Make More Money In my Business.

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Make More Money In my Business

People often ask me how I can make more money reliably and consistently without burning myself out in the process?

The next question I get is how did build your company so that it hit 10M PA without you having to work more than 40 hours per week?

They want the Silver Bullet Fix… I get it we are all secretly are looking for the shortcuts.

And of course, the first part of my answer is you need to get the fundamentals right like…

  • Choosing a deep evergreen market that wants what you have and is prepared to pay you handsomely for it.
  • A marketing matrix that reduces risk defines what you do, explains the reasons why to do business with you in such a way that the market puts their hand up and wants to know more
  • A Super Star Team and SalesForce that leverages vital areas of your business and maximizes your marketing efforts by converting at a high level reliably and predictably
  • Great products and services that produce consistent, transformational, appreciated results
  • Administration systems and process that create leverage and high-quality fulfilment satisfaction

These are business fundamentals that I work with my clients on helping them create, implement and perfect because you have to get them right if you want to build a meaningful scalable, profitable and salable business.

Skipping or shortcutting any of these fundamentals and trying to grow your business will be like dragging an anchor through the desert.

That being said, there is one thing that governs over these fundamentals and will determine whether you end up wealthy and carefree or stressed out and bankrupt.

In my coaching program, we go over a lot of different methods, strategies and thinking models that generate Wealth Freedom and Market Domination moreover what I’m about to reveal is one of my favourites because it is so outstandingly effective.

It’s one of the most strategic and all-powerful leveraged areas I focus on in working with my clients to help them make more money reliably and Predictably with the added bonus of mental freedom to enjoy life on their terms.

I show them how to reposition their business to win right by helping them get laser clarity on what their strengths are ( we use all different types of in-depth metrics etc.…) and link up their strengths and passions with the most lucrative opportunities available to them.

This approach is so liberating because it allows the business owners to be highly profitable and fulfilled working to their strengths without having to push themselves to do things, that drain away their energy levels and passion.

In business, you do not get an “A” for effort if what your doing is not working you still have to pay your overheads, payroll and all your other expenses.

Meaning if your running at an unsustainable frantic pace trying to control and manage every aspect of your business, including the parts you don’t enjoy and are weak at.

You’re kidding yourself. Because you can’t sustain it. You have no leverage. You can’t grow and scale your business, focusing on your weaknesses. It just does not work. And you will eventually burn out.

Case Closed. I hate to be so blunt, and I hope I’m not raining on your parade, but these are just the facts.

Because most business owners have brought into the faulty assumption that they need to focus on improving their weaknesses and somehow motivate themselves to start and complete critical tasks that they dislike doing and are not good at.

So, all that ends up happening is key critical growth areas of their business just keep getting shoved to the bottom of the to-do list, and that’s like putting a tight chokehold on their, profits, hopes and dreams.

Concentrating on improving your weaknesses = Stressed out and Bankrupt. 

Leveraging your strengths and building your business around your weaknesses = Wealthy and Carefree

So how have I consistently built highly profitable businesses that ran without me? I changed the rules and mastered the skill of focusing on my strengths to gain competitive business advantages.

And hired other people on their Unique Abilities and skills to supplement all of my weaknesses. I learned the hard way if you don’t focus on your strengths and supplement your weaknesses you are ripping up money and flushing it down the toilet.

That is only one of many methods in my coaching program, helping businesses owners create wealth freedom and market domination…This is an INVESTMENT, not a cost.

Most business owners, when asked don’t know what their strengths are, because they are so focused on trying to fix their weaknesses, they don’t give it a second thought.

That said there is a formula to how this works and how to implement it… that I have perfected over many years in my own businesses… and for hundreds of other business owners… just like you.

So, if you’re thinking it’s finally time to grow your business profits by working on what you enjoy, feel energized doing, continue to improve your performance on, while experiencing a heightened sense of purpose and meaning.

I have a few personal coaching spots available that will not last and are rare because many of my clients that join stay for years, and some never want to leave because they keep getting results.

So how do you know if your right for my coaching program? Well, you could keep doing what you’re doing that is not working with the hope that one-day things will miraculously get better like winning lotto.

Or you could simply you book your risk-free business profit discovery session with me, and we will dig deep into what you want to achieve for your business and life and a plan on how to get you there.

So the bare minimum is that you leave this free session with clarity and a plan to reach your outcomes or you may decide you want to work with me to help you to get your results sooner… either way, you get customized results.

To book your business profit discovery session call simply CLICK HERE

I look forward to talking with you soon.

All the very best

Glen Michaelides




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