The Hidden Secrets to Business Success

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The Hidden Secrets to Business Success

Here is what we are going to cover in today’s training

  • How is More the Solution for Too Much
  • Leverage by Doing Less
  • Business  Mindset and Metamorphosis

Despite your tireless efforts and high standards, the statistics show a large percentage of business owners are facing imminent Danger in fact 96% of them less than 10 years old WILL FAIL in the next 10 years. (According to INC Magazine)

Business owners intuitively know there is something missing in their business and they are right, it’s BIG, and that’s why they continue to search because they have not found it yet.

Their search for the answers is unquenchable and has become an obsession; it takes over their every waking thought and haunts them in their dreams.

Its empty’s the life out of them and often sucks their bank accounts dry, it robs them of time with loved ones and leaves them frustrated and spinning their wheels.

They know it’s right in front of them, but they just can’t focus, its deceptively simple but not easy to master, others have what they want, and it frustrates them.

All the while they are becoming acutely aware of the disconnection from what they once loved.

They find themselves working without a true day off trying to do too many things becoming ineffective and burning out.

They feel like marketing is a game changer for their business’s success, but don’t know where to start, or can’t get any consistency with lead flow or a good enough return on money spent?

They continue to search for the “Holy Grail” a business strategy so powerful it is the difference between catastrophic failure and the riches and success they so deeply crave.

Here is the problem, business owners already have too many options to choose from, and most get paralyzed by choice or worse spend thousands of dollars and burn up countless hours chasing shiny success mirages.

Sounds obvious just stop doing what is not working start doing what you know you should be doing and do more of what is already working.

When I got into business some 26 years ago there was basically no internet; we didn’t even use a computer everything was manual pen and papers stuff. Basically, you had to wear out leather and deliver to people face to face if you wanted to make a sale and I did very well with that format it still works fantastically well today.

However, the capacity to earn a very large amount of money in today’s business world blows it away. Partly because of the number of highly leveraged tools we have available at our fingertips to get you in front of a prospect that simply did not exist when I started out.

So how do we capitalize on that? Firstly, we need to look at the current state of play

Here are the two main business owners

  • Business owner number one plays the “Hope Marketing Game” sit on the sidelines, waiting for a phone call, waiting for an email, waiting for a response from a random piece of marketing, waiting for a referral, they find themselves waiting, waiting, waiting, out of business.

They try and pursue more opportunity’s, but it only creates more challenges, complications and difficulties and they can’t work out how to scale beyond what they’re currently making without the burden of increased costs, time, resources and more stress.

Its almost like there is an invisible barrier limiting how much money they can make each month, and no matter how hard they try they just can’t seem to break through.

They have hit some sort of plateau, and although they’re trying new things and working longer harder, they can’t crack through the invisible ceiling.

This type of hope marketing is a recipe for disaster. It’s dangerous, unpredictable and downright painful and it’s why the statistics are so skewed towards failure.

  • Business owner number two tries to over deliver too many things to the wrong type of clients and quickly find themselves working 12-hour days seven days a week maxed out and overwhelmed

The risk with this typical model in the long term is that they quickly discover that they are running around trying to deliver and maxing out their time and of course, that limits how many products or services they can produce while still maintaining high enough value and results.

These business owners secretly know that they could be making thousands more for their skills, talents and efforts but their afraid that if you take on any more work, your clients will think they are not getting enough value for money and leave

Business is all about an exchange of value for money by helping your clients solve their biggest problems, the bigger and more sensitive and emotionally driven the problem you solve the more money you make.

The more predictably, reliably, efficiently and easily you can do that the more profit falls out the bottom of the funnel.

It’s simple, BUT NOT EASY that’s why so many business owners get it wrong.


One of the hardest lessons I had to learn in business was how to scale in the early days I would do everything myself I would run flat out and make the results happen.

But eventually, even superhuman power runs out I could not sustain that raceme, as I tried to reach further and higher, I realized I could not run faster and work any harder.

And that’s the problem with the old way of running a business the misconception is that you must try and be everywhere and doing everything for everyone all the time.

Basically, a dogs’ body that is expected to be on call and do whatever is required at any time for your business, clients, staff, etc.

Now that model is simply broken and archaic and not going to get you to “The Promised Land” in business the math simply does not add up.

Let’s get real here as some of those tactics will be necessary and helpful no doubt.

But scaling to the next level without having to add heaps of additional resources, overheads and complexity to your business is going to require you to get leverage by thinking counterintuitively.

The question is, do you really want to try and improve your weakness so that you’re just a bit better at everything that your week at?

Or do you want to improve your strengths and be the most well-known problem solver in your market that nobody else has heard of?

You do this by creating Market driven specific sustainable and scalable, business systems that once you get dialled in and set up properly it keeps running like clockwork.

And to do this

There are six metamorphoses that need to happen with your mindset and your business if you want to perform at the 8 plus figure level

Number one is that You MUST Stop Being A Jack of All Trades Instead Define Your Specific Market, And What You Need to Master…And then Own It, and I mean own it

Tiger Woods doesn’t play Golf one week and then Basketball the next. Golf Is Tigers Identity, he is defined by it, he Mastered It, and he owned It. (And Is Payed Accordingly)

Don’t start a new product one-week, then decide to create another offer the next and then scrap that and start again the next… People lose respect for those who don’t Stand for something, and you will forever be known as a flip-flopper in the business world

Define what your mastery is and in what market then raise yourself to the top of that profession and OWN IT. It’s easier than you think to go after “the one thing” and be the best in class. However, it’s impossible to be the best at 10 things at the same time

What problems are you solving for your specific market? Really narrow your focus. Tighten it down, get that message honed, defined, and clear. Then continue mastering your message and delivery.

To give you a personal example I transposed my sills and success that I learned in business to help others do the same.

Because I decided that I wanted to give back to others, I realized I could help more people If I shared my knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, systems, building teams and scaling businesses.

Through showing them how to create sales and marketing weapons, streamline their systems, find Superstar team members and scale their businesses. The net result is money-making assets that work for them, so they don’t work as hard to help more people and earn more money.

Number two, you must carve away your extended products and services and offer only your ultimate product or service

I want to share with you a story When General Motors was failing, facing disaster and filed for bankruptcy the Government bailout plan as massive as what it was not enough.

The company only roared back to profitability after trimming costs and killing its struggling Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer divisions.

When a business becomes overladen with too much fat, it begins to lose momentum and by default waters down its effectiveness to make a profit.

Do you have a big menu of products or services that you’re not 100% committed to?

Carve them off and stake your claim, stick to offering 1 or 2 core things that you are proud of and most authentic in. Craft these offers to be world class and forget about everything else.

You do this by focusing on your core business to not try to be all things to all people (TRIM THE FAT) great companies focus on 1 or 2 core products or services and work on making them the best.

Number three Command to Be Paid Like A Heart Surgeon

Now let me ask you a serious question If you had a Major Heart Problem you don’t get on Google and type in “the cheapest heart surgeon” no you want the best.

I want you to map this over in your minds to your business, as your clients are only concerned about getting out of pain and results. And it is supremely more important for them to get relief from their problem than the cost.

In fact, people second guess and become concerned about working with cheap operators If it’s important they will spend the money.

And that is the distinction between a dabbler who stands for nothing and tries’ everything to a strategic business owner who makes it a must and their life mission.

Figure out what the relief and results that your motivated Market wants and then price according to the level of relief and results you can get, NEVER set out to be the cheapest in town and hang your hat on that as it’s a losing model

Number four Market so your prospects come to you; most business owners rely on what I call “Hope and a Prayer marketing.”

They get bits and pieces of business, from a random referral one month, to a networking event the next, and throw in the odd email from somebody who is not sure why they’re reaching out or even what they want.

They have no reliable, predictable strategic way to get clients on demand, and they have no clue as to their conversion costs or the buying cycle length to get a client

Everything is tactical and random, just keep piling more advertising stuff on and hope that something eventually sticks and if that doesn’t work just do more of the same.

If this sounds like you and has hit a nerve, you NEED TO PAY ATTENTION because

If you go down that path, it’s a surefire way to disaster, and you will be the next statistic it’s only a matter of time.

So, I’m asking you to bypass all of that and secure yours and your family’s future by positioning yourself properly because.

If You Can’t Reliably, Predictably and Affordably Pay for New Clients Then You Don’t Have A Business You Have promotion or at best a Garage Sale…

Whatever it is that you think you have, is not a business, it isn’t unless you can pay for a client.

The solution to this, problem, is to find highly motivated traffic using inbound marketing and to know your numbers. This is the core of my business, and in fact, any successful business uses these three principals, and I want you to remember them

And they are 1) Market 2) Message 3) Media I already mentioned how you need to master and dominate your market, and you craft your message through the solving of a problem that emotionally effects your market.

Next is a media breakthrough, Media is the platform we use to get your message to market predictably and reliably, and there are hundreds of media find where your “Best Payday” prospects are hanging out and use the appropriate media to reach out to them.

Number five use technology but keep a humanized element to your process

There is so much technology and online interaction. People are seeking the humanized component that is missing in their life’s.

Never underestimate the power of having a strategic one on one conversation with someone in need its exactly what your prospects are craving, and it’s the exact opposite to what everyone else is trying to do.

When was the last time you enjoyed trying to talk to a computer over the phone I dare to say never because it’s extremely frustrating and impersonal?

Market directly to your Ultimate clients with organic and paid advertising, position yourself as the industry expert show why you are the one to get them the results through providing relief to their problem, then reach out “and get them to come to you.”

It’s about being specific here you must know and understand your market at the deepest level people know when someone is genuine and understanding of their needs. If you try and shortcut this process and be generic you won’t, get to second base.

Number six compress decades into months by following a proven mentor who is currently getting the results you want.

If you wanted to fly to Bali, the experienced Captain of the plane dials in the exact coordinates nothing is left to chance. He doesn’t guess the direction or goes on a hunch no that would be suicide.

That being the case why on earth would you try and build an 8-figure plus business on a hunch without the right mentor and a proven system?

I have spent over $350,000 on training, wasted over a million dollars on mistakes employed 100s of people and got It wrong 50% of the time worked with 10s of thousands of clients bought shiny objects that I did not need and blew money, left millions on the table, travelled and paid the price to learn from some of the best minds in the world run businesses since I was 21 now 47 and nearly killed myself and lost everything trying to figure this out…

Trust in what I say that you can pick up from where I am now saving yourself 20 plus years of expensive Lessons and go straight to the money. Through following a leader who has a proven system and is currently doing it now.

So, if you’re ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level, and want me to show you how to create Reliable, Repetable, Predictable Lead Generation Sysyems in your business so you can generate and convert clients on demand I’m here to help.

Click on the link for your FREE Breakthrough session It will probably be the most valuable 40 minutes for your business success all year.




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