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Goal Setting and Planning for the Future

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. ‐Benjamin Mays

Getting Focused and Setting Goals Activates the Law of Attraction

Goal setting mentally and emotionally prepares you to take action on your plans and to become a person who attracts success.

It gives you the focus to passionately achieve your dreams and conquer obstacles that threaten your wealth.

Studies show that people who set goals are more confident, happy, satisfied, have less stress and anxiety and concentrate better.

Setting goals will always help you achieve more in a few years than many people achieve in a lifetime.

Your goals will help you identify opportunities that you might have missed without having a defined purpose.

Goals help you to prioritize your time, energy, and money.

Setting goals, getting organised, and being disciplined is a powerful combination that if used, will attract the wealth and success that you desire.

Writing Your Goals Tattoos, them into Your Subconscious

A survey was taken a few years back that showed that only 3% of people have actually, written down their goals and are currently working towards reaching them.

The survey also revealed that there were another 10% of people who think about their goals often but haven’t written them down.

This survey also confirmed that the first group outperformed the second group anywhere from 10‐1 up to 100‐1!

If you don’t take the time to record your goals, it makes your chances of reaching them dramatically drop.

Writing them down programs your subconscious to make decisions and guide you towards actions that align you with success.

Until you have written your goals down so that they can be reviewed later, your dreams will still hang in limbo as you lose focus and stumble across obstacles that demand your attention.

It may be a good idea to review your written goals daily so that they remain fresh in your mind and give you the energy and motivation to continue pursuing them.

Set Goals for Different Goal Timeframes

You have to set goals that can be reached sooner and later to keep the momentum going and to feed the need for achievement that will propel you into each step towards reaching every goal on your list.

Your short-term goals include everything that you are involved in at the current moment as well as what can be accomplished in the next 12‐18 months.

These goals will be the ones that get your engines going for the future and set a platform for growth.

The more you can accomplish in this time frame, the more important your goals can be later because of the solid foundation you will build.

Your intermediate goals include anything you want to accomplish in 2‐5 years from now, and your long‐term goals are in the 5‐15-year range.

Every day you should do something that progresses you further towards goals in each category.

By looking to the future and prioritizing your time, you will be able to move faster than you ever dreamed and will have to set new goals because you have achieved everything in a shorter time than you planned!

Make a Public Commitment to Accountability

Have you ever decided to lose weight right after dinner and then gave up the goal by breakfast time?

How many goals do you set and keep to yourself and then fail before you ever get started at all?

By not telling anyone else about your goal you have given yourself an opportunity to back out of it because you know that if you tell someone else, they will hold your feet to the fire.

When you set a new goal, write it down and tell the people whom you trust.

You may not be able to tell everyone because your goals just maybe a bit unbelievable to them, and they could discourage you.

But you know the people who you can confide in and who will support you and encourage you to pursue your dreams and make them a reality.

Don’t make the mistake of not networking with other like-minded business people and sharing your journey together.

You should also maximize your opportunities in a coaching program because having an experienced mentor to help can explode your opportunities for success.

Make a 24-Hour Plan to Build Momentum. Don’t wait to get started on your goals!

Make a 24-hour plan of things you can do to get started right now.

This will build momentum and encourage you to keep moving.

Start with anything that can be completed in a day and just see how far you can get with pure, focused energy.

If you get off track stop yourself and re-focus on your outcome.

Practice, practice, practice and you will train your mind to concentrate longer on the most important actions to produce the results faster and with more quality.

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Glen Michaelides

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