Finding Your X Factor

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Finding the One Or two things that would keep you motivated and captivated for the rest of your life.

Hi, it’s Glen Michaelides and welcome to another edition of this whiteboard blueprinting session. Now today we’re talking about your x factor or your genius.

Now these are words that you hear get coined around quite often. And what is it they mean? Well, there’s two parts to it. One part is, what’s your business’s x factor and what does that do really well? And the other part is, what’s your personal x factor? Now let me ask you this question. What’s the one thing that will keep you inspired and motivated and intrigued for the rest of your life? And this is really important because when I survey business owners, 80% of them put their hand up and say they’re not happy with what they’re doing right now. And that’s quite interesting, because why is that?

Well quite often during the day and night for that matter, we find ourselves working [?] on tasks and we really don’t know it. And not only that, we’re actually not good at it. And what that does is, slow down your momentum. Because if you imagine a race car driver, now the top race car drivers in the world are concentrating on being the best in class at driving the race car. They’re not worried about changing the tires or rebuilding the engine or transporting the car from the race meet to race meet. I want you to think about you in your business. What are the things that you’re doing right now that you really need to stop doing and who could you find to team up with. Now if you’re a team of one, who could you partner up with to help get leverage in your business?

Because I know for me when I was starting out in business some twenty years ago, I was the same. Trying to do everything myself. From running all the stationery, to doing the paperwork, to try to do my own books, to selling gear, to everything in between, cleaning the shop, cleaning the toilets, vacuuming the carpet. Now, what I thought I was doing is saving money, and actually doing the right thing and trying to learn all these things and be great at it. But really what was happening, I was just wearing myself out into the ground and getting further and further and further behind. Because what I became most proud of as a business owner, the breakthrough I had was, when I actually said no, and learned how to say no. And these are no to the things that I was not good at and I didn’t enjoy doing and certainly didn’t inspire and lighten me up every day of the year and every day of the week for that matter.

So one of the things right now that you need to do, because I know in your business you’re doing things right now that you just need to stop and that you shouldn’t be doing at all. And who could you team up with to really help move you forward, to help you become the best in class at being whatever it is that is your x factor and your genius. Those one or two things that you do in your business super well, imagine having the time to just do that, all the reason to spend a whole lot more time than what you’re doing now.

Now this is one of the secrets to applying good quality information, because as business owners let’s face it, we’ve all got that problem, all that disease almost where we’re getting distracted by that next shiny object. You know that next course or that next seminar or that next book or that next thing on YouTube. You know discipline is one of the most important things and having the breakthrough and disciplining yourself to do the one or two things that you’re best at day in day out and mastering being absolutely perfect at it, well that’s going to keep you in good state.

So if you want to know where to get started, get started on the one or two things that you’re the best at and become even better and find a great quality team to help you along the way and that’s going to give you forward momentum and the propulsion to get to your lifestyle and freedom numbers so much sooner.

Now one of the biggest revelations for me, certainly finding a coach and finding a great team to surround myself with and for me it’s about finding the best of the best to do that, so I can move faster at a quicker rapid rate than not and importantly absolutely enjoy what I do every day, which is fantastic.

So look, it’s been great sharing. Next video we’re going to talk about x factor of your business and why is that so important as well. But we wanted to start with you and make sure that you’re on the right track. So your homework for today is, to go [away] and think of the one or two things that you’re absolutely brilliant at and just work at that each day, every day to become the best of the best.

Look, it’s been fantastic sharing and I can’t wait to catch up with you on the next blue printing session.


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