Success is not accidental and the real reason why there aren’t more wealthy people in business.

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The real reason there aren’t more Wealthy people in business is that whether they admit it or not, they’re looking for comfort, fewer problems and things to be easy.

Of course, they are working hard and want to make a boatload of money, but they are not doing what it takes to join the finite group of wealthy business owners.

Instead, they make excuses, abdicate responsibility and then justify their mediocre results with all sorts of reasons why.

They continually search for a straight line to success yet, in reality, no straight line exists to anything that is worthy and satisfying long term.

Not only isn’t there a straight line, but there rarely is a magic pill either.

You see, people want simplicity and comfort; they avoid complex problems that involve mastery to achieve the success they crave.

Now I know I sound harsh here, but I do it with Love in my heart, and I would rather tell it like it is and help you, rather than sugarcoat the problem to make you feel good for a short time.

Plus, I’ve have learned these lessons the hard way and want to share what works.

And Anyway, it’s not their fault because of the false paradigms perpetuated by get rich artists trying to cash in on worn out and desperate people.

Most business owners are led to believe that you are only truly successful if you’re not working hard and have heaps of free time to flex back and relax.

So, they get distracted with what is perceived as the “Holy Grail” Automated cash with very little input, skills, effort or passion.

And the thought never enters their mind that this backward paradigm of doing less and neglecting what’s most important somehow equals lots of money.

When you think about it rationally and research it deeply enough, you will find that this is the biggest lie and false truth that exists in the world of business right now

Anything that you or anyone else has achieved that’s genuinely significant, meaningful and provides high value is the result of overcoming and mastering complex problems.

Learning to change your mindset and instead of avoiding problems accept that there will be problems along the way that need to be dealt with and overcome without problems everything stops.

So, if you’re tired of the lack of results you are getting, please understand that you won’t be truly rewarded in business unless you start searching for and solving better quality problems that provide high net value.

Success in business is definitely NOT luck, and you can forget about lotto because you don’t get wealthy by “Accident”.

It is instead a series of strategically defined actions you take in the correct sequence to achieve a predetermined outcome “Your Success.”

And if you follow in the footsteps of any successful business owner, sports professional or in fact anyone wildly successful, you will find immense passion, dedication, practice, skills and eventually mastery that creates “High Value.”

And this is where the lines are blurred between…

The perception of “Hard Work” and dealing with endless problems.

To this is “My Life’s Work” and I’m creating better quality problems that make me wealthy, create immense value and provide long term fulfilment.

Understand that almost any niche that your prepared to dedicate your passion and mastery to in a focused strategic way that creates a high-value result for that niche, will, of course, make you a lot of money, so there is the formula, it’s simple but not easy.

So, you may be asking well where do I start?

Well, you read a book from beginning to the end, but you build a successful business and in fact your life from the end to the beginning.

Your Success is determined by a set of strategic actions I call “Outcome engineering” meaning your efforts are based on a clear picture of what it is you want to achieve in the end.

It has a name, it’s called “The Ultimate Outcome”, And that is how I begin everything.

It doesn’t matter if it is the creation of a new business, dramatically improving an existing business, even buying a new car or home.

The reality is, I Outcome Engineer everything and that is how I’ve achieved it.

So, now you know success is not Accidental… Here is what you have got to do…

Get out of the “Tactical  Quick Fix” business altogether because it’s a WASTE of TIME and MONEY

 This includes get-rich “SHINY FOOLS GOLD SUCCESS MIRAGES” that distract you away from what you really want.

And of course, that’s why there aren’t more Wealthy people in business today.

Success only comes from getting crystal clear on what you want, in a strategic way and the only way to reach your full potential and create the life you want is to imagine in complete detail how it’s going to be when it is perfect.

“You Aim for The Stars, and You Just Might Hit the Moon” concept and yes striving to be perfect is how you do it.

Wealthy business owners don’t set out to be mediocre and settle for average results… No, they are hell-bent on being the best and even if they don’t quite reach the stars, they make it to best in class.

So here are some very powerful questions you need to answer to start the process that all successful and wealthy business owners use.

  1. What is your “Ultimate Outcome” for your life?
  1. What would your life be like if you removed all the external (other peoples) and internal (your own) constraints and got crystal clear on what you wanted?
  1. What is the Ultimate Outcome for your family, for Your Business?
  1. What are the most critical aspects of your Ultimate Outcomes and why?
  1. How will you know when you have achieved these results, what would you need to see hear and feel to know that you have actually achieved them?
  1. What can you do RIGHT NOW that will make it impossible for you to fail and totally possible to achieve that outcome?

Once you have answered these questions and only once you have answered these questions… do you then get to ask the “Ultimate Strategic Question.”

If I do “This” will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?

If I think random, undisciplined thoughts, see pitchers in my mind of what I don’t want, talk to myself in a derogatory way will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?


If I am strategic with my thinking, creating an unwavering vision in my mind of my ultimate outcomes, speaking to myself in a positive, reassuring way will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?

If I waste money on quick tactical fixes that make me feel good at the moment but stop my long-term progress will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?


If I invest money in creating Sales and Marketing Assets for my business that produce reliable, predictable results will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?

If I make excuses and eat and drink too much of the wrong foods will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?


If I exercise and look after my body will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?

If I make excuses and neglect my family because I’m in the Tactical Quick Fix Business and don’t have time will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?


If I take Supreme Responsibility for my Business, Staff, Family and life by being strategic with my decisions because I know exactly what I want, will it get me closer to my Ultimate Outcome or not?

I know this may seem obvious, but I can assure you that just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you’re doing it.

You can’t hit the target if you don’t know what or where the target is?

So, let’s assume you have adopted a new strategic way to think about your business and life, you have gotten clear on what you want, and are searching for complex problems to solve that provide high net value and make you wealthy.

Your next job is to get leverage on yourself and hold yourself accountable for the time you spend in those value-adding daily activities.

To become more effective, you must become more conscious of your daily activities and how you invest your most valuable asset “your time” and then strategically spend the bulk of your time on your “highest outcome activities.”

The following “Productivity Zone” questions with help you consciously move the bulk of your time spent to highest outcome mode and out of low outcome producing mode.

INSTRUCTIONS: I want you to write the headings below on a piece of paper and then allocate the time you are spending in each section.

  1. High Outcome Value, building assets that provide sustainable, reliable and predictable income in my business. Strengthening my mind with strategic thinking
  2. High Outcome Value learning from mentors, creating systems, nurturing your health and strengthening your relationships, growing and developing your skills
  3. High-Profit Value marketing, training, recruiting superstar team members, sales activities that result in high-profit income coming into the business.
  4. Low-Profit Value random act non-strategic work, chasing quick fixes, repetitive, mundane tasks, administration.
  5. Zero Profit and Outcome Value Stress, Worry, Distractions, watching the media channels, naysayers, energy robbers.

Here Is the Secret, wealthy business owners spend the bulk of their time in 1-3 and almost zero time in 4 and 5.

So, there you have as the keys to success a small, powerful snapshot of the type of work, I do with business owners there is no luck involved, there are no random acts, everything is planned from the beginning to end.

The big question is, are you prepared to what it takes to be wealthy in business?

If you want to learn how to implement strategic wealth creating assets in your business that dramatically improve your bottom line, then we need to talk

I will personally set aside time to talk to you one on one to see if we are a fit and I can help you.

This is where we really begin working out what you want …And How to Make it Happen in The FASTEST Time Possible

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I’ll see you on the other side.

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