To Be Successful in Business

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To Be Successful in Business

You need to input Time + Energy + Money (Critical Drivers)

The problem is that on our own we never seem to have enough and that is Ultimately what limits our results.

We hit critical mass start cavitating and stop advancing

So how do we overcome this Constraint?
Through using “Power Multipliers.”

Power Multipliers are tools that boost your efforts and produce more output.

A Supercharger on a car is a Power multiplier.

Power Multipliers allow you to achieve more with the same amount of energy and time.

Here are the two examples to make it easy

“Value” x “Problems Solved” = Profits (Without a Power Multiplier)

“PM X Value” X “PM X Problems Solved” = HIGHER PROFITS (With a Power Multiplier)

The Goal of any business is to make money, but you need to be able to survive long enough to reap the rewards

Most business owners try and work harder longer and apply more energy, and in part, this works, and I agree with working hard, but eventually, you hit the ceiling and constrain your business.

So, what’s the answer?

Step 1 Roadmap the business environment map out your current state go through every single discreet activity that happens from the time the lead is generated to the time it is turned into money

Step 2 Find where are all the leaky holes in the bucket are. Most business owners have a dysfunctional collection of tasks that don’t get done the same way every day they run very inefficiently

Step 3 Increase conversion most business owners spend only a fraction of the time spent in sales mode (Revenue Production Mode) and overestimate how much time they spend in the sales zone.

That is a problem because it is choking the growth out of the business

More conversion more value of the business 3% increase in conversion is not liner its equivalent to 10% bottom line income.

Step 4 Increasing daily Sales Activity’s (Measurable activity that a salesperson is engaged in could be number of phone calls could be a number of appointments set (What’s in the till it’s a poor measure of what’s in the pipeline)

Another way to say it is Hiring Super Star People, how many people and how effective that they are towards plugging the leaks in the bucket.

Here is the formula

Daily leads X Superstars X Number of selling days per year (Selling Zone) x Conversion X World-class fulfilment fixes the (Leaky Bucket)

Bottom line income is a function of your sales force and Superstar team and their effectiveness

Improve anyone of them and you will improve your bottom line improve them all and you will 10X

Now what If I showed you a guaranteed way to make all of that happen based on science and research and proven results to get you to the next level

If that sounds like you and you’re wanting to 10X

Click on the link

See you soon

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