The Ultimate Business Exit Plan

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The Ultimate Business Exit Plan

Clients often ask me “Glen do you think you can sell my business?” and of course if they have a good business that is profitably providing value in a marketplace and Not 100% reliant on them the answer is usually yes absolutely.

However, there is more to it than just that, so I generally first answer their question by asking the following questions.

  1. Picture your business as a mutual fund, and you had an opportunity to invest in that fund would you invest in it or not?
  2. And what would you need to see in place to invest your time effort and hard-earned money in that business with confidence?
  • Would you need to trust that organization was reputable and rock-solid?
  • Would you need to see a strong improving return on investment?
  • Would you need to see a guarantee that those returns came in reliably and predictably?
  • Would you need to see a team of experts that you could rely on to achieve a high level of results?
  • Would you need to see that there were systems and process in place running like clockwork?

The answers to those questions are always undoubtedly YES.

However, the answer to the question “would you invest in your own business or not” is often NO.

Regardless if the answer was yes or no invariably there are always critical key areas that you can address in your business to help position you most effective for an exit.

“You read a book from the start to the end but you build a business from the end to the beginning” and getting clear on the outcomes you want and practical reasons for achieving those are paramount and then reverse engineering your planning for Exit.

That said successfully positioning your business for exit and having it run like a reliable, predictable, finely tuned machine does not mean you have to sell it to the contrary you might fall in love with it all over again and keep it.

So, the overarching concept here is to run your business every day as if it were to be presented next week to your Ultimate Buyer. That way, you are always working towards building the best possible well-run profitable business that you can enjoyably keep, or effectively sell for the highest windfall price.

I still feel awkward when I have to bring this up (and I share this with you this only because it’s important to help you understand how powerful the strategies are that I use, and help my clients with) … these accomplishments have become somewhat legendary:

At the age of 21, I took an accessory store battling to keep the doors open to 4.9 Million in three years.

At the age of 24, I started a retail accessory company and grew it to over $6.5 Million in the three, and a half years.

At the age of 30, I built one of the largest Independent 4wd Accessory companies in the country to 50 staff and over 50 Million in revenue.

At the age of 40, I began compiling everything I had learned about business and began working on a Systemized coaching program based on 25 plus years of experience and responsible for Millions of dollars of revenue.

Bottom line, I know how to help you build and scale a systemized SALABLE business that reliably and predictably makes high Profits.

I have been doing it for many years for myself and are coaching all types of business owners to do the same.

Here’s Your Wake-Up Call

Are you reliably and predictably making the kind of money that affords you the lifestyle you want from your business? Yes or no.

Are you working over 50 plus hours per week and not achieving anywhere near the level results you would expect from your efforts? Yes or no

Can you leave your business for extended periods of time because you have a top gun team and systems in place without dramatically affecting its performance and results? Yes or no

Do you enjoy and are fulfilled with the work you are doing in your business, or are you fed up, frustrated, worn down and burning out? Yes or no

If you are not running your business with the end in mind, it is a recipe to becoming a workaholic as you Rob yourself of ever fully enjoying the Fruits and to “Cash Out for your Big Payday”

In helping thousands of business owners in my Coaching Program achieve outstanding results, it all starts from asking better quality questions and getting clarity around what they want to achieve.

And if I were to distil down what the endgame outcomes are for the overwhelming majority of people, I have coached over many years here is what the main two are.

  1. I want to Sell my Business now or in the future and Cash Out
  • I want the highest possible price, the best possible deal, in the fastest possible time, with a minimal amount of hassle and maintain maximum confidentiality.
  • A buyer I like with a safe pair of hands to continue my legacy and safeguard my employees
  • Enough money freedom to never have to work again for the rest of my life if I chose.
  1. I want Freedom, Wealth and to Dominate my Market in my Current Business
  • I want to work fewer hours and take extended holidays and enjoy my life with no impact or hardship on my business performance and results.
  • I want reliable predictable on-demand high profits that continue to grow month after month year after year so that I have enough money to afford the lifestyle I want.
  • My business to be at the top of my industry with world-class, reputation, products, services, culture, team and fulfilment in place without me having to drive it every step of the way.

Play to win or don’t play at all

If any of the statements above resonate with you and you can recognize even a small part of yourself wanting those results. Somewhere you got off track and its time to abandon the frustrations of not getting the results you want and shift strategies to a new approach.

If you want to transition to a Profitable, Reliable, Predictable, Scalable, Salable and Enjoyable business here what you need to do right now.

Schedule a FREE business brainstorming discovery call with me personally here and I will deep dive into your business and lifestyle results you want you will leave this call with at least 1, 2 or three valuable ideas you can use right away to help you achieve the results you want.

I look forward to talking with you soon

Glen Michaelides

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