morals and talent.
I had all of that in abundance building three multiple million-dollar businesses from the ground up.
The thing is all the skills, experience, potential, and even luck in the world does not equal success.
You can have an abundance of experience and potential, but you will not produce anything…
If you have lost clarity on what you want and why that is so important.
No amount of hard work and taking massive action will get you where you want to go if you don’t know where you want to go?
You will not improve your external conditions if you don’t change your internal conditions.
Why have I taken the time to write this information for you today?
Because since I discovered and developed the mechanical principals to turn every aspect of my life around.
I made a promise to share this information for other business owners to do the same.
Its because I know what it feels like to be trapped in the loop of fear scarcity and underperforming to my capacity.
I feel an unstoppable sense of duty to step in and help.
I can’t just sit back and watch good people struggle and negatively affect those who mean the most to them.
Then live the rest of their lives in guilt and shame. (Or Worse)
My biggest challenge I shared with you in this information was my lack of Clarity and Necessity.
I had all of the skills to achieve the results but had lost the ability to focus my power and energy on the results for my business and life.
That was until I developed what I call THE POWER OF 4
Using these Power Performance Multipliers is how I never get sucked back into the loop of Fear and Scarcity.
And its how I am supremely confident that no matter how bad things seem right now.
With your business, family or life…
This training will give you the power to get the life you want and overcome any situation.
Think about it
? Imagine what would happen in your Business if you got clear and focused on the THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS
? Imagine what would happen in your Relationship if you got clear and focused on the THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS
? Imagine what would happen in your Family if you got clear and focused on the THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS
? Imagine the impact on your Health if you got clear and focused on the THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS
You use the Power Performance Multipliers to change all areas of your life daily, weekly, monthly over and over you get a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION!
I’m not talking about a quick fix hack that will bump up your hope and optimism momentarily.
People just like you are experiencing massive transformation across all areas of their lives within this training every single day.
No one else is offering this level of comprehensive one on one powerful mentoring.
I could not find anything like this when I needed it most.
I’m not joking around when I say I’m here for you and won’t stop until you get the results you want… I mean it…
If you’re ready to Take your Life Health and Business to The Next Level.
Glen Michaelides CEO www.thetitansacademy.com.au 
Empowering Businessmen to Unleash their Power, Potential and Profits in Business, Family and Life.

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