How A Highschool Drop out with no money was able to build 3 separate multimillion-dollar business one to over 40 Million in revenue and now coaches business owners just like you to do the same

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27 years ago, I was working as a motor mechanic after dropping out of high school because I was told by my teacher that is about the limit of your ability and as good as you can hope for.

I made it to the end of my apprenticeship when the owner of the company decided to close the business and have a sea change.

Leaving me without a job or money

A chance encounter with an old college landed me a job in sales

One year later I had hit my straps

By the age of 21, I was running my first retail outlet taking it from battling to keep the doors open to turning over 1.5 Million in the first year.

At the age of 24, I took a from scratch Startup Accessory company and grew it to over $3 Million in the first year.

At the age of 30, I started and built one of the largest Independent 4wd Accessory companies in the country to over 40 Million in revenue

Paid off my 1.2-Million-dollar home had 7 cars a boat and two motorbikes not to mention trips all over the world.
But… although I was doing a lot right, I had an Achilles heel.

My company had become heavily leveraged towards mining, because It was so lucrative, and we had built up a very high quality systemized and scaled up world-class operation that seriously kicked but

Until the mining boom collapsed, I had heard about China slowing down and forecasted about a 30% reduction the reality is that it was closer to 75% my order book when from 1.5 Million down to 300k in a matter of weeks. Yes within 4 weeks most of our work had dried up, and we had lost our 3 key clients.

I could not plug the holes in the bucket quick enough my overheads exceeded my now trickling revenue

Facing Failure, I cold called, door knocked, attended networking events and none of it worked for me. I was rejected, humiliated, forced to draw up proposals that nobody even looked at and if they did, I was beaten down on price.

I didn’t understand why the advice that was given to me in all the books and all the websites online didn’t work.

I tried everything to get back my clients, and none of it worked.

Then one day I thought to myself:

“Instead of doing the same things and trying to get blood out of a stone what if there was a way to make High Paying Clients to come to me”? Even in difficult times…

I went back to the drawing board and stayed up days and nights on end figuring out ways where
I could completely flip the model and make My Dream clients come to me instead.

I put in a seriously herculean effort and sold off some of the prized possessions that I had worked so hard for… (Failure was not an option)

Then I figured it out!

I went to work applying this new method for attracting and winning high-value clients, and it
worked like magic. 1 client, 10 clients, 100 clients and then it caught fire and I had more clients
than I could possibly handle and had to STOP marketing so I could catch up on the work.

Over the next 12 months, I went about rebuilding my business from the ground up using these new concepts and this time. It was leaner and meaner. I was doing less work than before, but the profit was outstandingly good.

And while my competitors were dropping like flies, I moved to my dream property on the beach and really started to enjoy my life because now I also had the time and freedom to do what I wanted and when.

I had created a turnkey systemized machine that ran without me.

Colleges Competitor’s and other Business owners started noticing my results and talking about my success story and before long I had people asking me to teach them how I did it.

And If I could help them implement my systems in their business and get On Demand Dream clients like me.

At first, I said “No” because I was worried that my secret would get out, plus I had my doubts that other business owners could pull off this type of turn around.

I thought It was more about me and that nobody else could make it work.

But they were relentless and would not give up asking every day, phoning, emailing and turning up at my office and knocking on the door.

After a few months of non-stop harassment, I decided to go all in and give back by teaching my system. I started working with my first client James I had a look at his business and immediately could see where he was going wrong and leaving money on the table.

We would catch up once a week for an hour where I would go all in on helping him implement my system from start to finish leaving no stone unturned.

Within a matter of weeks, James was kicking butt and revolutionizing his business clients were coming in the door, and now there was a conversion and fulfilment system in place to triple his revenue.

He went from imminent disaster to developing a reliable, predictable system for attracting converting and fulfilling his dream clients On Demand

I wondered if this was a fluke and I could do It again with a different type of business, so I took on another client from a completely different industry and totally exploded their business also.

I started doubling down and working with business owners from all types of industries and like clockwork hit it out of the ballpark every single time. I kept teaching them my winning methods, and they kept getting results.

Fast Forward to this current day and I have now helped people all over the country implement my methods, models and mindset

From falling down the side of a mountain into the pit of darkness to back on top and helping small business owners get to their 2.0 version of life and business.

So, what makes my system so good?

And how have I been able to get these amazing results for myself and my clients?

Well, it is deceptively simple… It’s about doing less not more…

We live in a world where we are trying to add more to already having too much to do and expecting the silver bullet to fix the problem.

Instead, it all comes down to a relentless focus on 3 Key things…

While your competitors are wearing out spreading themselves so thin focusing on 100 different things and doing none of them well.

I am relentless on just 3

Want to know what these 3 key things are?

I spent the past few days putting together a free training for you showing you *exactly* how I got back on top what I concentrate on that others don’t.

I literally pull back the curtain on the “3 Key Things” that have been the foundation of my success and my client’s success.

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In this free training, I show you step-by-step how to attract your dream clients On Demand and Fulfill at a world-class level.

The lessons you will learn are the main foundations for my results, and you can use them for yourself too.

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