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Titans Business Coaching and Consulting

Are you an action taker that wants to fast track your business results?

  • Have Glen, a talented business coach in Perth, personally work with you in your business.
  • Get real results from proven personal experience and one-on-one business coaching.
  • Work alongside a powerful driven team.
  • Covering all facets of business and lifestyle growth.

Its Time To Start Dominating Your Industry?

Glen is the Full Stack and he knows Business 

He Specialises in helping Small Business Owners to Increase Leads, Conversion and Systemise Fulfillment by Tailoring Sales Marketing and Fulfillment Systems In their business. That Dramatically improves your bottom line

By the age of 21, he was running his first retail outlet taking it from battling to keep the doors open to turning over 1.5 Million in the first year.

At the age of 24, he took a from scratch Startup Accessory company and grew it to over $3 Million in the first year.

At the age of 30, he started and built one of the largest Independent 4wd Accessory companies in the country to over 40 Million in revenue

The harsh truth is that being a business owner can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Most people don’t understand you and can’t relate to your dreams and desires. Everybody has some advice for you, but most of it is based on nothing more than a perception.

When you join the Titans Business Coaching, our small business coaching services will provide you with real advice from personal experience – You’ll have a chance to work alongside a Business Management Coach who know exactly how to find where the money is hiding in your business.

Having the Right Information Is Important

One of the biggest problems most business owners have is, not knowing who they can trust to provide honest and knowledgeable information about how to successfully grow their business. This can make choosing a small business mentoring service difficult.

And even more important to ensure the complete picture is taken into account, not at the long-term expense of:

  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Fun/ Recreation
  • Finances/ Wealth
  • Personal Growth

Track Record

An Important distinction is that Glen is a Full Stack Business Coach and Growth Specialist, he does not just teach strategies from a hand manual.

His experience comes from being in the trenches just like you. He’s had over 27 Years’ experience running, and building businesses from the ground up.

This is an extremely powerful package when Glen works with you, he goes all in – training you on his high-end tools strategies and innovation. 

He has helped business owners just like you all over the country to blow the roof of their business results

The Titans Centurion Process.

We map out your ultimate goals, dreams, and desires.

  1. I help you get clear on your outcome and crystallise your desired results.
  2. We baseline your business and find the constraints
  3. We customise and blueprint out your Fortune map
  4. We break that down into priority’s that give you the best results for your time and money
  5. We create sales and marketing weapons in your business that produce predictable profitable results, like your Website, Social Media, Offline marketing, Database, Referral strategies, etc.
  6. We help you systemize your team and fulfilment
  7. We meet once per week in person or communicate via Skype, phone, and email.
  8. We both go all in and work on constant improvement
  9. You get the results in your Life and business.

What to Do Next…

If you have been searching for a reliable, dependable and honest team to help you get to the next level… Then your search ends here with us! Step forward and take action on your future today. We look forward to working with you and helping you to make your dreams a reality.

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