To build a better business by building a better business mind

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Hey everyone, its glen here and in today’s video I want to tell you and show you how to build a better business by building a better business mind

And the reason I want to do this video is that a lot of people have asked me how I stay so focused fit, healthy, successful and always achieve my outcomes

So here it is and it’s not really that complicated

Building a better business doesn’t start with the next new shiny promise in a box it starts with building a better mindset, and that leads to a better business person

Just an as the computer needs programming or a command to execute a task so does your mind.

You can’t just yell at your computer and expect it to solve your problem

We can’t just fill our minds with random images and conversations that don’t serve us and expect to get the desired result.

Here’s the thing we have the most powerful complex amazing computing device in the known universe, but we weren’t handed the instruction manual on how to run it, so there lies the problem.

Our brains have something called neuroplasticity and with this ability, we can literally rewire and recreate our minds using just thought alone.

Here’s the thing any repetitive action you do in your mind has a profound effect on your business, health and literally your whole life

Random, undisciplined non-serving thoughts become habitual WHEN YOU DO THEM ENOUGH eventually this random chatter inside out minds burns habit forming pathways in the brain and body

Thus, making it easy for you to access, it’s how the brain works. What you plant given and give enough attention and nurturing will grow, weeds or fruitful crops the brain doesn’t care.

So, it’s No Surprise Business Problems Undoubtedly Stem from Automatic, Reactive, Habitual and unconscious thinking not just outside forces like the government, your Staff, the economy etc.

To improve your business life first requires becoming more effective and strategic in your thinking, what I call (On purpose thinking) that means becoming conscious of what’s happening in your unconscious mind

And we do this by first Identifying, and then continually catching ourselves whenever our thoughts start to wander off into Low result activity’s, like tactical busywork, multitasking, mundane, repetitive tasks, random interruptions.

And what I call energy robbing activity’s, worry, gossip, distractions, naysayers, most news, and even choice overload having too many options

And instead replacing with consciously designed thoughts, activities and investments throughout your day that produce your highest achievement results.

What I call

High outcome activity’s that bring in your best payday clients

High Energizing activity’s that support health and wellbeing

Learning activities that take you to the next level

Building quality relationships

And Mastery

And by doing that we begin to eventually eliminate unwanted behaviours and rewire our brains to completely knock out the habit.

Just think for a minute about how much of your day is spent with your mind randomly wandering off from one thing to the next chattering away. How many problems do you solve and quality decisions do you make when you’re stuck in what I call monkey brain mode.

Conversely, It’s really a miracle that when you change what you focus on, it will change how you feel, that will cause you to change your behaviour and you will get better results

You do this by setting yourself up for success and consciously designing strategic value-adding habits in detail

It takes a change to get change, that means you will need to use willpower to start with to intentionally repeat specific processes to reprogram yourself and in time you will create new valuable pathways in your brain.

To help with this, you need to get leverage on yourself by inoculating against the extreme level of noise and clutter is grabbing and clawing for your attention.

I see business owners falling into this trap every day they fire up their computer with good intentions.

They check their emails then something pops up on google that leads to something else then before they know are in the abyss the black hole of uncertainty

Now I’m sure you don’t want that

So I’m going to give you an example of how I think on purpose and can stay focused for hours on end and achieve my outcomes every day

I call it my Success Ritual and here is how it starts

With me getting a clear vision for what I want to achieve in my day

Up at 5:30 in the morning immediately have my breakfast at 5:40 I’m at the gym.

I work out for about one hour, drinking at least 1 litre of water and then at 6:50 am I have a shower and get ready, and then at 7:15 am I start my meditation.

Then by 7:35 am I’m done, and then I’m ready to start my day

Before I get started on the work, I’ve done a workout, had something to eat, I’m hydrated, and I’ve gotten ready, had a shower, and I’ve meditated.

Regular quality meals and plenty of water during the day prepared the day before

I have set myself up for success by setting up my day and achieving clear conscious momentum towards my outcomes

The same goes for the end of the day you want to go to bed at the same time every night start relaxing at least 1 and a half hours before bed to wind down completely and try and get at least 7-8 hours sleep

So here are the action steps to building a better business through on purpose strategic thinking and intentional habits

  1. Become conscious of your unconscious behaviour
  2. Immediately swap out negative images with your outcome image
  3. Change your critical voice to one in support of what you want
  4. Swap out energy robbing activities with high outcome energizing activities
  5. Develop your success rituals including enough sleep, exercise and a good diet

In time these Intentional on purpose thinking habits and strategic actions compound and will revolutionize your business and life by rewiring your brains pathways to be directed towards a more well-formed outcome

It may seem like a lot at first, but it will set you free and give you the clarity and certainty to achieve what you want.

So now it’s your turn follow the steps to design your ultimate life

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