How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #3

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Hi, it’s Glen Michaelides from the Titans Academy. And welcome to part three of this White Board workshop series.

Now you might remember in the last video, we talked about the message to market match and ensuring that you’re giving your ideal clients exactly what they wanted and putting that in front of them. Now today we’re going to talk about filling your funnel and making sure we get that all important leads into your business, so you can start funneling it through. So let’s have a look at that now.

Now, if we would have used this as a funnel into our business, it’s made up of two different components, because we got an offline component and we’ve got an online component. So, how is it that we can build leads up into that funnel to start filling that machine up to be able to convert them over?

Well, there are many things we can do. Now, as far as the offline goes, we can do what we call a trade show. Now trade shows are an awesome way to get in front of your ideal clients and really put your ear to the ground and get a feel for what your market want, and a great [way to run] competitions.

Now we can do joint ventures. Now this can be one of the most powerful leveraging ways that you can really build your business. Who out there already has your ideal target market and that, is happy to share with you and get leverage for both parties. JVs are very good.

Now what else can we do? We can do, direct mail. Okay. Now a lot of people think direct mail is kind of a thing of the past and archaic. It’s actually not the case. Because if you think about the last time you sat down and crafted a hand-written letter to your ideal client, was probably literally been years and years. I tell you what, I’m getting some good cut [for you] in a moment and it works really well. Now there are some secrets to doing that, and I’ll share that in later subsequent videos.

Now what else can you do? Well, you could do VIP clubs. Now having a VIP club is an awesome way to look after your clients and its awesome way to fill your funnel, because it allows you to keep in touch with them, it allows you to offer different benefits and allows you to get that all important data.

Now, how else can we do that? Well along with the VIP club, we can do a loyalty rewards system. And a lot of people are using this now this is one of the most healthiest ways to build your data base. Now we all like to get rewarded and how good is it when someone takes the time out to remember your birthday or give you a discount or send you something that’s really compelling and fits exactly what you want.

Now what else can we do? Well, we can do workshops. Invite your ideal clients into a workshop. You can do a lunch and learn, you can do a discovery day, you can do all different types from up to a two day seminar. Now these things are very, very good and certainly goes a long way to be able to really get your message into your clients and certainly fill them up with good quality information to help them with what they want. So that’s some areas there in the offline, now what about online?

Now online can be very powerful and certainly is a way to really leverage your business. Now obviously, one of the most important ones is your website. Now you’d be surprised the amount of business owners out there that have websites that simply don’t convert, they’re not driving traffic into the funnel. They might be a good little show piece but they’re not really doing anything. Now there are some critical points to websites and again we’re going to break that down and go through it further.

What else can we do? Well, we can do blogs. Now blogs are really common. A lot of people love a good quality blog and you can simply attach a video to the blog have calls to action and links back and really start filling your funnel with blogs. Now blogs work really, really well.

Now of course what else can we do? Well, Facebook, in the form of posts and advertising. Getting your audience response up and getting your likes up on your page is certainly a very, very good way to starting filling your database by putting call to action and having unique posts and good quality information on Facebook.

Now along with Facebook, of course we’ve got YouTube. Again, another way to really make a big, big, big difference in filling your funnel. So, lots of online setups.

Now what else have we got? Well, we’ve got different things like LinkedIn. And LinkedIn is actually quite powerful at actually filling your funnel, is becoming more and more prevalent amongst business owners communicating and sharing good quality information. Now, again we’re going to go through this further.

Now what else have we got? Well, we’ve got Twitter and we’ve also got things like Snap Chat. Now Snap Chat for some of the younger crew, they certainly know what that is and they’re using it and it’s gaining a lot of popularity and people out there are filling their whole business entirely just with Snap Chat.

So, don’t write any of these ones systems off, just because you may not know about it. We’re going to go through them in a lot more detail so you’re going to learn a lot more about how they work and what’s going to be the best fit for your business.

So, today we’ve looked at filling up funnel. Why is it so important, because that’s the first port of call? Now from here, this is going to go into what we mentioned in previous videos about CRM. And that’s Client Relationship Management system.

Now I’m going to go through that in a bit more detail, so stay tuned for its videos. It’s been fantastic sharing. These are some great ways to start building your funnel out and driving those all important leads into your business and start converting them over.

I look forward to catching up with you in the next video, all the best.

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