How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #5

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Hi it’s Glen from the Titans Academy. And welcome to another White Board blueprinting session. Now if you might remember on the last video we covered off on the value agenda, and all of the very good quality things that you can do to help your potential clients out. Things like landing pages, free reports, blogs and video and giving away some really good quality content and tools that they can use in their business and help solve whatever problem they’ve got right away. Now that’s going to endear to them.

Now let’s just do a quick recap to put you back in the picture. Now you might remember that we drove the all important leads into our funnel and from there we actually filled up our CRM system. Now we capped off on talking about the value agenda and making sure that the message to market match was the exact match to what our clients were looking for and we were giving away a lot of free stuff. Now importantly, the message to market match is one of the most important things making sure that you know your audience. And in this stage here we needed to find out what their fears, their frustrations, their wants, and desires are, what they want and certainly what they don’t want. Because there is no use to advertising high-quality race cars to someone that’s maybe a family man who really needs a station wagon because he’s got five kids. Now it’s about getting that message perfectly crafted and putting it right in front of your clients.

Now, what else can we do? Well, very interesting. Once we’ve done that, and we’ve established rapport, because we’ve given across so much good quality information time after time, in the form of videos and blogs and free reports and all the good stuff, that’s helping us getting the rapport. Because, what do we need to do? Well first of all, right up here we got their attention and that’s one of the most important things, because if you can’t get the attention of your ideal client, well nothing is going to happen. Then we need to establish rapport. We needed to get it so that they knew, liked and trust us and certainly trusted that we had the goods and the right information to take them to the promise land and where it is that they wanted to go.

Now, once we’ve done that, what do we need to do next? Well, this is an interesting question, because for a lot of business owners this is where it can stop dead. Where they’ve done so much good quality information, drawn the leads in, reported, given all the good quality content away and it has gone no further. Why? Your ideal client might know like and trust you but in their mind, there is a reason why they’re not buying, and it’s about ticking that boxes. And what we’re talking about today is now inoculating yourself against rejections.

And how do we do that? Well, as I say when we were in this stage here, finding out about what your ideal client wanted, so that we can diversify our CRM system, well at that stage they would have also told you they didn’t want, and what’s happened to them in the past. And this is really important, because for clients in previous businesses that I’ve owned, what did they want? Well, they wanted some peace of mind, they wanted a 100% money back guarantee to ensure that if there was a problem with the part or the product, that they could do that. And when we surveyed our list this is the number one thing. Now, who had here bought a product or a service and it hasn’t been what you thought it was going to be. In fact what it said on the package was simply not what it was. Now if you could be backed up with the peace of mind of a 100% guarantee, well that could help inoculate your clients against rejections.

Now, what else could you do? Well, in some businesses it was about money, they wanted the product, they simply didn’t have the money. So could you offer up finance? And for a lot of business owners, simply offering up different payment terms to their clients, especially if they’re selling high ticket items, is a number one way of really getting them over the line.

Now, what about warranty? And especially for people who’re watching this video, that sells products. Now warranty, because who out there has bought a product, and it could be anything from a TV to a washing machine to even had a service done and something didn’t go well with it and it failed. And then you had to jump through hoops and over boxes and make a thousand phone calls, just to try and get what you needed to get back. You know, it was a legitimate warranty claim. Who’s had that problem? Now I tell you what, really frustrating and clients don’t like that either.

What could you do to stack the value? This is what we call stack the value, now this is very important. Because everyone has a tipping point, a tipping point in which they’re going to take action. Think about you. When you go to buy something, well you might hum and haw about but if they threw in one of these or added one of those or gave you that peace of mind, did they get you across the line? Now we quite often forget about this in our own business, what could you do to give a very strong sense that you’re there to support them if there is a problem. How could you make it easier for them to buy? How could you make sure that they’ve got peace of mind, if there is a problem that they’ve got some recourse, they could come back. How can you stack the value in the client’s favor and I’m not saying just keep giving stuff away here, I’m saying you need to make sure the math’s are right your business. We’re going to go through this in a little bit more detail. But stacking the value to help your client here will make a big difference.

Now, what else could you do? Well, I’ve brought this up before and that’s testimonials. Testimonials can be one of the strongest ways to overcome objections for your clients, because if someone else is already done the right thing and had a great quality service by you, and can vouch for your service, well that’s going to make a big, big, big difference. And I’ll tell you what, testimonials now because who goes to a restaurant and has a look at the reviews and the testimonials and if it’s bad, there is a good chance they’re not going to go to the restaurant. These days it means everything. So gathering those testimonials and doing the right thing by your clients is certainly number one.

Now, this all makes such a big, big difference. I want you to think about once you’ve done all this work here, taking objections off the tables so that in your client’s mind they’re ticking each box and knowing that you’re the right fit and everything is going to be perfect.

Now from here once you’ve done all of that, well then you can close. Close the sale. You’d be surprised the amount of business owners that simply don’t ask for the sale. If you’re a high-quality business, you’ve given away high-quality content, you’ve taken objections off the table, you’re going to do the right thing by your client, they know like and trust you, well you’re obligated to make sure that a competitor doesn’t get hold of that client and do the wrong thing by them. So asking for the close and actually closing the sale and getting the client on board can be one of the most important things obviously for you and for the client as well. Because we’re setting up a win, win structure here and that’s really what business is all about. It’s going to be good for the business and it’s going to be good for the client. Otherwise, it’s really a no deal.

So, it’s been fantastic sharing this whiteboard session. Stay tuned as in the following sessions we start breaking down how we got the leads into the system there and some unique ways that you can start filling your funnel up again and really getting to the end point.

I look forward to catching up soon and seeing you on the next session.

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