How To Grow Your Business Step By Step #1

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Hi everybody and welcome to this whiteboard workshop well this is going

to be fantastic for several reasons. First of all, I’m going to share with you the exact same strategies that I’ve used to create 14 million dollar businesses for myself and this is the same strategies that people pay me literally thousands of dollars to do in their business every day.

Now people say Glen how can increase revenue in my business and of course that’s what everyone wants right? But we need to do it in a predictable way that’s consistent, and I’ve developed a system to make all of that happen for you now it doesn’t really matter what type of business the system is going to work extremely well for you.

I’m going to break that down now. Secondly, I’m going to diagram out the 30,000-foot view in this video and in subsequent videos on step by step on how you can actually do that.

Now wouldn’t it be fantastic if you’d model these exact strategies and get big leverage in your business, well you’re going to be able to do that for yourself?

Because I’m going to be uncovering so new groundbreaking marketing strategies that will simply take your competitors off the table and have a steady stream of clients coming through your door.

Now no one wants to be treated as generic and not the same as everyone else because aspects of business are the same however we’re talking about a customised blueprint for you and certainly for your clients here.

But before you can interact with them they’ve got to really want and be interested in what you’re saying so how do we get it so that they’re beating a path to your door and want to hear see and feel that you’re the right fit.

I’m going to show you how to do that ok so let’s go through the strategy and as I mentioned this is the 30,000-foot view give you a bit of a full picture of thought you need to do then in breaking it down so first of all it’s becoming the industry expert trusted advisor. I’m going to abbreviate that down now what does that mean well basically it means that people are going to trust who you are it means that you’re the

expert of your industry and they’re coming to you for high-quality information and not sales So, it’s not about selling to them it’s about giving them the best up front now i know for a lot of business people they’re worried about giving their IP away.

I’m telling you to actually give your best away up front because this is going to help you endear to your clients It’s been one of the secrets that I’ve used. Now secondly this is where they are here so if we call this their current position now these are your clients because it’s about answering the most logical question that’s going on in your client’s mind.

Because if you can simply find out what they want and give it to them well there’s the key success right there. Because over here is their ultimate lifestyle now this is where they want to go whatever problem that you’re trying to solve for your client if you find out

what it is in enough detail well you’re going to be able to help them get there. Now giving away high-quality content along the way is going to help them get there because if we draw a line between their current position to the ultimate

Lifestyle. Well you need to chunk that down because the information is too much and if you’re giving away high-quality content week after week with the right tools tips and psychology to help your client get to their promised land, their ultimate lifestyle.

Well that’s going to endear you to them, and I’ll tell you what it is one of the biggest secret weapons that I’ve used in order to get clients beating a pathway to my door and certainly taking my competitors off the table regardless to who they are even big corporations you can do that.

Now making sure that you break it down step by step by step by step and showing them how they can get to where they want to go.

So, what are the system is involved in this, well as I mention we’re going to break these down but first of all in order to be able to nurture your clients you need to have what I call a CRM or what it’s commonly known as it is a CRM which stands for client relationship management system.

Now, this is a pretty simple system and allows you to automate because it’s about having semi-humanized and fully automatic parts to your business that are working for you while you’re asleep. Because it had never had a relationship with someone it could be a

friend or a family member and you simply didn’t phone them, or you stop sending them emails, and you didn’t make it over there to see them for their birthday, and maybe you just drifted apart. and thought to yourself for what happened there well it’s the same about your clients if you’re not touching base with them all the time each week well you’re not building rapport, you’re not top of mind and so when it comes time to them wanting something well not going to be the obvious choice. Because this can happen quite often and it’s a lesson that I learned certainly

early on in business where you could do an extremely good job for a client their wrapped they’re happy, and I know there’s are you watching this video right now that has certainly done that and they’ve been overwhelmed and happy.


Then what happens is you think that’s fantastic and you assume maybe they’re just going to keep coming back but time goes by, and they need something else now if you haven’t been touching base with them and staying in touch with them on those regular occasions just like your best friend or a family member who you love and support and nurture.

Well there’s a good chance if they happen to be bombarded by a piece of marketing or drive past a particular establishment that has what

they want at that time was it good chance they’re going to go in and what might happen is they may buy from that person. Why because even though you’re going to grow job there well they simply. forgot about you and I know it sounds strange your kind of expecting it and

when this happened to me, I got all upset because down here they came back because this person mucked the job up and didn’t do a good job at all, so they’ve come back to Glen right down here and said, Glenn, ou need to help me out.

I went to these people, and I really didn’t do a good job for me so interestingly enough I got quite upset and thinking well what he has come to me I would have made sure it was okay but then when I thought about it I thought well what did I

not do that person. Well I didn’t nurture them I didn’t support them I didn’t get in touch with him and I didn’t give away good quality information so that we’re now ready to buy again I was the obvious choice and they completely bypass this person from there I learn a very valuable lesson to ensure that I stayed in touch with this client the whole way Through.

And if you’re staying in touch with that client when it comes time to them being to buy again you’ll simply take your clients off the table, and it is that simple Now there’s many ways to do this, and I’m going to show you a few different ways now what we call it and it is really important to understand

this as I call it a direct performance multiplier our message isn’t just one single message if the message that we get over the whole of the forum.

So what’s big at the moment and you’ve all heard this is video now video is one of the most widely watch things that anyone does and YouTube is one of the most common or the most common TV station in the world at around about 1.4 billion users every day spending A countless number of hours watching the videos.

So this is a way that you can stay in touch through your CRM to your clients and how else could you do that well another good one is Facebook how out there is on

Facebook every single day and who sees these videos. Now being able to do this and doing what I call the direct performance multipliers we are able to put one message over a range of different forums so we’re on YouTube right and we’re able to put that on Facebook now we can also put this on our website as well in the form of a blog.

Now it’s quite easy to do to simply transcribe your good quality information and put that down on paper now there’s people out there that will do this for around about seven dollars depending on the size of your video and transcribe that out.

So now from one piece of content you’re on YouTube you’re on Facebook you’re on your website and you’re communicating to your list individually now I’m talking about making sure that your list is diversified because not every one of your clients wants exactly the same things.

And within the CRM it’s about diversifying so that your client individual needs are taken into account, and you’re not talking about one message that speaks all.

So today, of course, we’re talking about being your industry expert trusted advisor we’re talking about making sure that you communicate to your list so that they bypass your competitor and we’re talking about what I call direct performance multipliers now how do we get one piece of media to get you massive leverage.

Now there’s a lot more than this, and I’m going to start going through these in subsequent videos, so I want you to stay tuned, and we’re going to start breaking these down step by step, so you’re going to get a much better idea on how all of this works.

So, it’s been great sharing with you, and I hope to catch up soon and share a lot more interesting tips on how you can become your industry expert and trusted advisor and importantly having that uniqueness about you and driving clients

right to your door.



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