Is Marketing Good or Evil?

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Many business owners are caught in the trap of thinking that we live in a world where if you are kind, honest, talented, skilled and have client’s best interests at heart that business will just materialize from thin air.

There is a mindset of “If I Build it and do my best, they will come” or because what we do is exceptional and better than our competitors our clients will just find us.

If that’s the case, why are there are so many best-kept secrets starved of business success and going hungry all over the world? meanwhile, their competitors with a lessor product and lower service are singing all the way to the bank.

The real truth is it’s up to You to get yourself discovered.

If you’re exceptional at what you and your hidden in a dark corner, why would you think your ideal clients are just going to find you because your great at what you do.?

The thing is that money has no conscious, and there is no connection between being exceptional and getting paid.

There is a HUGE relationship between being exceptional and being an effective MARKETER and getting paid.

One of the reasons people turn their nose up at marketing is because, in a lot of ways, there is a lot of terrible marketing and unscrupulous people out there.

There is a lot of high pressure, deceptive people that have utilized marketing for evil, and they have painted bad pictures in people’s minds.

So, some business owners feel it is a slimy snake charmer sort of industry.

However, the reality is that every worthy cause in life has (and had) marketing attached to it.

Think about Telethon and many highly respected charities and humanitarian services all over the world.

That being the case if your exceptional at what you do and offer far more than your competitors. The question here is not whether you should do marketing or not.

The question is “Don’t you have a moral obligation to ensure that you are positioned as the business of choice so that your prospects and clients don’t fall victims to a lesser product or service?”

When you set up your marketing right, you will become more discoverable, more impactful more trusted and will largely lower the need for selling plus.

You will generate more interest, more clients, and more referrals.

And, you will get yourself discovered.

All the Very Best Glen

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