How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #6

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Hi, it’s Glen Michaelides. And welcome to another edition of white board workshop. You might remember in the last workshop, that we talked about inoculating against objections and how you can tick the logical boxes in your client’s mind to make sure that they’re going to buy what you’ve got to offer.

Okay, so in this video we’re going to talk about and show you the system. So I want to show you on blue print out the actual system from start to finish, so you can have a look at how it actually looks and get a big picture in your mind. So where does it all start? Well, [if it would have] start here, it starts with our ad. Now that AdWord can be on social media, it could be on Facebook, it could be on YouTube, it could be on your website, it can be in the form of a direct mail. But if we talk about it from an online system, well we need a good quality ad. We need something that really captures your client’s attention. So it has got bright and colorful and bold, so that it really appeals to what they want.

Now from there what we can do, is quite often offer up two different ways. Now, we can offer up—when they click on the ad, a sales letter, so that your sales letter is actually offering up how to again, solve your client’s problem, and how that you can do it better than anyone else and how you can stack the value in your client’s favor, so it makes it compelling for them to want to buy.

Or you could do a video. So sales letter or a video, they both work really well. Now video tends to work a little bit better and if you can craft a good quality video, people love watching videos. Now some people who are interested in your product or service will read the sales letter and they also work well too. So don’t rule any of them out.

Now both of these have a call to action, because at the end of the day we’re trying to get your client to go into a logical or your prospective client to go into a logical direction. Now the call to action is a link that they need to click once they’ve watched the video or looked at the sales letter to take them to the next logical conclusion.

Now obviously your ad needs to be spot on, your sales letter needs to be really compelling and offer up all the things that your client’s going to want and the same with the video, because if it’s not, they simply won’t take action here, they won’t read your sales letter or they won’t watch your video. So this is where you need to craft a very good quality sales letter or video and what I’m saying here, it doesn’t have to be professionally shot, certainly not what I do in the sense of having to do a professional set up, however it’s got to be impactful and have very good quality information.

Now from here, once [that] client has ticked the box, because you’ve offered up these great things, well then we take them to a landing page. Now the landing page is where we get the data, their details. Now I mentioned to you before and I’m going to keep mentioning it all throughout this whole series, this thing here, the data, is the most important part of your business, because as I mentioned not all of your clients are ready to buy straight away. And if you don’t keep in touch and nurture them, well they’re going to forget about you. This is the most important thing, okay. If you remember that, it’s going to go long way and spending time building your database in your business is probably the most effective thing that you can actually do.

So what happens from there and we’ve captured from the landing page, we’ve captured their data, well then that goes into the CRM, that we’ve spoken about many times.

Okay, so this is how it actually works and how it starts to go into the system. Because once it’s gone into CRM, your CRM system will simply be able to send them what they ask for. So what they signed up for right back here, is what the CRM is going to send it. Now we mentioned this before with the CRM, this is a message to market match. So what they ask for here is exactly what they want. We’re offering up exactly what they want. We’re solving their problem and we’re helping them get to their promise land and where they want to go. So this is one of the most important things.

Because from here, what happens from here, well if your client buys, because you’ve sent them what they want, they love you, they’ve fallen in love with you, they know they can trust and they’re happy with everything and they buy, that’s fantastic.

Now what else could they potentially buy? Because clients that has bought once off you, and they’re happy with you, you’ve overcome objections, you’ve done all the great things and you got them to buy, well what happens next? Well, they needed to be market to in a particular way. So that message to market match is going to be a little bit different, because they’ve already bought that product that you’re selling.

What else can you help them out with? You’ve already done a great job helping them once. What else can you continually help them out with, so that they continually buy? This is one of the keys to success here, I’m really giving you a secret [source].

Now if they don’t buy, why didn’t they buy? Now there is only a reason why people don’t buy as I mentioned. They’re not going through this whole system here and get to this point here. And it could be a thousand different reasons why they don’t buy. Now don’t get upset it doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t like you or doesn’t want it, it may mean they’re not ready yet. They’re just not ready to buy, they’re interested in what you have to say but they’re not quite ready or maybe the value isn’t stacked enough or maybe you didn’t inoculate yourself against objections well enough. Why didn’t they buy? You need to take the time to find out. And you can do that quite easily by surveying your clients, because this client here needs a different quality information. We might need to increase the value, we might need to take the objections off the table, we might need to do is just keep offering up support continually, until they’re ready. Because at the end of the day, if we keep nurturing that client and doing the right thing, we can keep helping them out, we can keep getting them to where they want to go, we can keep sending them very good quality content and what I’ve found is, eventually they’ll buy. Because they’re going to know you, they’re going to like you, they’re going to fall in love with you and they’re going to really trust in what you’ve got to say, because you’ve always been there for them, you’ve always helped them out and you’ve always been the one to show them how to solve their problem.

So here is a basic setup of a blue print, on how your business can layout and how you can take your client through a logical direction to get them to their promise land and help your business out by making all critical sales.

Well, it’s been fantastic sharing this blue printing session. I look forward to catching up soon. Any more information that you’d like to know on blue printing or help with your business, get on the phone, give us a call or get on the website. There’s plenty of great resources. I look forward to catching up soon and I hope that our path do cross again very soon.


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