My Marriage was on the Rocks, my Business was Crumbling, 20 Years of Work Evaporating Before My Eyes.

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Sunday Reflection

These photos were taken in mid-2010. My marriage was struggling. My business was about to get hit by the Mother of All Perfect Storms, and I was beginning to break down. ⠀

A few years later, I would have to sell all of my prized assets cars, boats, bikes, even my house just to keep everything afloat.

I told no one.

I lied awake every night staring at the ceiling with what felt like someone’s hands around my neck strangling the life out of me.

Every day to everyone else I was the Ultimate Businessman Husband and Dad

Every night I came home, it was a mess.

Shaye despised me

I felt like pure Shit.

But to everyone else

I had it all balanced up people looked up to me as some sort of legend that had it all figured out

They said it enough times so it must have been true

Any questions on how I was going

Were always answered with “Fantastic” “Business is great” “Wife and Kids are great.”

I said it so many times that I believed my own Bullshit

My attempt at a smile in this photo was because I was somewhere else beating myself up fighting an invisible war in my mind.

You can see the look of strain on my wife’s face at that time 15 years of marriage to a man that spent most of his time building businesses and assets.

20 years of blood sweat and tears achieving everything, I set out to (That I said I was doing for them)

And even after reaching what I thought was the peek having Houses, 5 Cars, Bikes, a Boat, Trips around the world and enough money to almost do whatever I wanted.

I felt more alone, scarcity, fear and emptiness than I ever had before even when I started out having to hunt behind the lounge cushions for 2 dollars to by a loaf of bread.

I can still remember the day telling my wife that we had paid off our million dollars plus home, and within 10 minutes we were arguing over something that stupid I can’t even remember what it was.

I was so hell-bent on chasing the success horizon that I did not stop for long enough to see that even though I was achieving what I set out to do.

I was Empty OF EMOTION

She was ALL ALONE. ⠀

And No One Knew the truth. ⠀

Because I was living a Lie

Over the next two years, after this photo was taken, I was hit with the Mother of all Perfect Business Storms that within a matter of months took away 70% of my revenue and with it 70% of my net worth.

I was arrogant and stupid to think I could keep operating like I was.

I was trapped inside of my own story mainly because I didn’t understand that the power doesn’t just come from the money and nice things its more than that.

My wife and family deserved better. ⠀

But I had no one to turn to that really understood what I was going through and could give me any advice other than “Buy this quick Fix in a Box” Or “start running and don’t look back because you’re screwed.”

I was surrounded by people but never FELT MORE ALONE.

I could not see a way out

I had no answers.⠀

I was trapped as a slave to the story in my mind of trying to keep up the facade of perfection I had once lived

I was a passenger watching everything burning to the ground

My wife should have divorced me

I was losing the trust of everyone around me including myself

Mostly because I was stuck in the past and lost in the future of my mind racked with guilt fear and regret.

Then I heard a voice in me that said.⠀


The Voice was clear and with overwhelming conviction

And it became the overarching commandment and principal base that I used to redeem my life, business and family and now the lives of Men in Business and their families.

My life as I knew it was reduced to rubble

And from that wreckage, I was ready to take ownership

I decided to stand up and change the man in this photo

I rebuilt my business from the ground up to the next level a 2.0 machine that stood on its strong foundations and ran without me

With an A team of dedicated people and the Ultimate in customer service, a business that is powering on to this day.

Here is the secret the power is not in your business strategy, systems, marketing, and transformational products and services (That is All A Given) and mandatory.

The power comes from STANDING UP AND TAKE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY for yourself, your Health, your Family and your Relationships.

If You’re a Family man in business and what to access the clarity, courage, productivity and profits that come from taking a new level of responsibility to go and get the life you want

Then go to and let’s talk.

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