How To Grow your Business | Step by Step | Episode 7

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Hi, it’s Glen from the Titans Academy. And welcome to another blue printing whiteboard session. You might remember in the last video; we talked about our value agenda staircase. And all the interesting things that we can do once the leads have come into our funnel.

Now, in this week’s episode what I want to do is to just take a little step back and show you what the start of the blueprint system is. Because for a lot of business owners out there that I’m working with and many for you in the future you get to have a look at what the start of it is, because it’s a little bit different than what most people think and it’s going to get you thinking in the way to be able to apply the information that we’re going to be learning in the next session.

So, what is that? Well, okay so we’re talking about quite simply the blueprint system. Now, this is not as complicated as what you might think, and it works extremely well. And the first question that I ask business owners is, what is it that you want to do?

So what do you want to do?

And that’s an interesting question, because what is it that you want? And I’m not sure if it’s a question you’ve been asked before, because for business owners quite often they’ve got into the business because maybe they’re into a hobby or a job or that’s what they thought they were meant to do. Now I’m not suggesting that everyone’s in business for the wrong reasons, but quite often people have been running right from the start, and they’re doing things that maybe don’t light them up.

So what is it for you that you want out of business and what sort of lifestyle and freedom numbers. Now, do you know what that is? And usually with business owners when I ask that question, we did come up to it but these are the most common things come out. And I’m going to share these with you. So normally what people say, not everyone but a lot of people say, Glen I want more leads into my business, I’m actually wanting more leads and more traffic into my business. And that’s what we all want, right. Well, that’s an interesting thing.

Now what else, well less stress. Those business owners let’s face it are under quite a bit of pressure. When I say quite a bit, some are under extreme amount. Now, I know what that’s like because I’ve run big business before and owned and run many businesses myself and been in the trenches with you guys out there, I know what it’s like. It is quite challenging at times. So less stress comes up often.

What else comes up? Well, they want something that’s easier to run. Because quite often the business has taken control of them and they’re not actually in control of the business. It’s clunky, it’s difficult, and it’s time-consuming, and it really is wearing business owners down. So these are the three main things. So, they want more leads, less stress and they want an easier system, an easier way through.

Now, hands up how many people can relate to this? Because I know for a lot of business owners it’s simply the case. Now what I found out is that we need to ask why a few times, to work out what this all really means. And when I ask why enough times, and you think about it, what is it that we want from the leads? Well, we certainly don’t want to be doing more work and have more leads coming into our business for no money. I can assure you for a lot of business owners, they are driving the traffic in and spending hard earned cash doing it, have the work comes out at the bottom is sometimes less than what they started. So they’re actually working harder for less. And that’s not making the business easier and certainly not the stress level. So, that’s not what they want.

What I find that wanting more leads actually equates to, is simply more money. Now, we all want more money in our business right. It’s kind of a no brainer. That’s why we got into the business in the first place because we wanted the freedom to have no one standing in the way of us earning what we want. That’s why we’re entrepreneurs and business people. However, for a lot of business people, this simply isn’t happening. No, anywhere near at the level it should be. So that’s not a lot of fun.

Now, what is it when it comes to less stress? Well, I just hit the nail on the head a minute ago, and that’s fun. Because how many people out there have had a massive laugh in their business lately and have fun every day and really enjoy what they’re doing. Because I can assure you for a lot of business owners, business is not always a lot of fun and could be downright a nightmare, day in, day out.

Now, what is having an easier business mean? Well, for most people this simply boils down to more time. Because at the end of the day some people in business are making good money and maybe having a reasonable time at it or a lot of fun, but they’ve got no time to enjoy it. Now, what’s the point of having the money, if you don’t have the time to enjoy it? This is really what it boils down to, from here these are the most critical things. Because in your business if you can have more money and more fun and more time, well I figure that’s why we all got into the business in the first place, and we have all these dreams and aspirations of having exactly that.

So, if this is you and you’re not getting the money out of your business that you want. You’re certainly not having fun, and you really don’t have the time to enjoy yourself. You might have a lack of all three. Well, this is where the business blueprinting system comes in, and where it’s so helpful. Because quite simply to earn more money we need to market the business effectively. To make sure that we get those leads in. However, the leads are important but not at the cost of the other sectors. Now when it comes to fun, what I find is it’s really a case of mindset. How we think every day and the way we go about doing business has a large effect on the fun and how we see fun. And mindset is very, very important.

Now, what about time? Well, this is where the innovation part comes in. So these are three very simple systems that we can work on to make a massive difference in your business. If we’re marketing correctly and we’ve got the right mindset and we’re coupling that up with the right innovation, the right maths in your business so that when we are driving that all-important traffic in the right message to market match, the right quality traffic in the right niche, we’re able to make more money, and we’re able to create more time and we really able to make get your mindset in the right fashion. So very simple to do, and this is the start of the blueprint system. Now once we work out what it is that you want and why you want that so bad and it’s going to be different for everyone, we simply can apply the marketing, the mindset, and the innovation. These are the three pillars of the ultimate blueprint system, that is going to make the big difference for you.

So stay tuned, now you understand the bit bigger picture, we’re going to break them down even further and when I’m talking about different areas, you’re going to know whether they actually fit into the marketing or the mindset or the innovation. I’m going to make that aware for you so that you know how to fill it all in. So you can actually start mapping your own blueprint, fill that in and start moving your business forward.

This has been fantastic sharing with you and can’t wait to catch up in the next blueprinting session, where as I mentioned before, we’re going to start to go even deeper on this and break down the marketing, the mindset, and the innovation to make the big difference in your business.

It’s been great sharing, looking forward to catching up soon.

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