Most entrepreneurs and business owners believe this lie:

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“I am the only one that can generate the best results in my business” Only I can perform at the level my clients expect.

That’s why I have to do it myself.”

I call it “The Rain Maker Syndrome.”

Believing this lie will Ultimately Choke the Life out of you and your business

When you believe the technical work, you do in your business is “Unique and Special” and that people are choosing your business because of you, it shackles you to a life of hard labour and eventually empties your bank accounts

There are two stages of evolution for entrepreneurs:

*#1- OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS Hard Working Business Tacticians That Sometimes Make Money but most of The Time Are Confusing Stress with Success, and Their Earnings Never Exceed Their Efforts

*#2- STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURS Business Investors That Are Building Assets That Make More And More Money While Working Less and Less

You must make the switch from busy tactical work (Hard Labour) To strategic entrepreneur (Asset Creation) the outcome for the client gets better because you have more time to work on the result.

Instead of wearing yourself into the ground the team do the heavy lifting through strategic systems.

When you do this, you will escape your self imposed business prison and break through the revenue ceiling to 10x your bottom line

But but but… Glen, the work I do can’t be done by anyone else?

Not true. You may think the work you do is “magic”, but it’s not.

It’s learning how to spend a predictable amount of money to generate a predictable amount of sales activities that produce a predictable number of new clients and a predictable amount of new profits. Through a world-class fulfilment system

When you do this, you create a 2.0 version of yourself and business “ The Investor.”

Clients want outcomes, they don’t care about who “just the results.”

When you realise it’s not just you that your clients want, but it’s the system and team you provide to get the result for them, you’ll be free.

When I made this change in my business, everything changed.

I went from making $3 m to making $10 m

But now, I’ve got a question for you: Do you want to stay in slavery thinking you have to be the one delivering all the value? Or…

Do you want to be free and deliver value via predictable, scalable, sustainable systems and people?

If you want to evolve from doing everything to doing only what counts,

I’ve got something for you…

Click here to Escape Business Slavery and Leverage The Machine

To Your Success!

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