Lead Generation Strategy is Blowing the Roof of Businesses is Yours Next?

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Case Study: Can ONE Powerful Strategy Really Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Lead Generation in 2019? If you’re a SERIOUS business owner…

And your, someone who’s actually marketing, making sales, and actively WORKING to grow your business … Then the answer is 100%…YES

And if your looking to blow the roof of your business, then this may be the most important case study you’ll ever read.

Because It’s the most powerful business discovery, I’ve ever made …and for a lucky few I’m going to help them implement it in their business… more on that later…

 Now there is a big reason I say “most powerful discovery I’ve ever made” it’s because…

It works gangbusters take my latest client Terry Oorschot (and now my friend), he came to me 5 months ago. At the time he had a reasonable business his quality was second to none… but he was…

“The best-kept secret” beaten half to death dealing with the insufficient lead flow, in fact, most of the time he did not have any.

He would wait and hope for referrals from previous clients and sometimes they would refer but other times nothing. Going from hope and optimism and having jobs one minute to fear, frustration and despair the next.

From having to hustle and grind every month to pay suppliers, wages, bills and taxes…To a stress-free steady stream of leads that generate high-quality sales every month ON DEMAND without fail.

“Having that stable lead flow coming in allows me to have the freedom to enjoy the things I want and live life on my terms. I have less stress, and I’m able to work on my business more strategically, and that’s why my numbers keep growing” Terry Oorschot Mr Makeover 

So, you’re probably wondering what is my Dynamic Lead Generation Strategy how does it work? Well here’s a small snapshot of what we did for Terry…

Stage #1 we ran a competition for a chance to win a $50,000 kitchen and bathroom makeover (or $50,000 cash) Who doesn’t want 50K?

I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry it won’t cost you 50K, think of the TV show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” if someone wins, the TV station does not have to come up with the Million dollars.

There’s a secret and I know how it all works and how to do it, so it costs you peanuts.

Stage #2 We run specialised ads directly to Facebook that are crafted in such a way, so they get thousands of clicks, for well under one dollar per click.

Stage #3 We build out a landing page in an exact way to maximize conversion including a specially designed video, qualifying questions, opt-in form, powerful dramatic demonstrations, Industry leading guarantees and of course proof from happy clients.  

Stage #4 Thank you page with the educational free report and valuable bonuses with a call to action to book the appointment.

Stage #5 Prospects are automatically entered and segmented into the CRM system based on the answers from the questioner, then we sequentially reach out with added value and incentivized call to action.

Stage #6 A direct mail letter goes out further educating the prospect with more information as to why we are the obvious choice, what to do next, and the best way to move forward.

Stage #7 We get on the phone with a specialised handcrafted gamechanger script that I hand write for you personally and book the appointment.

Stage #8 The appointment is a customised, comprehensive and choreographed assessment with ONE OBJECTIVE TO CLOSE THE SALE and walk away with the deposit paid.

Stage #9 We back up our big promises with world-class systemised, fulfilment.

Nothing is left to chance every word is precise and has a specific job to do… and that is to get you results.

Current results from the campaign we ran 7 days ago

  1. Over 2000 Leads
  2. 168 Appointments booked so far and lots more to come
  3. 5 High-value deals closed with deposits paid in only 7 days (Just the start)

You’re Only ONE “Big Idea” Away…

 In all my years of working with businesses just like yours, I have come to realize ONE

THING…  There’s always ONE big idea… ONE “big idea” that when leveraged in the right way, will totally transform your business.

 And if you can find it, nail it down and implement it correctly, Everything will change faster than you could possibly imagine!

The good news is, I’m going to help you find your ONE BIG IDEA!

 I know what your thinking “I don’t have time for that kind of complexity” well you don’t have to worry I’m going the heavy lifting. …So you won’t have to put any more on your to-do list.

I’m going to do most of the work for you…and help you every step of the way to get results just like terry

Does That Sound Like Something You Want?… If So, Here’s How to Apply:

 I’ve designed a system to filter out all the tyre kickers and fakes

Here’s how it works:

  1. You click on the link at the bottom of this case study
  2. You schedule in an appointment then fill in a quick survey
  3. If I think we are a good fit and I can help you blow the roof off your business, we will go ahead with the appointment, if not I will let you know
  4. Well, talk for roughly 30 minutes and ill map what’s involved and how everything work then you get to decide if you want to make 2019 your best year yet

I’ve shared this case study with you to show you the incredible power of finding your big idea and leveraging it in a way that transforms your business for the better for good.

Opposed to having to continually hustle and add more to your to-do list with nothing to show for it. So, if you want to blow the roof of your business in 2019…

Heres What to Do Next

CLICK HERE for your Dynamic Lead Generation Strategy Call

And I look forward to helping you soon  

All the best Glen

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