Fear can present itself in many ways.

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Fear can present itself in many ways.

It could show up as anger.

It could show up as superiority.

It could show up as procrastination.

Consider the areas in your life where there is resistance, and it is often generated by the fear of rejection or mistakes resulting in failure.

It is worth understanding that ” rejection and mistakes are an opportunity for success.”

Think back to past situations in your life or business that unexplainably did not work out as planned.

When that “sure thing” did not work out, something much better happened instead.

Thinking back to those situations, ” You now know it was fortunate it DIDN’T work out!”

You can train your brain how to PERCEIVE events and circumstances.

The quality of your life comes down to the meaning you place on these events.

How the market perceives you and the meaning, it attaches to you and your business comes down to how you position, differentiate and deliver on your promises.

How much you get out of any situation or event has to do with the meaning you attach to it

If you are looking for what you don’t want and what you have missed out on, your brain will focus on that.

If you are looking for the outcomes, you do want to and the opportunities you can develop, your brain will find them.

It is all down to how you perceive and the meaning you attach.

If you can think that things are happening for you and not to you your perception and meaning you attach will be completely different

Think about your business.

Think about your positioning

Think about your life.

Think about EVERYTHING…

How you perceive it and the meaning you place on it matters.

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