The 10 step Vaccine to keep the doors open and get the life you want

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The 10 step Vaccine to keep the doors open and get the life you want

Firstly, what are the triggers that you face today that awaken the most FEAR in you?

Fear in the uncertainty of the marketplace and the seemingly endless challenges and daily changes required to keep the doors open

Fear that the oxygen (Cashflow) of your business is going to run out how to make it last and build it at the same time

Fear in the uncertainty of your clients and continuing to have to constantly innovate and provide value to match their needs and wants

Fear for your team in letting some people go keeping the rest engaged and motivated even though their futures are uncertain and unknown.

The Fear in yourself waking up every day questioning yourself and your ability to lead and perform at another level again and again.

Fear for your partner and children and the fact that the kids may be at home in lockdown all day and your worried about how to get through another day.

Fear for the next 6-12 months how long is this economic uncertainty going to last and what will that mean for your future and everything you have worked so hard for?

Fear of losing your health and falling ill to an unrecoverable situation because everything is reliant on you.

Have you ever noticed when you are overcome by False Evidence Appearing Real?

That you find your self getting sucked down the vortex of, chaos and endless looping in your mind?

The immune system weakening state that inhibits your ability to function at your best generating the mind moves you watch 24/7 that end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Beware of the mind movies you are playing as they can either crush or make your ideal future come true.

What are the 3 top mind movies you watch and stories you tell yourself on a daily basis

  • That I am never going to get back to normal life and I’m unable to realize my dreams because I don’t have the capacity to overcome these challenges.
  • I will have to close my business and will not be able to find a job and my wife or husband will think I’m a looser.
  • That the economy will never be back to normal and I will lose my health, house and ability to put food on the table and survive.

What have you noticed about your behavior when you mind loop the movies and stories?

Do you freeze and feel helpless and stuck unable to move forward?

Do you run and hide away from the situation looking for safety?

Do you fight an invisible war in your mind and as a result burn the people you care about?

Knowing that the Mind movies we watch and stories we tell ourselves that generally are NOT TRUE but directly link up to the reality of our FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH and HAPPINESS

What do you estimate the current costs of your fears are for your Wealth, Freedom and ability to be successful in business?

What if you were to decide to stop watching the horror show and start to define a new movie to watch and story to tell yourself that defines your Ultimate scenario in detail for your Health Business and Family.

And you watched this new movie and told this new story 100 times a day and instead of freezing, running or fighting you concentrated working on the most important actions so that your Ultimate scenario becomes reality faster than you thought possible.

I know this stuff is heavy but let’s not pretend everything is just perfect and it is business as normal because it’s not.

That being the case here is the 10-step vaccine to pull yourself out of the vortex of FEAR and free yourself to “Get the life you want”

  1. Change your physiology breathe sit up straight look up not down
  2. Smile just that alone triggers feelgood chemicals
  3. Become aware of the unresourceful Mind movie “Energy Leaks.” It’s basically the brain lying to you as a safeguard mechanism.
  4. Change the movie by drawing on enthusiasm and confidence from your past think back to a time that you were a little scared to do something but did it anyway and succeeded. (Map that over to the current challenge)
  5. Just treat yourself better “Stop the unnecessary beating up mentally.”
  6. Come back to the present hand on your heart and feel gratitude for what you have.
  7. Let your story of the past be your motivation for your future successes instead of dragging that ball and chain through the desert all day and night.
  8. Stop comparing yourself with others and just concentrate on doing meaningful and purposeful work that moves you towards your Ultimate scenario.
  9. Turn your inner conflict into your INNER CHAMPION as the reason why to do better.
  10. You’re not born with confidence or enthusiasm you make it so line up your lessons from the past and your current resources and “create the future you want.”

Want to find out more on how to fast track to your Ultimate scenario even in challenging times?

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