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What is a Business Direct Marketing?

In its essence, it is placing a targeted message directly in front of your ideal prospect that compels them to take some action.

  • Buying your product or service
  • Going to your website
  • Coming into your business
  • Calling you up
  • Filling in a form
  • Recommending you to other people
  • Wanting to partner with you

You must truly understand and appreciate them first. It is the Establishment of high levels of trust so you can immediately set up and start on a systematic and sequential flow from prospect to buyer.

To a regular buyer your product and service, with new offerings over and over, by continually adding value (Not your definition of value, Your client’s definition of value) It is the essential driver for sustainable revenue opportunities within the business. Perpetuating the continuation, scalability, systemization and Ultimately the value of the business.

It is the conduit used to reach your ideal target market and how you communicate the exact message to market match.

It must have specifically crafted elements to it so you can,

DIFFERENTIATE YOUR BUSINESS FROM YOUR COMPETITORS, distinguishing yourself from your competitor with higher levels of value or innovation.

  • Determine your strategic position in the market
  • Determine your primary market dominating position
  • Determine your supporting business model
  • Create your market dominating statement

In its simplest form, it is Answering their questions and solve their problems better than your competitors by,

  1. Finding out who your ideal clients are
  2. What they want
  3. And simply giving it to them.

Do this right, and you will dominate your market.

What is the function of a Marketing Consultant?

For a small business, it is not to just try and build your brand over a long period as not everyone has the budget to just go on a brand building exercise.

Building a brand is important, But CASH FLOW is more important You need ROI Return on Investment.

A marketing consultant is someone who understands how important having a constant steady stream of ideal clients coming into your business is.

Right message right market right media = competitive advantage.

That 20% of your clients will be 80% of your revenue, so to have the skill to develop uniquely crafted ways to find more of the 20%.

To help you get clear on your prospects Fears and frustrations, what keeps them awake at night how can you help them solve the most pressing problem.

To utilise and understand all forms of relevant media to the business

  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • Referrals
  • Joint ventures
  • Trade Shows
  • Workshops
  • List building strategies
  • Competitions

To developing Sales systems and scripts and various methods for taking objections off the table.

  • Extending the Guarantees
  • Try and then buy Guarantees
  • Guaranteed Results or full refund
  • Customer always wins
  • Double your money back
  • Quality, Speed, Convenience
  • Eliminating risk

To help you become the Trusted Expert Industry Advisor (The Maven of Your Industry) and Take Your Competitors off the Table (Quite Literally) by,

  • Knowing their desired outcome and where is it they want to go?
  • Overcoming their Scepticism Showing them how you can take them one step closer to their Ultimate Outcome
  • Demonstrating how they can achieve their outcome
  • Giving them tools they can use right away
  • Help Motivate them to go further

Why Is Strategic Marketing Important?

Because it builds on empathy and leadership up front and allows you to demonstrate the data from results on following through and backing up your big promise.

It starts with the end in mind the quantifiable result that you are wanting and reverse engineering it step by step to create a multipliable effect.

Each action step has impacted and helps perpetuate the next and the next until a predictable result happens every single time.

It takes into account wants versus needs.

Wouldn’t Most People want a new Ferrari? They can sell $300,000. No one on the Planet needs one, but a lot of people want one.

Strategic Marketing helps business owners overcome the potential pitfalls with standard forms of marketing (The Shot Gun Approach) by forcing you to get extremely clear on the outcome before starting to design a program or carelessly spending money.

It allows a small player to out manoeuvre a large like a speed boat that can change direction in an instant.

Targeting specifically the clients that are going to give you the maximum return and cutting away all of the red tape to make everything easy and simple.

What do I offer in respect to Marketing?

To look at your circumstances with a fresh set of eyes, having worked with a large demographic of different business there are certain elements in common.

Everyone is unique, so I like to break down what you are doing and why it’s important to do it or not. Find out the reality of the current situation at a finite level. Ask is what you are downing producing results or not and what needs to be adjusted to improve.

Most business owners are not sure of the results they are getting from their marketing spend and efforts and don’t know what to Continue, Stop or start doing as a result.

By looking at alternative products, competitors, other types of businesses maybe not directly related to yours you can find, new ways to do things strengths and weaknesses understanding the dynamics of each unique situation.

Assessing the Sales team, Sales systems, products, services to find the impact points and evaluate performance, strengths and weaknesses.

A good consultant can assess and recommend the appropriate adjustments and only then prescribe the right solutions.

When I work with clients, I have over 100 questions I get them to answer, firstly, to push them to go as deep as possible past the superficial answers to get to the real meat. This brings on revelations for the client and very much helps me with structuring a blueprint plan.

I want to know as much as humanly possible about you and your clients to fully understand the right way to get you maximum leverage.

What Success have I had with Marketing?

For me, it has been the most dominating factor in developing multimillion dollar business for myself and clients alike.

I have grown three separate Multimillion Dollar Brick and Mortar business of my own all using the strategies I teach.

One of my business I grew to 50 million in revenue and after getting hit by the perfect storm and losing 70% of my revenue almost overnight.

I used Direct response marketing to recover to get back on to again.

Every client I work with in a wide range business we use Direct Response Marketing to transform their business.

It is the First step in business success.





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