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Compress Decades By Following My Proven System For Attracting And Helping Coaching And Consulting Clients

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Most consultants and coaches rely on what I call “Hope and a Prayer marketing”

They get bits and pieces of business, from a random referral one month, to a networking event the next, and throw in the odd email from somebody who is not really sure why they’re reaching out or even what they want. As a result, they find themselves as a glorified dogs body for hire doing anything and everything.

They have no reliable, predictable strategic way to get clients on demand and, they have no clue as to their conversion costs or the buying cycle length to get a client

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Who Is This For

  • People who want to start a coaching or consulting business and make a living from their knowledge and expertise
  • Entrepreneurs that are looking to start a business and scale to 7 figures with very little start-up costs overheads and complexity.
  • University Graduates who don’t want to do get stuck on the low-income corporate ladder and would rather use their qualifications to make serious money on their terms. 
  • Business owners who are looking for a work from home without losing their Freedom, having to hire staff, shell out for expensive stock, equipment and premises.
  • Passionate people who want to ditch their low paying JOB and become a HIGH-PAID coach or consultant

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“From Stalled At 90K /year To 50K in The First Week

         Glen Changed my life Mark Burchardt Marketing, Consultant

  • Business was complicated and had stalled for the last year
  • In 3 months built a brand new niched business from the ground up and in the first week brought on a 50K Client
  • $50k months are now achievable and sustainable
  • If you want to become a High Net Worth Coach and Consultant Glen the no BS guy to get you there