Chasing Happiness Is Dangerous

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Chasing Happiness Is Dangerous

Here is the problem it’s not that being happy is a bad thing, on the contrary, we all want and have the right to be happy in our business, and lives.

More chasing the illusion of happiness is dangerous because it’s often confused with pleasure.

Again, I’m not saying pleasure is a bad thing.

In the right format its good to reward ourselves with nice things and experiences.

The problem with pleasure is it’s short-lived, what I call a “cotton candy fix” it feels good in the moment but wears off very quickly.

So, we go hunting for more of it until it becomes an endless chase to fill a void. The more stuff we try and fill up the void with the larger the void gets.

Keep repeating this cycle of relentlessly hunting to fill the void long enough and you lose sight of your Passion, Purpose, Necessity and Meaning for your life.

That’s when the trouble starts because YOUR PROGRESS and happiness in life is determined by how strategically, consistently and deeply you COMMIT to working on yourself, your business and your life.

Are you putting the work in on your health?

Are you putting the work in on your relationships?

Are you putting the work in on your business and finances?

Are you achieving goals that make you feel proud?

Do you feel energized, on purpose and fulfilled?

Are you set up for an amazingly wealthy, happy and prosperous decade?

ALL the answers depend on…

How well you know what will make you happy for the long term and not just bump up your pleasure momentarily.

How MUCH you do the WORK of seeking clarity and challenging yourself.

How OFTEN you, generate power and momentum through a strong positive, growth-oriented mindset

How well you learn to adapt and master NEW concepts that make you BETTER.

But most people have NO plan for their business and life.

They think their “one-off bout of exercise” is sufficient. Or a “book here and a video there” will be enough.

But the truth is if you want measurable tangible results you need a PLAN.

A strategic set of actions that generate power and momentum.

Someone in your corner who knows how to get you happy and fulfilled for the long term. .

A specialist to help shine a light on what you are not seeing.

Shifting to convert you and your enterprise from tactical, reactive, and hunting for quick fix pleasure… over to strategic, enduring, knowing where your headed and why.

That’s why I’m “pushing” this idea so hard, and I’m asking you to join my personal elite coaching.

Your growth this year is worth untold value. It’s priceless, right?

What’s it worth to be happier?

What’s it worth to 10x your results?

To master the people skills, you’ll need to build your business, team, wealth and purpose?

I think it’s all PRICELESS.

So have you committed at least to lock in your pathway to prosperity this YEAR yet?

I often think, “Why would someone *not* want an expert in their corner helping them FastTrack their results?”

My only guess is they think they feel like they can’t reach out and want to see how things go and figure it all out on their own.

Until their health falls apart. Until their wealth evaporates and their relationships struggle and fade into boring day after day repetition.

Until that moment when it becomes all too late to turn things around.

Learning, growing, developing skillsets are never done. Ever…

That’s why I study so much, challenge myself so much, go to the events, do the research, continually coach a large variety of people and businesses.

I Invest thousands and thousands in my own education and development every year and that’s how I have achieved success in my life and businesses.

If you think you can’t it’s because you must… take action get clarity and the PLAN you need to move forward faster.

If I could talk to you right now, you’d hear my voice supporting you encouraging you, guiding you, holding you accountable and MAKING SURE YOU GET THE RESULTS this year.  

Whenever you’re ready there are 4 ways, I can help you get next-level results in your business and life.

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To your business and life success.

Glen Michaelides

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