How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #4

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Hi it’s Glen Michaelides from The Titans Academy. Welcome to another edition of this white board workshop number 4.

Now you might remember on the last white board workshop we talked about filling your funnel and how important it was to actually bring high quality leads into your funnel and start filling that machine up, so you can convert them over.

Now you might also remember is, once they go into the funnel, then we’re driving them into what we call our CRM. And again, that’s the Client Relationship Management system and if you heard me talk about this quite a bit. And the reason why I’m bringing it up so many times, is because this is one of the most powerful parts of your business. And the database is where all the value is in your business. And why is that? Well, quite interestingly your clients might not be ready to buy straight away. I’m going to explain this a little bit further.

But you might remember when we drove the leads into your funnel, they came from different areas and different sources. And they’re people with different problems that need solving and they’re people with different questions. And so one of the most important things that we need to do and consider, when we have a CRM, is not packaging all of the clients up into one box, because we’re all unique and we’re all different and we all want something slightly different.

Now there is going to be groups of people that are going to want the same thing, however diversifying and you might have seen me actually do this before our database, so that again we’re giving the correct message to market match. So we generated the leads into our CRM and then with those leads, they’ve come from a particular call to action. Now what is the problem, that you’re trying to solve for that client and ensuring the way we communicate to that client each one of these times is done in a correct manner with the exact information they want. Now it’s not about spamming them and just delivering content for the sake of content. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make and I’ve certainly made that in the past by thinking that everyone wants the same thing, it’s actually not. One of the biggest secrets to your CRM, getting a good quality CRM and diversifying your CRM is super important, because it’s all about giving them the right message.

Now what else can we do here? Well, it’s what I call the value agenda. Because all your clients that have come in to here, well some of them are going to be ready to buy off of you straight away and that’s fantastic and when offer up your products and services, if they want to buy that’s great. And others aren’t going to be ready to buy yet, but they want to develop a relationship with you. It’s going to take some time.

So what could you do? Well first up, it’s quite simple, what could you give away for these clients to help them get to where they’re going. Now again we’re talking about being specific here with the message to market match. Now you could give a free report and that’s going to be specifically designed for the client, that has taken action and signed up on the particular set up. So whatever they have come in on your funnel whatever the problem or whatever piece of marketing has actually drawn them into your funnel is how they need to be communicated to, with a free report. And the free report will be different for each demographic, depending on who is in your market.

What else can you do? Now we mentioned this before, we need to do a blog. And blogs can be again specific to your clients. What else could we do? Well, quite simply we could do a video. And again we can communicate to all different parts of that demographic with a video that’s specific to what their needs are. And when it comes down to business, there is many parts of business and that’s why in this series we’re going through so many different concepts, because there is a lot that you need to take on board.

What else could we do? Well, we could write a book. And a book could be a hard copy book or it could be an e-book. Now people love to get hold of good quality content. I’m talking about giving that away or having it extremely cheap.

Now what else can we do to nurture our clients? Well, we could do a webinar. Now webinars are fantastic way to deliver a longer amount of information and help your client out with a lot of value. So for a lot of people out there, webinar is super popular and it’s becoming very, very popular worldwide.

Now what could we do from there? Once we’ve actually helped them out, they know they can trust us and they want to consume more of our material, well what could we start offering up, because I want you to consider giving away at least four high quality pieces of content and value adding before you have got the right to actually ask for a sale. I know that might sound strange but doing this is going to indoctrinate your client and help them on their way and get them to the next logical destination.

Now, what else could you do? Well, you could do an online program, where they can actually purchase an online program at a great price. That actually again helps them with whatever problem they’re trying to solve, because again you’ve been very specific in actually finding out what they want and targeting your message to that exactly.

Now, what else can they do from there? Well, like in my business here, you could offer up a free business blue print. And that’s exactly what I do for my clients out there, offer them up a free blue print. Well, I actually go in and go in deep in their business and map it all out for them so they got the big picture on how it works. Now I do that for free. What could you offer up for free in your business and help your clients?

Then what could you do? Once they’ve consumed all that material, there is a good chance they’re either going to say, well look this isn’t for me and I don’t want to see anymore or this is exactly what I want they know they can trust you, you’ve demonstrated your power and ability to be able to help them and now it’s a case of what are your programs now.

And so for me, it’s two different programs. You could offer up a 16 week program, where you work one on one and help people out or you could offer up a full custom mentoring, where you go right in. Now it’s going to be different for every business but I’m giving you some ideas of what we do in our business here and what works extremely well.

So again, let’s recap. We’ve driven all important high quality leads from a range of different places from that funnel into our CRM. We’ve segmented our CRM to the exact clients and we’ve been very specific on the message that we’re offering up and we’re talking to them in the language that they want to hear. So, they’re getting all the important information that they want, number one. Number two, they don’t feel like they’re being spammed. And number three they’re actually enjoying the content, and it’s really important and then we’re offering up a range of features and benefits, that we’re giving away up front before we got the right to ask for the sale.

So, look it’s been fantastic sharing with you. I hope you got a lot out of this white board session. Again, next session we’re going to go even deeper and start breaking everything down to the next level again.

So, it’s been fantastic, look forward to catching up with you on the next session and sharing some more high quality information.

We’ll see you soon.

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