The Code to the Promised Land in Business

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How would you like to generate 30, 50, 1000 new qualified leads and increase conversions every single month reliably and predictably on demand?

I call this the dynamic multiplier effect

Because “when I put my foot on the gas my business it takes off”.

Now while that might make obvious sense, most business owners can’t honestly say that about their business

The truth is that when most Business owners’ step on the gas pedal and try to move forward Its like they have the handbrake on dramatically restricting their progress and as a result, they are constantly grinding and pushing hard every day just to survive

Even business owners who do succeed in getting forward momentum for a time, live in a constant state of fear that their business may stop producing at any given time.

For many Business owners (most of them in fact) this is the painful daily reality they face:

Each day looking for solutions and switching between determination optimism and hope to constant unexpected problems and uncertainty

And with luck and a prayer, their business may move forward today.

And if it doesn’t go forward today maybe it will go forward tomorrow, perhaps it will go in the right direction, and perhaps it will go the wrong way but who knows.

Only business owners with a predictable reliable and affordable system for attracting closing and fulfilling clients can say: “When I put my foot on the gas my business takes off”.

Hi, my name is Glen Michaelides, and in the next few minutes, I’m going to share exactly how myself and my clients have installed predictable systems to generate 30, 50, 100 even 1000s of new qualified leads every single month reliably predictably on demand- and – how you can do the same.

I’m also going to share with you:

The Biggest Mistakes Most Business Owners Are Making When It Comes to Attracting And Converting Ideal Clients

The Two Things That 10-Million Dollar Plus Business Owners Have in Their Businesses That the Battlers Do Not

The Simple, proven “4-Step System” That Generates Leads & Clients & How You Can Put This to Work Starting Right Now

These are the exact same strategies that I have used to grow my business to over $10,000,000 P/A and helped dozens of others create thousands of leads and explode their bottom line

*You see over the past few 21 years I have been committed to building my own businesses and helping a group of some of the most dedicated business owners who are ruthlessly committed to two things:

1).  Exploding their business results

2).  Living Life on Their Terms

So… If You Are A Business Owner Looking For A Predictable Way To Generate Leads On Demand …And Explode Your Business Bottom Line Into The 7 and 8 Figures Then You’re Definitely In The Right Place

Now here are the four types of business owners who I work with fall into the following categories:

  1. On-Line Businesses – Selling physical products and services
  2. Bricks and Mortar Businesses – Selling physical products and services with staff and fulfilment.
  3. Service-Based Businesses – Selling done-for-you services like real estate, financial advisors, Doctors, Dentists etc.
  4. Business owners that are struggling and need help with Mindset Tools and Strategies to get them back on track

One of my clients Peter and Trudy Obrien from Top series camper trailers started working with me when their business was unknown to getting 1967 qualified leads in 3 days

Now having to slow down the marketing and concentrate on conversion to a place of predictable and expected results.

Another client Terry Oorschot at MR Makeover from stalled and looking for his next job to 987 qualified leads and having to stop the marketing – from hoping for the next job to niched and in high demand

Another client Jarrod Prout From Profits from Property

From on the tools to the renovation master coach and kicking some serious goals

The best thing about this predictable business growth system that I’m about to share with you today is that it

  • Targets Customers Who Are Emotionally Seeking a Solution and Searching To BUY NOW
  • Is Cost Effective And Can Be Tailored To Work With Almost ANY Business Type And Budget
  • And It’s Based On A Large Range Of Industries With Battel PROVEN Results

*Now In the Business World, I’m Sure That You’ve Noticed That Business Owners Fall

Into 1 Of 2 Categories…

#1- OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS Hard Working Business Tacticians That Sometimes Make Money but Most of The Time Are Confusing Stress With Success And Their Earnings Never Exceed Their Efforts

#2- STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURS Business Investors That Are Building Assets

That Make More And More Money While Working Less and Less

So How Do Strategic Entrepreneurs Create Assets That Make Them Millions?

While Most Business Operators Have Succeeded in Creating Themselves A Big Ugly Job

That They Spend Their Days and Nights Stressing Over Trying Figure Out to Pay the Bills?

After Coaching Hundreds of Different Business Owners and Running My Own Businesses For Over 20 Years I Have Realized That Strategic Entrepreneurs Have Two Key Factors Present In Their Business And Hard-Working Opportunity Seekers Have Only 1 Of These or Most of The Time None

And the Only Way You Can Ever Predictably Reach $1,000,000 Plus Per Year in Bottom Line Net Profit Is to Have Both of These Key Elements Firmly Entrenched in Your Business

The Best Way I Can Explain This Is with The Story Of Mans Quest To Be First On The Moon

Back in 1957 The Space Race Was On To Get To The Moon First And Both The USA And Russia Were Locked In A Fierce Battle

Although the Russian N1 Was Packed with Technology And Had the Most Powerful Fist Stage Rocket Ever Built At That Time…

This resulted in It Self Destructing and it Never Made It Out Of Orbit…

The Americans Took A Different Approach…

While the Russians Were Obsessed with The Most Powerful Engine and Speed To Launch

The Americans Were Strategically Focused and Concentrated Only on What Was Mission Critical to Get the Spacecraft to The Moon and Back Safely…

It Was Apollo 11 That landed on the moon’s surface in July 1969 And Successfully Returned Back to Earth with Less Computing Power Than Your Everyday iPhone

Now I Want You to Stop for A Moment and Let This Next Point Really Tattoo into Your Mind…

Today Tactical Business Owners Are Repeating the History of the “Space Race”

Most Business Owners Are Obsessed and Hypnotized with Silver Bullet Fix It Programs, Breakthrough Facebook Ad Features…Must Have Web Targeting Platforms and Click Funnel Hacks.

As A Result, Are Living Dangerously and Paying the Price for Chasing the Latest Opportunity Mirages Trying to Urgently Build Bigger Revenue

And Are Ignoring Fundamental Business Systems for Converting Their Current Traffic into High Paying Clients


In Reality, All They Are Doing Is Hastily Trying to Build A Bigger More Powerful and Technical Engine for A Fundamentally Flawed Rocket

Now, Remember How I Told You That “Strategic Entrepreneurs” Have Two Things in Their Business That Tactical “Opportunity Seekers” Do Not?

Well, those two things are:

  • High quality targeted traffic who are actively looking for a solution
  • And A proven on-demand system to convert that traffic into your best clients and keep coming back again and again

As It All Boils Down to This –

If You Can’t Reliably, Predictably and Affordably Pay for New Clients Then You Don’t Have A Business You Have A Garage Sale…

Now Let’s Roll Our Sleeves and Get Down to Business

As I Show You *Exactly* How You Can Get A Reliable, Predictable, And Affordable System for Generating the Best Clients in Your Business Starting TODAY

There’re only three things that matter in building a big business, and here they are:

  1. Generating Hi-Quality Leads
  2. A Proven Conversion System
  3. World Class Fulfillment

Not Happy with Your Business Performance and Income Right Now?

Let Me Ask You This Question

How Many Phone Calls, Sales Appointments or Presentations Have You Done in The Last Week?

And If You Can’t Answer That Question or Didn’t Do Many Sales Presentations Then Answer This…

How Much Time in The Last 7 Days Did You Or Your Team Spend In Revenue Production Mode?


You See Most Entrepreneurs only spend a fraction of their available time in SALES PRODUCTION MODE Because They Get Distracted by The Next Shiny Object and Nonrevenue Producing Tasks

NOW for The Moment of Truth, There Really Are the ONLY Three Things That Matter

Generating Sales Activity and Effectively Converting and Fulfilling That Activity at The Highest Level

 And the Strategic Entrepreneurs That Dominate Their Market

And Make 7 And Even 8 Figure Plus Bottom-Line Net Incomes While Working Less and Less

Understand That They Are Asset Creators Developing A Reliable, Predictable System for Generating Dream Clients ON-Demand and Know Their Numbers to The Dollar

They are monomaniacal about two Key Performance Indicators

  • The Cost to Generate the Initial Lead
  • The Cost to Convert That Lead to A Client

*When you have a predictable system for generating clients and you know these two numbers every month is as simple as looking at your calendar and filling it with as much time as possible with revenue-producing Sales Activitys Calls, Presentations, Demonstrations

And then spending the required amount of money to generate enough sales activity Phone calls, appointments, presentations

While the hard-working business tacticians are looking for the next magic trick or line of credit to fix the problem and get some new clients to cover their rent, all they end up doing is driving themselves to despair

Strategic Entrepreneurs are spending a predictable amount of money to generate a predictable amount of sales activities that produce a predictable number of new clients and a predictable amount of new profits.

So, what does this system look like?

Well, first you need to Under Stand Your Ideal Clients Needs at A deep Emotional Level

It starts with targeting the right traffic with the right message to market that drives deep inside the mind of your prospect and generates a response.

We Do This by Defining the market in complete detail, crafting our message and finding a media breakthrough

  • Connecting with your ideal client that is emotionally driven to solve a problem or in search for a specific benefit
  • Using these emotional drivers, we answer the most logical question in our prospects mind in a way that explains their problem better than they can
  • In so providing relief to their fears frustrations wants needs Desires or fantasy’s

Once we get their attention,

  • We prove that we can solve their problem by helping solve part of their problem for free through education-based marketing
  • We show results in advance through dramatic demonstration PROOF
  • We Eliminate or reverse the risk and objections up-front gaining high trust

Then We Roll Out the Red Carpet and Make It Irresistible to Do Business With Us

The result of executing this correctly

Is That You Will have a predictable way to Generate 30, 50, 100 Even a 1000 plus New “Qualified Leads” Every Single Month

And the best of all

You Will Finally Know Down to Dollar and Day How Your Marketing and Conversion Efforts Will


You Will Finally Have That “High-Performance Vehicle” That Moves Your Business Forward On-Demand

Cracking the Money Code.

To execute this predictable business growth system correctly, you need to get these four things in alignment, and I refer to this as “cracking the money code”.

The 4 things are:  message match- motivated market – media breakthrough- world-class fulfilment system

When you have these four things in alignment, you can unlock the door to the promised land and literally have some amazing results just like my clients and I

Just like Serge Babeshko started working with me when he was barely Breaking even to a 300% increase on conversion.

Another one of my clients Stan – he started working with me when he was struggling to a 380% conversion increase

Now the Only Way… To Generate These Results Is to Have the Right System

And you can try do it the hard way which is like going up to the lock and trying to guess the code, but you know there are more than 10,000 possible combinations to a 4-digit code?

you can try crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three but most probably never.

Or You can do it the easy way and just get the code to unlock it and get the results immediately. And that’s what I do all day in my own business and for my clients and their businesses.

Well by now you’re probably thinking: How can I get a predictable system in my business To Generate 30, 50, 100 Even a 1000 New “Qualified Leads” And Increase Conversions Every Single Month Reliably Predictably on Demand?

This is perfect for you if you are looking to:

  • Increase Your Leads
  • Increase Your Client Conversion
  • Increase Your Average Dollar Sale
  • Maximize Your Fulfillment Results

Because right now I’m looking for a few more of my “dream clients”.

Where I can help them get these kinds of massive results that I’ve shared with you. That’s why for a limited time I’d like to work with you in a marketing strategy session if you meet the criteria below.

See I work with primarily three types of clients:

  • Business owners that Want More Qualified Leads who are ready to buy now and don’t penny pinch and delay decision
  • To Increase Conversion to Sales and get prospects to sign up on the spot instead of “Wanting to think about it”
  • Increase Average Dollar Sale Business owners who want to dramatically increase their prices deal with better quality clients, Make More Money while working less

So, here’s how the process works:

We will be focused on a specific and custom-tailored strategy and execution to help you solve the two biggest problems that most business owners face:

1).  Traffic and generating the targeted segment of high-value clients who are ready to buy now and

2).  Conversion and making sure that you have a system that takes traffic and converts it into high-ticket paying clients in a predictable, repeatable way

This marketing strategy sessions will take around 30 minutes, and you will be speaking with me personally, and I’ll be helping you identify what you’ve already got and helping you put together a strategy to dramatically grow your business by 3, 4 even 5x without increasing the amount of time you spend in your business.

So, who is this for? Well this is for:

  • On-Line Businesses – Selling physical products and or services
  • Bricks and Mortar Businesses – Selling physical products and services with staff and fulfilment.
  • Service-Based Businesses – Selling done-for-you services like real estate, financial advisors, Doctors, Dentists etc.
  • Business owners that are struggling and need help with Mindset Tools and Strategies to get them back on track

Working with me as a client is not cheap, but most of my clients make back more than their investment within the first month and then they want to stick with me for the long term because they see results

So, who is this not for? This is not for:

  • People who want to start or like the idea of having a business
  • People who make excuses and always have a reason why it won’t work for me
  • People who are stuck overanalyzing and procrastinating and are not prepared to take action and get results
  • People who are not serious about growing their business by another $100,000 – $1,000,000 plus in sales

Now knowing that we’re a good fit is crucial because I like to get ALL of my clients results and work with them for the long term and to do that I need to get them a quick ROI and the truth is that there are some people who I cannot help and if that’s the case I will be 100% up front with you and suggest somebody else or an alternative,

I’m only looking for those who are a good fit and who I am certain I can get results for.

This Is A Personal Bespoke Tailored 1 on 1 Strategy Blueprinting Session With YOU And Me

This is where we really begin working to figure out what you want and How To Make it Happen In The FASTEST Time Possible

The first step is to complete an application for a private strategy session below and this application is necessary to determine

  1. that I can help you and I’m the best person to help you generate those results and
  2. that you’re ready to step up, commit, take action and do the required work to generate the results.

Now once I receive your application you will be able to schedule a time with me to conduct your strategy session and this is where we will really start working together to figure out what you want and how to make it happen in the fastest time possible and with predictability.

And then at the end of the call 1 or 2 things will happen, you’ll either be a fit and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients or if it’s not a good fit that’s totally ok and there’s no hard feelings or obligations.

Either way you will receive an insanely valuable strategy session and will walk away with newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results that you want.

That together with the exact next steps necessary to take action and break through your barriers.  It will likely be the most valuable 30 minutes you invest in your business this year.

So go ahead and complete your application now and we will see if we’re a good fit for doing business together.

Now right now I have had over 50 business owners apply in the last 30 days, so this opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense 1on1 time needed in order to provide you with results and because as I said before… I only work with clients who I know with certainty and conviction that I can generate them results and a return on their investment.

Out of every 100 that apply I can generally only work with 5 clients at a time and right now 3 of these 5 spots are currently filled up and I’m looking to fill the last 2 as quickly as possible.

So, with that being said please understand that this window of opportunity won’t be available for long and what I have found is those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get results and most likely to become my best clients and crush it together for years to come.

So, if you feel like this is right for you go ahead and apply right now to see if you qualify and then go ahead and CLICK ON THE LINK



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