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The essential business coach guide to transforming your business and its profits in today’s economy. 

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The Small Business Consulting Book

 A story of starting with nothing and building a big business, making mistakes and nearly losing everything. Recovering from an almost futile position and going on to be the top of my industry. A journey of learning from the proven masters and distilling the lessons. A small business consulting manual, tools and strategies for real results.

There is a four-letter word that is responsible for more heartache, failed relationships, bankrupt businesses and Ill health than any other worldwide. F.E.A.R You will learn new ways to neutralise limiting beliefs that could be holding you back BIG TIME from reaching your full potential, thanks to your business coach.

The pages in this book offer new coaching programs and opportunities for success that you didn’t learn at school. Let me ask you this question, imagine how much extra time you will have in your day to do the all-Important things when you’re not spending all of your time worrying about the future or being stuck in the past? There is a world of possibilities out there waiting for you. Take action on your future now.

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Here’s What Australia’s Millionaire Maker, Mal Emery had to Say

“Glen Michaelides is a VERY rare breed and an even rarer commodity and I am completely and utterly qualified to make that statement.

I am often asked, but I rarely do forewords for books. In Glen’s case, I am making a rare exception simply because if I impress upon you how talented and skilful Glen really is, then there is a better than reasonable chance that you will do something that most people who buy books never do and that is read the damn thing.

You see, I know first-hand how talented Glen is and how capable he is at helping you in your business. I say that because I have first-hand knowledge of him transforming an ordinary business to an extraordinary business TWICE.

How come twice you might ask? Well through no fault of Glen’s, his business was literally destroyed by the downturn in the mining industry. By the way, he wasn’t alone in that either.

When Glen’s business got wiped out he was the top dog of his industry, built from humble beginnings to complete and utter domination of his category.

Even then, that wasn’t enough to survive what happened to the mining industry. But what I saw next was nothing short of amazing… Even though I am sure Glen went through his own share of sleepless nights wondering what to do.

But I bet there weren’t too many sleepless nights because Glen grabbed this monster by the scruff of its neck, repositioned and rejigged his business to be no longer dependent on the mining industry.

After all, it was reinvention or oblivion anyway. And of course, now he has done it again. He is now dominating his new category. That is not how most people handle disasters. Most people curl up in the corner timidly doing nothing when such obstacles strike.I will tell you now if I was going to war and let’s face it, business today is a war, I would want Glen Michaelides on my side. One last thing…

There is a lot of so called experts that write books on various subjects. Mostly they have not actually done what they are writing about, mostly their books are based on research and study and not the real world.

Glen’s book is not one of those… Glen has actually done what he is teaching you here and even more importantly, he is still doing it today, so he knows better than most what it is like to walk in your moccasins.

If you are reading this with a view to putting your hand in your pocket and purchasing this book, I suggest you do, in fact, I highly recommend it.“If you are reading it based on already making a purchase, then you will be very glad you did.”