The Power of 4 Mind, Body, Business, and Connections

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The Power of FourTM is a system developed by author and entrepreneur, Glen Michaelides through decades of personal experience owning and running his own, combined with an in-depth study of the systems and methods of some of the best marketing, business building and personal development experts in the world.

The system encompasses developing four important elements of your life: Mind, connections, body, and business. When you put energy into all four, they can work together to propel you to success. Neglecting any one of these elements, can unbalance you and slow you down.

For example, if you put most of your energy into your business and neglect your health, vital energy and performance are lost.  You can become tired and easily irritated; this can have a knock-on effect with your staff. You may find team members become uncooperative and less effective. This effect can then transfer to problems at home with loved ones, influencing your thoughts, creating stress and a poor mindset, ultimately affecting your business.

It’s a scenario that’s played out over and over across the business landscape – as most poor results, broken relationships, health issues, and negative sabotaging thoughts could have easily been avoided, by harnessing the Power of FourTM.

Reducing the hours spent working in the business and spending some time on your health through diet and exercise, your body will reward you with more energy.

This extra energy will encourage more effectiveness in business. If you discipline your mind with the right thoughts, you will have more clarity, to target your goals and ambitions reaching them faster.

Nurturing your connections will strengthen the support for your family, team, and clients enabling you to be much more efficient in your business and life.

The Power of FourTM system is a collection of powerful strategies for fast tracking the development of each of these four areas.

Titans’ Power Performance Multipliers

Each of these four elements has a series of multipliers which flow into other elements and charge them, giving an overall multiplying effect which accelerates your progress. We call these multipliers the Titans’ Power Performance MultipliersTM .

The top-level multipliers are Clarity for the Mind, Sustainability for the Body, Synergy for Connection and Innovation for Business. The other multipliers are listed below:


Mind Body Connection Business
Clarity Sustainability Synergy Innovation
Belief Energy Family Marketing
Action Power Support Systems
Results Momentum Leverage Team


Taking the list above for example, putting effort into clearing your mind may require you to reduce the effort you’re spending in your business for a couple of days to leave your current environment and go to your favorite location where you can relax and think clearly.

Spending the time getting your mind clear on what you want is one of the most effective ways to achieve results. Business owners can get bogged down on the unimportant tasks that distract their attention, actually taking them further away from their desired results.

Clarity is a performance multiplier because it will allow you to see where you are going more clearly, telling you you’re on the right track and creating feelings of strong belief and confidence in the results.

Power Performance MultipliersTM all work in the same way – multiplying your performance. When you apply them together they work in synergy, each multiplying the effect of the other.

So let’s look at each of the specific elements, why they are so important and how we can slowly begin to master each of them.

Each area has some action steps you can begin to work on right away to start making a difference.

The Mind

What if you had the Instruction manual to reprogram your brain, for rapid results using powerful strategies. Learning the ability to eliminate phobias, fears and negative thoughts that hold you back from realizing your full potential?

These secret weapons are used by everyday people to propel themselves to success in sports, business or practically anything else they want to achieve.

It comes down to how we run the strategies in our mind – It’s the way we see, hear and feel the world around us.

So how do seemingly average people get massive results? While others who are financially strong, have loads of natural skill, intelligence and with a charmed upbringing can get stuck in the weeds and spiral downwards. The successful have an unwavering Strong belief in themselves in obtaining the results. 

Your brain as the most magical powerful processing device on the planet.

It all starts with our mind specifically with the way we use it or our internal strategies, regardless of intelligence, knowledge or even willpower; you have strategies you use in your mind 24 hours a day that are all working perfectly well.

The problem is that while some strategies are working perfectly well in a resourceful way to bring you closer to what you want, others are working perfectly well in an un-resourceful way and taking you in the other direction.

Every great strategy you have ever created is stored in your subconscious mind as is every not so great strategy.

You are probably not aware of these strategies yet, and how they are powerfully playing out in your mind and working unconsciously in the background.

As you type away on your keyboard, you are somewhat consciously aware of what you are typing. Meanwhile the CPU or processor of the computer it is working away in the background, processing all the information and carrying out functions that you are not exactly aware of.

You know something is happening because you get a result, you type the information in you get a result as the processor will follow the command and process the action.

Think of your brain as the most magical, powerful processing device on the planet.  Perfectly working to get you the result you want or the one you don’t.

So, what if you had your keyboard that you could use to powerfully and accurately command your brain to work towards your worthy ideas, be it more successful, more money, more freedom, increased skills, health and fantastic relationships?

Setting Goals: using the Keyboard to program

Setting goals are about focusing your efforts and intentions – channeling your motivation in a worthwhile direction. Goals should outline a plan, while dreams are conceptual visions. Your goals are the milestones you will reach along the way to achieving your vision. They break down the process into small improvements toward your worthy ideal.

It can be easy at first to confuse a business vision with a goal. Both are a picture of an ideal future situation that you have created based on your dreams and desires.




Goals are specific, measurable targets that a person or business set out to achieve. Goals support the aspirations set out in your business vision statement.

A vision statement is a broad, inspiring image of the future state a business aspires to reach. It describes the big picture, not how the result will happen, or when.

 Designing Your Ultimate Life

When you want to achieve a goal, it’s important to get clear on that goal. The clearer you are, the more likely you are to achieve it. See your goal with such clarity, that you can almost feel you are there, living it every day and saying it to yourself over and over again.

Before you set goals, it is important to reframe your thinking so you can support your efforts.

We’ve talked about the power of programming, and how a strong belief in yourself and your ability to be successful is the key to achieving what you want. It’s part of a powerful concept called positive internal dialog, which when used properly, can influence your reality.

Positive thinking and internal dialog are very important techniques to practice when you begin to program a positive intention or thought into your subconscious mind. Be extra careful what you say to yourself as it can and will become your reality and ultimately, your outcome.

Setting out to practice positive self-talk techniques and visualization, you may find that you have a stream of negative thoughts and images or noise that continually run through your mind. That is okay – just turn the volume down and change the tone and it will fade away.

Your thoughts become your actions

Each time you say to yourself, “I’ll never be able to do this…” or “I’m terrible at spelling…” take a moment to stop and correct the thought. Instead, say “I will do the best I can to complete the task,” or “I will find someone to help me become a better at spelling.”

Positive self-talk means getting rid of the negative thoughts that run through your mind on a regular basis –  take the time to become conscious of your internal strategies.

Identify your self-talk – is it negative or positive?  Do you say any of these statements to yourself?

  • I Can’t do that!
  • Don’t even bother trying!
  • That has already been-done before!
  • We tried that, and it didn’t work.
  • You’re too young.
  • You’re too old.
  • You’ll never get there.
  • You’ll never get that done.
  • You can’t do that.
  • Stop being so stupid!

Eliminating statements like these and practicing positive self-talk, will enable you to improve your performance in all areas of your life – and give you a better chance at achieving your goals. 

Practicing positive self-talk will help you achieve your goals quickly.

This often involves changing negative beliefs and perceptions first, that we learned from our parents, friends, partners and personal life experiences.

You can practice positive self-talk anywhere, and at any time. It is especially helpful to spend 10 to 15 minutes practicing positive self-talk before a challenging situation, like public speaking.

Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to be confident in the thoughts and ideas you are going to tell yourself. Then repeat positive statements about your outcome or goal.

 Some examples of positive suggestions include:

  • I will close the sale and secure this client!
  • I am a competent and positive person!
  • I deserve the success that I have achieved!
  • Every day I Am doing better and better!
  • I will deliver the right speech at the right time
  • All I need to be successful is with-in me Now

Here are some helpful tips for positive self-talk

  • If you can see, hear and feel what you are telling yourself, it will increase the potency.
  • Talk to yourself like you would a family member. Use a calm and gentle tone of voice. That will help you to develop a rapport with your unconscious mind.
  • Always suggested positively, and avoid negative words like “not,” “Lack,” “won’t,” “but” and “can’t.”
  • If you have to say, “I’m Not good at that”, use the word “Yet” afterward – for example, say “I am not good at public speaking “yet.” Your mind will search for ways to get better.
  • Repetition is key. Each time you repeat a suggestion, try to emphasize it and make it a stronger, more powerful and meaningful statement.
Successful people use visualization to program their brains for success.

Visualization adds power to a suggestion and harnesses the power of your subconscious to propel you towards your goals

Successful people use visualization to program their brains for success. Seeing the results, you want in your mind’s eye and repeating daily. Visualization is commonly used by athletes and top performers in business, competitions and in developing strong relationships.

This technique can be mastered by anyone to get the outcomes and results attracting opportunities, people, and possessions into your life.

  Practice this step-by-step visualization exercise. 

1.      Sit comfortably in a quiet space – anywhere that is convenient in nature is my favourite

2.      Pick an outcome or intention you want

3.      Relax your entire body, and take several long deep breaths.

4.      Tune into your inner voice, and connect to the feeling that you truly believe this goal or intention.

5.      Begin to visualize the achievement of that goal, or realization of your intention.

6.      Create a clear and detailed mental picture, using all five senses.

7.      Allow yourself to feel how you believe you will feel when you have achieved your goal, connect with your strong why for reaching it.

8.      Finish with a positive affirmation about the outcome of your goal or intention.

9.      Repeat this process at least once per day, for about 10 minutes.

 Visualization works well in a quiet calm location with a relaxed and positive attitude, with an openness and willingness to accept whatever outcome may present itself.

Thinking positively has been proven to trigger off the brain’s amazing ability to heal itself faster than you ever imagined.

When your subconscious is fine-tuned, it will continually search for ways to achieve your results. You may find opportunities will arise from nowhere, and things will begin to fall into place.

Practicing these powerful skills may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but it is extremely effective at training your brain to go after and get what you want.

Moreover, it will have a profound effect on your health. Thinking positively has been proven to trigger off the brain’s amazing ability to heal itself faster than you ever imagined.

The body is the main structure of the Power of Four If you’re not looking after your body, it will negatively impact your mind, your connection with others and your business.

You only have one body to carry you through life; you can’t trade it in for a new model – Whatever harm you do to it, you could have to live with for the rest of your life. Your health should be a high priority, without it there is no PO4, there is no business or connections with family. Poor health can also have a significant effect on your mind’s ability to positively produce wanted results. The body is the main structure of the Power of Four If you’re not looking after your body, it will negatively impact your mind, your connection with others and your business.

if you don’t look after your body, it will negatively impact your mind, your connection with others and your business.

Think of your body is a manufacturing plant, continually making new cells to replace the old ones that die. The raw materials that it uses for the manufacturing are the food and water that you eat and drink. Think carefully about what you put into your body for a moment and ask yourself: “If I don’t look after my body where am I going to live?

So, eating the right foods is extremely important – and the addition of the exercise will have a synergistic effect – utilizing those quality foods to improve your health and performance.

Not just for us to be able to live and enjoy a long and healthy life, but also to succeed in business. Being successful as an entrepreneur and sustaining that success for the long term demands a lot of energy. Willpower alone won’t get you through.

And when things begin to get challenging in business, the body is usually the first to bear the brunt. Exercise takes a back step and convenience comes into play grabbing a bite to eat when we can from the local fast food outlet.

The combination of stress, insufficient diet and lack of exercise hits many business owners hard causing an energy crisis. Setting off the search for quick fix sugar and caffeine spikes to keep awake, with proven unfavorable long-term effects.

Eating regularly at least five meals a day in smaller portions every three hours with a nutritious blend of Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates will keep the energy sustained throughout the day and into the night.

The least processed your food is, the better –  keep it as close to the way nature made it as possible. Basically, if your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it then don’t eat it.

Improving your PO4 is more about small sustainable daily improvements over time. As trying to cut out all unhealthy foods suddenly, won’t be sustainable for most people over the long-term. Try instead introducing more green vegetables, clean water and slowly balancing out the good to bad ratio.

By introducing more, you will find there will be less room for the not so good stuff, and you won’t feel like you are missing out. Your body will adjust and crave less of the unfavorable food.

To start exercising, begin by going for a ten-minute walk If you are currently not exercising at all, and build it up from there to 30 min plus. For the more advanced at exercise, keep challenging yourself to hit your targets as consistency with intensity and adequate rest time is the key.

Simple exercises to improve your body and health

Break up Prolonged Sitting Periods

Prolonged sitting is one of the worst things you can do for your health, with numerous medical studies pointing to increases in cancers and an increased risk of diabetes.

Prolonged sitting is something most business owners do, and it is not favorable to our long-term health.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that sitting for long periods can seriously impact your health and shorten your life. Surprising to learn Recent US studies have found that prolonged sitting increases the risk of:

  • Lung cancer by 54%,
  • Uterine cancer by 66% and
  • Colon cancer by 30%.

Prolonged sitting can also affect your body’s ability to respond to insulin, increasing the risks of diabetes; it slows blood circulation, making it easier for fatty acids to clog your heart; and can even lead to brain damage, due to a decreased flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.


Action Step #1. Take a break from sitting every 30 mins.

So, make a point of getting up from your chair every 30 minutes. Walk over to talk with a staff member instead of sending them an email, walk over to the window, do some stretches or even some quick exercises. This one action step will make a profound difference to your health and your future results.

Start Breathing Properly

So are you breathing properly, and how do you know? As many of us are not breathing deeply, and there’s a good reason that we should be.


Deep breathing is essential for our health. It activates the Lymphatic system, which is your body’s built-in waste management center.

The arterial blood supply system that brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells is not the only circulatory system in your body. There is another equally intricate circulatory system, that doesn’t have a pump like the heart. It relies on our breathing, particularly deep breathing and movement.

It is the lymphatic system – your body’s built-in waste management center, that filters out poisonous waste product from your cells, tissues, and organs and carries them away for disposal.

Proper lymphatic flow requires deep breathing and body movement, or the system gets backed up, making you feel tired and sick.


Action Step #2. Practice deep breathing exercises regularly. You could make a point of doing this when you get up from sitting every 30 mins combining the two activities.

This exercise can be done while standing or sitting, but it’s best done outside in fresh air. Breathe in slowly through the nose, pushing your stomach out and allowing it to fill with air. Then slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Repeating this slow diaphragmatic breathing for even just 5-10 repetitions is helpful. It will oxygenate your blood, circulate the lymph, and give you a much-needed energy boost.

 Connections are our lifeblood, they motivate us and make us tick. They give us a sense of belonging on this earth. Connections refer to everybody and everything we connect with:

The first connection is our sense of being – for some it is a religious connection. For others, it may be the earth, the sea, mother nature, a specific place or The Universe. There’s no right or wrong; it’s a connection that makes us feel whole, we were designed to be together and feel connected.

Connections give us a sense of belonging on this earth.

A time for gratitude to bridge the connection with mind body and spirit.

The second connection is with our family, partner; husband or wife loved ones accompanying us through this exciting journey of life. Our support center and the voice of reason, bringing us back when we get carried away with our passions and go off-track.

A special type of synergy takes place when a family works together toward the same goals. It’s important that we involve them in what we do, communicate with them, so they understand and can work together through any struggles.

The third connection is our friends, peers those we spend time with. This group can have a huge effect on our momentum and level of success. Add up the net worth, and level of performance in the PO4 of your four closest friends and average that out you will find it will come very close to your current PO4.

The fourth connection is with our team, and the highly important leverage in your business requires constant nurturing. Be clear on your vision, have the team buy in, spend the time to find out what it is that they want. Help each member individually work towards what is their worthy goals. You will find this is key to you getting you what you want much faster.

The fifth connection is clients and customers – the lifeblood of our business. Without them, we have no business. When we fail to keep this connection strong, we make room for our competitors to build strong connections. Sadly, this is the connection many business owners put little or no effort into at all, and they lose top quality clients without being aware. Many are madly chasing the next opportunity and not going deep enough to get to know the current clients and how you could be of further assistance to them.

Exercises to strengthen your connections

A study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that children who do eat dinner with their parents five or more days a week have less trouble with drugs and alcohol, eat healthier, show better academic performance, and report being closer with their parents than children who ate with parents less frequently.

The family meal is often one of the big casualties when a business starts to become challenging. We start to extend the hours we spend at work, feeling obliged to working harder, but often being quite unproductive during those extended hours. The missed family time has a negative impact on our partner and children.

Action Step #1. Family: Make a point of regularly eating dinner together as a family. If you really need to work longer hours, take work home to do after dinner. If you need to access systems in the office, ask your IT people about setting them up on the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere. The important thing is to keep the tradition of the family meal going.

Building and maintaining a strong relationship with our partner is one of the most rewarding parts of our life. When we’re busy with a challenging business, it’s one of the first things we tend to let slip. Slowly we can drift apart, often not realising how far we’ve gone until it’s too late. Stress from relationship challenges can impact all other elements of your PO4, so don’t forget to do the little things

Action Step #2. Partner: Make a point of saying “I love you” show them by doing something special and make them feel loved every single day and mean it.

The simple, small things can make a huge difference to your relationships. It may not be something you’re comfortable with, or that you’re used to doing, but do it anyway. Don’t worry about what others are hearing and seeing as many will feel great themselves from your kind acts.


Action Step #3. Friends: Choose your friends wisely you become the average of who you associate with.

Team: Find out what success means for your team ask them what they want and find a way to help them get it. This will get you what you want much faster.

Clients: Get to know your clients as if they are your best friends (Know their birthdays, family members, hobbies, and interests). Learn by asking quality questions, find out their wants, desires, fears and frustrations, so that you can design multiple ways to give them what they want.

The Business


A successful, profitable business is like oxygen for your PO4. The strong, powerful vehicle to fund the lifestyle for yourself and your family. Creating Financial Prosperity, Freedom, Achievement, and Goodwill give you the fuel to take care of mind, body, and connections.

Sadly, for many business owners, it becomes a monster, taking time and resources from all the other elements until it dominates your schedules and rules your life. Becoming controlled by the very business, you built to set you free.

A business should not be like that; it does not have to be. It’s just that most businesses were never set up to do what they were supposed to do –  they were not started with the end in mind! They are often started by an owner/operator – a person who is very skilled at their trade or profession, who knows very little about running a business and has not thought out what he or she ultimately wants to get from the business.


A Power of FourTM business owner can look at his KPI’s over the internet and see at a glance if staff are running the systems as they should be..

A Power of FourTM business will have been set up for a purpose. That purpose may be to fund a retirement or provide a family with a comfortable income or more freedom. The owner would have thought out a viable exit strategy when they set up the business. They will have put systems in place so that it will run better when the owner is not there. Everything is systematized and documented. Systems are set up for every area of the business, from marketing to fulfillment. Invoicing and accounts are all run on a system.

The systems are all documented, and the new staff is properly trained in those systems before they begin work. As everything is clear to them, their expectations and consequences for performance are documented. Their job is straightforward to follow; the team is fully engaged at work. They enjoy their job, and the owner has made sure they are incentivised, to give them that extra boost.

The staff is also accountable for their actions. They report daily on results into a program that allows the owner to view the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) from anywhere in the world – and the owner is often somewhere else enjoying life with family and friends. With a couple of clicks of the keyboard, they can always tell how the business is running, just by looking at the control panel.

The business doesn’t compete on price; customers continue to come back and buy again because they feel they are appreciated. They also value the advice the owner and key staff give them on the product and applications. Customers are always kept in the loop – on new products or services, complimentary products or services, and tips.

Although it is a buyers’ market when it comes to selling businesses, the owners have done their homework and are assured of getting the price they want when they’re ready to cash out. They know most other businesses on offer will be little more than people selling jobs, whereas this one is a turn-key operation.

The Power of FourTM business is there to compliment and give to the other elements, not enslave them.

Exercises you can start with Look outside your industry

Something every marketing specialist finds amusing is that people within an industry copy one another, when trying to compete for new customers or clients. Take any industry and look at how one company does their marketing and you’ll see all the others doing the same.

Most business owners will tell you they need more sales, which means advertising more, but they will very rarely try anything new. Only when you try something new, will you stand out from the crowd, change the rules of the game and see a quantum leap in your results.

“Traveling outside of your industry will broaden your mindset. The more you travel outside your industry, the broader and deeper your understanding of how much more is possible. Funnel vision allows you to borrow, adopt and adapt success processes from outside your industry when you’re looking for breakthroughs.”


Action Step #1. Take an interest in advertising and how other industries are advertising.

Next time you’re on Facebook take some time to look at the advertisements. Take a look at the ones on Youtube and Linkedin. Open your junk mail and look for pieces that catch your eye. Keep them in a folder, so you can refer back to them later. Look at the ads in the local newspapers.

Think outside the box. Look for new and different ways to market your business, but try and stick to direct response marketing. If you can’t directly measure the inquiries you’re getting from any advertising, don’t do it. Remember, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

 Put your prices up

Putting your prices up is probably the easiest way to increase profits. A small price increase of just 6%, can translate to a whopping net profit increase of 30%.

Have you ever measured the real impact from a profit analysis by having a small price rise?

Then suddenly a warning alarm goes off in your head… “if I put my prices up, I’ll lose most of my customers… or maybe all of them” That explains why more than 90% of all small businesses struggle trying to compete on price alone.

What if you could instantly increase your price WITHOUT losing a single customer? Now to do this and not have sales drop off it, it’s important that you understand some basic facts about pricing.

First, consider the real costs when competing on price alone. Customers shopping for the best price will often take up a lot of your time with silly questions and try to extract every last bit of discount from you.

Consider running your business like this will have you working hard supporting the 80% of customers providing only 20% of your revenue and often they will find any reason to complain.

These people always want more and they will certainly let you know when they don’t perceive there getting it. They are often poor payers and will bad mouth you if they don’t get their way. Showing you little to no loyalty and always shopping you around to the lowest price.

That’s why it’s so critical that you always add value to what you offer, by understanding exactly what your potential clients want and then giving it to them in the form of additional products and services and advantages.

The tables on the following page are examples and strategies to increase your prices, without seriously impacting your overall client base. First, you need to overcome the psychological price barrier ensuring it does not affect the buying decision of your potential clients.

If you offer a product for $82 raises it to $89 or from $90 to $96 you will more than likely fall under the radar. If you attempt to increase the first digit, you may find that sales will drop off. A price of $1870 could go up to $1897 with little resistance but going up to $2000 will possibly cause a drop-off.

 Questions to ask before considering a price increase.

  1. What prices do you charge for your primary products/services?
  2. When was the last time you put your prices up?
  3. How do your prices compare with your direct competitors?
  4. How does your product or service rate in comparison to your competitors?
  5. Do you provide any value-added services that your customer perceives that makes your product more valuable?

Then ask yourself the following questions

  1. Is it easy for clients to shop around and buy what you sell from competitors?
  2. Do you know your competitors’ biggest weaknesses or failings?
  3. Can you have a strategy to capitalize on that, so you gain vital market share?
  4. What effect do you expect on your sales conversion rate if you raised your prices by just 3%?
  5. Think about your increase in profit, if you raised prices 3% while increasing your conversions!

Understand your customers

Are you clear about who your target prospect is – the person who wants and needs your product or service? Do you know why one target is better than another?

Have you taken the time to ask your customers why they prefer your product to your competitors?

It’s an astounding fact that most businesses don’t know very much about their customers at all, so when they look for new customers, they have no idea how to target them effectively. When you understand your customers, you will be able to get them to spend more money and do it more often, by selling complimentary products and services.


Action Step #2. Put a simple survey form on your counter and get staff to ask customers to complete it. All it has to ask is for them to rate your business between one and ten and a box to write why they gave that rating.

You may also want to ask for their name and contact number or email address, so you can start communicating with them further down the line.

The feedback you get will tell you a lot about your customers and how they view your business, product or service. You will get some good feedback to start making improvements and may even be able to stop unsatisfied customers going elsewhere.

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