The Power Of Your Mind To Get Results

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In today’s video, you going to learn how to begin to identify the unlimited power of your unconscious mind and how to adjust your mental strategies to get the results you want.

Now firstly this is not some woo woo positive thinking or mind control stuff its proven science so stay with me.

And Why is that important because anything you have been highly successful at or not is largely dependent on the programing running in the background by your unconscious mind.

So why do some people go on to develop extremely profitable successful businesses, become world champion athletes, lead people to victory, overcome the toughest mental challenges and easily create and maintain outstanding relationships.

These people are Not Always more intelligent than the next person, they weren’t necessarily Born Rich or even gifted with Extreme Natural Ability’s and to top it off some even have been through personal atrocity’s, yet against all odds rise to the occasion and break through to succeed.

So How Do they do It? while others with more money, more natural skill, intelligence and with a charmed upbringing can often get stuck in the weeds and spiral downwards.

I want you to listen carefully and be open to seeing something different.

It All starts with our mind specifically with the way we use it or our internal strategies, regardless of intelligence, knowledge and even will power you have strategies you use in your mind 24 hours a day that are all working perfectly well.

(Remember This No Ones Broken)

The Problem is Some strategies are working perfectly well in a resourceful way and getting you what you want. While others are working perfectly well in an un-resourceful way and taking you further in the wrong direction.

Every Great strategy for performance you have ever done is stored in your subconscious mind as is every not so great performance.

Now more than likely you are not aware of these Strategies yet, and how they are powerfully playing out in your mind and working unconsciously in the background.

Think of it like this, as you are typing away on the keyboard of your computer you are somewhat consciously aware of what you are typing.

Now think about the CPU or processor of the computer it is working away in the background, processing all of the information and carrying out functions that you are not exactly aware of.

You know something is happening because you get a result, you type the information in you get a result as the processor will follow the command and process the action.

Consider your Brain as the most magical Powerful Processing device on the planet.  Perfectly working to get you the result you want or the one you don’t.

Specifically, your unconscious Mind is the part that makes your heart beat, allows you to breath while your asleep and performs a myriad of different functions to keep you alive and thriving 24 hours a day without you needing to think about it.

So, what If you had your own key board that you could use to powerfully and accurately command your brain to work towards your worthy ideals, be it more Success, More Money, More Freedom, Increased Skills, Health and fantastic relationships.

Think about it as a warehouse with isles and isles where every experience or strategy you have performed is stored. Now what if you knew exactly which isle to go down in your mind and pull out the strategy where you performed beautifully to get your intended result.

And Importantly delete the programs out of the warehouse that take you further in the wrong direction.

Well that is absolutely possible but first I need to help you bring your unconscious Strategies into your conscious mind.

Now that is more to it than we have time for in this video so in the next video we are going to look at the 4 Levels of learning and how you can to start to fine tune your unconscious ability’s.

Remember your Smarter than you think and your Brain has the Power to get you the results easier and quicker than you ever thought possible.

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