How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #2

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Hi, it’s Glen from the Titans Academy. Now you might remember in the last video. We took a look at thirty-thousand-foot view. the On how you can get a stream of clients making a steady pathway to your door. Now we’re going to start breaking that down as promised but I just wanted to bring this up because if you’re a business owner and everything is going fantastically well. You’ve got a good quality business. It’s really earning you the money that you want. And certainly giving you the lifestyle you’re after this video series is probably not for you.

However, if you’re a business owner and you’re struggling to get started and see the way through all of the malaise on a day to days, to get some momentum or this video series is definitely for you. And if you’re a business owner that’s got a good quality business but want to take it to the next level and are getting bogged down by all the day to days. Well, this video series is absolutely for you because we’re going to start looking at the what? The why? The how? And who? And before we can start looking at the clients; I want to ask you this question.

If you could wave a magic wand and wish for anything that you’d want when it comes to your lifestyle and business what would that be? Now it’s an important question to ask because quite often we need to make sure that we’re really heading towards the right direction because in business if we’re doing the things that we love and we’re passionate about, its certainly it’s going to come across to our clients. So this is an important question.

Now, if you do know what that is? And you’ve waved your magic wand, you’ve come up with your answer. Do you have a big enough why? Because it’s the why that’s going to give you that forward momentum to be able to help your clients when things get tough and continue that business on to take you and your business to the next level. Now, it’s about getting from your current position to your ultimate lifestyle and the turbocharger that you have inside you is the big why. And I’m going to show you how a fire that turbocharged up to propel you to what you want because most business owners simply never embark on searching for that next level and that’s okay because many just stop and they wind down with all the day to day malaise I’ve mentioned.

And I understand if you feel like that and on the merry go round; spinning too fast to get off and certainly to try anything different. Now I understand that and that’s why we’re going to make this really easy because I want you to think that every day is a step in the right direction rather than trying a quantum leap and making a massive difference. Which we can do by the way. But that concern we set up unrealistic expectations. So, if we can think about every day we’re chipping away at being better and better.

And I tell you what this is been one of the secret weapons to ensuring that I’ve succeeded in business. Doing the small things consistently better on better every single day, consistently improving. So how do we do that? Well, it’s all about finding the most efficient way to get the result with a minimal amount of effort.

Now, let me help you get clearer on this. I’m going to show you, okay, just like with your clients the same applies to you. So we talked about the current position. So I want you to think about your current position. Where are you in business at the moment? And where you want to go? Now I call that your ultimate lifestyle because it’s not just about your business. It’s about all facets because we want to make sure that we can bridge that gap and get you there. And how do we do that? Well, it’s simply a range of milestones and I’m going to be sharing with you. A range of milestones in this video sequence to help take you from your current position to your ultimate lifestyle. ‘

Now you might remember earlier in this video I asked you what is it that you want and if you could wave your magic wand what would that be? Now that’s an important question that you really need to answer because if you don’t know where the ultimate last goal is. The interesting thing is the target. How do we aim for the bull’s eye of the target? If we don’t know where it is? So this is an important question. Now once you know the question I want to ask you then is why? And as I mentioned earlier it’s the why that’s going to give you the forward momentum and the why is kind of like a turbocharger system.

Now, I think most people know what a turbocharger is. Here is pretty average for a year or two ago charger. But what that is? What I call free power because a turbocharger is driven by a vehicle of the Waist exhaust gas.

Now, how is it that we can give you a boost. So we’re actually pushing you to watch your ultimate lifestyle. In for a pair. Well, it’s important to really think about because all you think about not just your business but all areas of your life. Because going forward momentum we need to get a little bit more balance because if you’ve ever tried to drive a car with a flat tire it’s not a lot of fun and trying to get Speed. Well, it certainly doesn’t happen in fact the more you put your foot down on the gas the shaker and more unbalanced and slower you go and usually break something because it’s broken down into a number of categories.

Now as mentioned it’s not just about your business your revenue and your business is certainly one big part of it because we’re in the business right to earn good money. That’s why we got there. However not at the expense of your lifestyle. Now to answer this question I know that this can be interesting for a lot of business owners and I ask it all the time here. Is having fun in business. Because I know for a lot of people the fun is certainly going out of the business.

And what about relationships. Now, are you finding that you spending so much time at the office trying to make money and trying to make ends meet? You forgot about what’s really important. I can tell you what I learned that very valuable lesson certainly early on.

And that’s why I’m bringing this to your attention because I want to help you move forward at a rapid rate of knots because there’s more to the lifestyle and there’s more to the wheel. And it’s we filling that wheel so that we can get the balance because really if that wheel is to work all jagged like this and wasn’t filled properly we’re not going to be able to that forward momentum to get you to your ultimate lifestyle. Now as mentioned your “why” is very important. So when thinking about your ultimate lifestyle and I want you to do that after this video.

Then I want you to think about in the way that you thought about it before because when a lot of people sit down and actually think about how to improve or how to get to the next level. Quite often that they’re actually remembering and not thinking and then remembering about things that have gone wrong in the past and past failures and get very critical. What I’m thinking and what I’m asking you to think about is your ultimate your lifestyle, your 10 x y result. What was that for you? When thinking about what you want? When you start thinking in a 10 x y.

Now, what would that look like? Because thinking in a 10 x y is going to start to give us the forward momentum that we want. And when I say 10X what would you want your ultimate lifestyle to look like. What about your relationship? What about you’re fun? What about your time off? What about holidays and leisure? And not just the business revenue but taking all that into account.

Because on the next sequence of videos I’m going to be including information about this and all the important fact is to drive revenue to your business. So that we’re looking at the whole picture. Now, again I want you to think about 10x.

Let’s not remember the things that happened in the past. I want you to bring the lessons from the past into the future and leave the rest behind so that we can think ultimate will hostile and start 10 x. Well, it’s been fantastic sharing this video with you today.

Stay tuned and look forward as we start getting into the meat of this and really breaking it down. To get you the momentum for your ultimate business. Hope for the catching up soon.

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