I was looked at as the Ultimate Businessman that had it all… but there was a Problem Brewing…

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I was looked at as the Ultimate Businessman that had it all… but there was a Problem Brewing…

At the age of 30, I started and built one of the largest Independent 4wd Accessory companies in the country.

Paid off my 1.2-Million-dollar home had 5 cars a boat and two motorbikes not to mention trips all over the world.

Loving wife and great kids the dream life really everything had turned out perfectly…

But… although I was doing a lot right, I had an Achilles heel.

My company had become heavily leveraged towards mining, because It was so lucrative, and we had built up a very high-quality systemised and scaled up world-class operation that seriously kicked but.

Until the mining boom collapsed, I had heard about China slowing down and forecasted about a 30% reduction the reality is that it was closer to 75% my order book when from 1.5 Million down to 300k in a matter of weeks.

Yes within 4 weeks most of our work had dried up, and we had lost our 3 key clients. I WAS HIT BY THE PERFECT STORM. I could not plug the holes in the bucket quick enough my overheads exceeded my now only trickling revenue.

I had to sell off most of my cars my boat and prized assets… I even sold our family home, and that broke my wife’s heart.

Constantly having a sense of pressure weighing heavily on me from the time I woke up, to the time my head hit the pillow at night. Gasping for air and with my heart pounding out of my chest I made a decision to stay and fight.

I had enough cash to last three months. Most Importantly I paid every outstanding bill including all my staff. I then put my foot on the gas pedal and embarked on a herculean effort.

It took me 2 Full Years, BUT I DID IT! One of the proudest moments in my life

I Bulletproofed and future proofed my business
I Created a 2.0 version a turn key cash machine that worked without me and still does to this day.

Friends competitors, complete strangers started knocking on my door to find out how I did It.

I Started teaching and sharing with others, and they started getting the same results.

I then and there decided to dedicate my life to helping business owners in need.

I Have since combined my 25 years’ worth of business experience, NLP, Sales, Marketing, and Powerful Persuasive communication.

And developed a highly concentrated and distilled business training program called the… “PROFIT GENERATOR BLACKBOX”

A Training That Shows You How To

 Effectively Position You and Your Business as the #1 Expert in your Industry by compelling your Best Payday Clients to stop listen and Take Action.

 Scale your Client Base with more AUTOMATION and Control so that your business grows and makes more profits without you having to do all of the heavy lifting.

 Create “Profitable Reoccurring Sales Systems” in your business that have a MASSIVE impact on your bottom line… no matter what you’re selling, what market you
This free training has helped business owners literally 10X their business and has the power and potential to do the same for you.

You can register here for free: https://thetitansacademy.clickfunnels.com/1-landing-page

It’s a new world out there… one where even the big guys are falling on their sword.

It’s time to protect yourself in this turbulent new economy I can give you the tools to transform your business and life So please don’t wait until it’s too late

Here’s the link again: https://thetitansacademy.clickfunnels.com/1-landing-page

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