How to increase sales without spending a cent.

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The small business nightmare we endure

If you’re like I was when somebody first suggested this to me, you probably think “There’s no way that’s possible.” you might be working 12-14 hours/day, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere like I was. You just know you’re only a couple of clicks away from breaking through to success, but you just can’t ever seem to get there

Fortunately, I did break out of it and achieve success. I saved my business, built it into a roaring success and then sold it for a good price as an ongoing, successful business.

Running a small business can be the loneliest place on earth, especially when things aren’t going so well…

But those years I spent working hard and getting no result were so painful and took such a toll on my family, my health, and even my mental state, that I wanted to share what I learned with others who are going through the same thing. To help you break out that cycle and enjoy life. To live the life you were meant to live.

The turning point for me, was when somebody shared a story with me that made me realise just what was going on. I’m going to share this story with you, so stay with it and you’ll get the point – and it should be a real eye-opener.

A story that changed my business forever

The story is from a 1930’s book by a guy named Napoleon Hill, quite a famous author and it’s about the discovery of one of the largest gold mines in the US.

A man named R.U. Darby and his uncle were caught up in the gold fever in the US early last century and went west to stake a claim and find their fortune. They went to work with pick and shovel, working long, hard days with their dreams of riches motivating them through the trials.

After weeks of hard toil, they finally struck traces of gold, but needed machinery to bring the ore to the surface. So they quietly covered up the mine and went home to raise the money from friends and relatives. They were all very excited about being part of a successful gold mining prospect, so they willingly invested in the venture. The machinery was bought and shipped back to the mine where they went to work.

The first lot of ore they sent to the smelter had an incredibly high gold content. It was so good, they appeared to have one of the richest mines in Colorado! This quickly cleared their debts and they went back to work.

The Darbys worked hard in their mine – in fact, few people ever worked harder, but they were digging in the wrong direction and just 1 meter from a rich vein of gold!

Things turned bad quickly

The initial euphoria quickly disappeared, as the gold seemingly ran out. The vein had either ended or gone in another direction. They were not engineers or geologists, so they couldn’t predict where it had gone.

They just continued to do all they knew how to do – they worked harder, day after day, desperately trying to find the vein – but all that hard work was to no avail – their efforts failed.

Completely devastated and burned out, they sold the machinery for a few hundred dollars to a junk shop and took the train back home.

Now the junk man was familiar with the history of the mine and he was smart enough to know something. He knew that he wasn’t an expert in geology or gold veins, but the gold was probably down there somewhere and if he wanted to find it, he needed to get some advice.

So, before dismantling the machinery, so he called in a mining engineer. The engineer inspected the mine and found that the Darbys had been digging in the wrong direction. He estimated that because of the way fault lines worked, the gold vein was probably 1 meter from the where they had been tunneling. The engineer was correct. The junk man found the vein of gold and made his fortune – without a whole lot of hard work.

“I was literally working hard, right next to a gold mine I owned, that could get me out of trouble”

The person who shared this story explained that just like the Darbys, I was sitting on a gold mine, but was digging in the wrong place – because I couldn’t see it. I was working so hard going in one direction, that I had blinkers on and it took somebody to open my eyes to see the opportunity that was all around me!


“This is not rocket science – you’ll kick yourself when you find out just how simple it is – and I guarantee you, no matter what sort of business you have, your gold mine is just a meter away from you!

“I need sales”

We know that we need more money in the door, so we look to acquire new customers – but that costs money in advertising, so when we look at the profit we make from those new customers, it’s hardly worth the effort!

We all need sales – That’s what makes a business viable and profitable and when things are tough, usually more sales will fix the problem, but it’s where those sales come from that is key.

If you’re like me, you immediately look at advertising to get those additional sales. That’s the old traditional method – you pay someone to put your ad in a newspaper, or magazine, or on the internet and people see the ad and call you or visit your shop. It’s usually the only way we know.

In my case, we tried Internet marketing, with Google Adwords. The experts all said it would work – I just had to put some serious money into it. And people did respond to the ad that’s true. It did work – but when I worked out how much each new customer was costing me with advertising and how much they were buying, it struck me that I was not making any profit – just doing more work. Spinning my wheels even faster and getting nowhere!

So back to this revelation that changed everything. When I tell you where your Vein of Gold is, you’re going to kick yourself – it’s so simple. It’s literally one meter away from you.

Go over to your computer and pull up your spreadsheet, or wherever you have your list of customers. This is the Vein of Gold you’ve been looking for!

Your Customer List

But these people are already buying from you, so how can this be a Gold Mine?

It’s very simple. Your customers will spend more with you each time they buy and they will do it more often! You just have to ask them!

The secret is the way you ask them. Calling your customer list and saying “Please spend more money with me because I’m in financial trouble” would be a sure-fire way to lose them. But remember, studies show that it costs five times more to sell to a new customer than to an existing customer. Your customers know you, you have already built up a relationship with them and they probably trust you.

“Take your customer list, follow these 7 easy steps and I guarantee you will increase sales without spending a cent on advertising.”

Step #1Take a couple of days off work!

Our minds get so cluttered when we’re in the trenches, fighting for our business. We literally can’t see the forest for the trees. We need to get away from it all and clear our minds

I can hear you groaning from here. “How can I take a couple of days off when I’m trying to keep things together? We’ll get even further behind!

But herein lies one of your biggest problems. You are possibly so deep in the trenches, working the day-to-day operations, that you haven’t taken a moment out to clear your mind and really think about where you’re going or what you’re doing. You need to take a good look at your business and your customers.


So, book a couple of days away on the beach, on a lake – anywhere you can relax and clear your mind. Take your wife, your business partner, your manager – whoever needs to be a part of the decision making.

When you’re relaxed and thinking clearly, take a good look at your customer database or list and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are my customers? Are they a certain age group, social demographic group, what do they have in common?
  2. Why do they buy my product or service? What need do they have that it fulfils?
  3. What is the average amount they spend with me?
  4. How often do they need my product or service?
  5. How often do they buy?

Once you have thought about this, you should know:

  1. If your customers are buying exclusively from you, or they’re also buying from competitors (based on the answers of questions 4 and 5).
  2. An estimate of the money you’re missing because your customers are not buying exclusively from you.
  3. Other products or services you could add to complement your existing product range, that would increase the amount of money these customers spend.

Step #2Ask your customers what they think of you!

Unhappy customers tell others about their experience. Very few contact the business owner to complain. By asking for customer feedback, you’ll find out before everybody on Facebook – and you can do something to correct it!

We often try to improve our products or our service or bring in changes we think are necessary, but we don’t actually ask the people who count – our customers! When they are unhappy, they often won’t tell us, they’ll go and tell other people or they will just disappear without any comment.

You might have a staff member who shines and your customers love – but you’re unaware of it and don’t reward that person enough. You might also have a staff member who is driving customers away – A quick survey will give you that information.

People are busy and don’t want to waste their time, so even asking just four questions will give you a whole lot of intelligence that you can use to increase sales. Just have your staff give them to customers and ask them to put them in a box. You could also use a low cost online survey like ‘survey monkey’ and put a link too it at the bottom of invoices or correspondence.

Here are the questions:

  1. If you were to rate our company on a scale of 1-10, what score would you give us?
  2. Why did you give us that score?
  3. Your name (optional)
  4. Your contact number (optional)


“Aside from getting valuable feedback, you will give dissatisfied customers somewhere to blow off a bit of steam and if they provide their contact details, you will be able to stop them going to your competitors!”

Step# 3Contact your customers

We know that we need more money in the door, so we look to acquire new customers – but that costs money in advertising, so when we look at the profit we make from those new customers, it’s hardly worth the effort!

Now that you have an idea of who your customers are, what they want and what they think of you, contact them. Understand that your competitors want to take these customers and make them their own, so if you’re not keeping in touch with them, there is a chance of that happening.

Even if people liked the product or service you sell and enjoyed the buying experience, there is a chance they will not buy from you next time. They may be somewhere else at the time they need that product or service and see another business that provides it.

The secret to keeping customers loyal (apart from giving them the best possible service) is to keep in their mind. To keep them thinking of you and the way to do that, is to contact them regularly.

This doesn’t need to be terribly time consuming, here are some of the ways you can do it:

  1. Send them an email update or newsletter. If you don’t have their email addresses, you’d better start collecting them.
  2. Phone them or have your staff phone them, just touch base and tell them about something they may be interested in.
  3. Personally phone dissatisfied customers and address the problem they are having.
  4. Send them something in the mail – a product offer, an update or a special offer – something to bring them back.

Get your customers buying again or buying more by giving them something when you contact them –

  1. Some free advice that relates to your product or service, or the need that your product or service fulfills. For example, an accountant may send updates on tax law or ideas to minimise tax. A gymnasium may send information on trends in fitness or health related information. Regardless of your industry, you are sure to have information your customers would find valuable.
  2. Information about new or related products. If your customers are buying from you, they’re probably interested in new developments in those products or complimentary products or services.
  3. Sales, specials or other incentives to buy from you.

Watch the returns come in

Take these three simple steps and watch customers you haven’t seen for ages walk in the door. Watch the amount they spend increase and the frequency of their spending increase. Most importantly, watch your profits increase.

You will be tapping into that vein of gold that has been sitting just a metre from you for so long while you worked long hours digging nothing but earth.

“As a result of you caring about them, your customers will be happier. They will become more loyal and the number of people they refer to your business will increase.”

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How To Increase Sales Without Spending A Cent
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A few steps on increasing sales without spending a cent. A little unbelievable but here's my story.
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