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Hi, it’s Glen from the Titan’s Academy. Look in this video we’re going to be sharing with you how you can actually drive the all important leads into your business and even more importantly once you’ve got them in there, what are you going to do then?

So why is that important? Well, this is one of the most powerful things that you can do in your business to get a massive amount of leverage and a massive amount of forward momentum and it’s something I see business owners not doing well enough. They’re putting a lot of work in and spinning their wheels. Now if that’s you, well I want you to listen very carefully because this is going to be important.

Now driving leads into your business, everyone wants more leads, right? And it’s something I get asked every single day of the week. Glen how can I drive more leads into my business? Well, there is many different ways we can do that. From direct mail, to networking, to workshops, building your list through YouTube and Facebook, joint ventures, trade shows, web site, your all important web site making sure that does convert, referrals, which is super, super important, competitions, Instagram and LinkedIn. Now these ones I’ve mentioned aren’t all of them but they are very powerful ways and if you’re doing all of these fantastically well, you’re going to simply drive a lot of leads into your business. Now this is a proven and tested measure and it works super well.

However, once you’ve got a lead or a prospect client, what then? Well, it’s not a case of just converting them straight into a sale. You could be lucky enough to do that. However it takes a little bit longer than that generally. And what we’re having here in this section in between, once we drive the leads in, is things like I call lead magnets. Free reports, maybe a book, what about a click funnel or even a webinar. There are different ways to help your client and indoctrinate them in, so they know they can trust you, so they can go into your system and buy your all important products.

Now once we’ve put our lead magnets in place and we got our client nice and happy, they are sitting through that funnel and in our CRM system. Now I’ve mentioned the CRM system before and if you got a business that you’re trying to grow or trying to improve on or your business is already up and running you want to seriously consider a CRM, because they have the semi-automated and fully automatic parts to your business where you’re nurturing your clients while you’re asleep, is super powerful and important. Why is that? Well, as mentioned before, we want to continually touch base and want our clients to come through our logical funnel. You know, where they come from get nurtured with videos and with free reports and with webinars and then we can start offering up our all important products. Now just offering up off of that, may not work up front and it’s about nurturing our clients along and the CRM system, if it’s hooked up properly would do this automatically. So we can send our clients through the funnel, we can nurture them, we can help them, we can find out what they want importantly and then we can have the opportunity for them to buy our products and help them out a lot further.

So there is many different ways that we can do that and converting them over and spending your all important money up here, making sure that it’s actually working down here. Now, so many business owners spend a lot of time and money in generating leads and once the leads are in, the conversion rate usually I find is very low. In most businesses, it’s in around 30% to 40%. But you’ll find a lot of business owners who’ll say it’s 80%, it’s simply not the case. When we sit down and measure it, we find that’s not it.

So, sometimes it’s about definitely driving leads in, but importantly, it’s what we’re doing once we got them. Instead of worrying about the next lead, what are you doing to nurture your existing clients that are in your database? What are you doing to nurture the existing leads that have come through? Have you made sure that you followed it through? Because we need to have a system here. Have you sat down and worked at your KPIs and what you’re spending on advertising? What your conversion rate needs to be? How many clients are coming into your funnel? And importantly what’s happening to them? What are your KPIs? What are your budgets? And what’s the outcome that you want to achieve through your marketing, through your team, through the innovation, with the right psychology to bring your leads in?

Now there are many different sequences and triggers and ways through that we can help convert your ideal clients, more than we got time for in this video. One of the most important things that I want you to consider and think about, is your ideal avatar. Who is your ideal client? What do they look like? What do they sound like? What problems do they have and how can you help them get to where they’re going? Now sitting down and choosing your ideal avatar and thinking very carefully about it so that you can put all your energy in this section here and tracking that perfect client. And as mentioned, when they come into your funnel and in your CRM system, importantly you’ve got the right message to market match. You’re speaking their language, it’s exactly what they want to hear, you’re offering up a lot of free stuff and they’re going to indoctrinated in. They’re going to want to do business with you and when you offer up your services, which are going to be compelling and useful and helpful. Well, they’re going to simply take advantage of that. You’re going to win, the client is going to win and so will the business.

So, look it’s been great sharing. Plenty of more information on how to set up driving leads into your system. Importantly once they’re in there, your CRM system and how to get your message to market match, sending your KPIs up, so you know what your conversion needs to be and you’re making sure that the [math] is right in your business. You’re actually making money and spending that time crafting up finding your ideal avatar.

Give us a call, get on the website or click on the link in this video and you’re going to be able to find out a lot more information to help you convert your all important clients over and importantly, put more money into the bottom line.

Look, it’s been great sharing, I look forward to catching up real soon.


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