Titans Sales Conversion Coaching

Discover How Easy It Is To Skyrocket Your Sales Team’s Conversion Rate!

If you’re fed up just selling on price, having to match with your opposition and want to discover how to increase your prices and margins, learn how to stack value in you your business and your team then you’ve come to the right place!

  • Building relationships
  • Prospecting
  • Follow up
  • Objections
  • Negotiating / Closing the business

The Most Effective System For Selling In The New Economy

Here’s what you’ll master  using The Ultimate Persuasion Sales System…

  • How to instantly build rapport 
  • How to position you your business and your products effectively 
  • How to close more sales
  • How to overcome price resistance
  • How to get your prospects buying more your products and services 
  • How to Effectivly follow up 

The New Model Of Selling For Maximum Conversion

Times have changed no one wants to be sold to… But they love to buy… and they will using these 4 steps.

  • Trust & Rapport establishing a high level of trust and rapport with your prospect is nearly half of the sales process.
  • Needs taking time to be absolutely clear about the customer’s needs and expectations is nearly a third of the sales process
  • Demonstration showing that your product or service will provide the benefits and solve the problem is over a quarter of the new model
  • Closing the Sale once you have built rapport and trust, you understand the needs, and wants the closing is the smallest part of the process

If You Want To Quickly and Easily Accelerate  Your  Sales WITHOUT Using Outdated and Painful Sales Methods Then this is for you