Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

  • What is a business coach?
  • What does a business coach do?
  • What do I offer in respect to coaching?
  • Why am I different from the average Business Coach?
  • Who could benefit from Business Coaching?
  • How Should you Prepare ready for Business Coaching?
  • How does small business coaching work?



What is a Business Coach?

I think every business owner already has the necessary skills inside them to be very successful. “A good coach can open the lid and let it out.”

A Business Coach is someone who can make an impact on the bottom line and overall growth of the business through strategic milestone-based improvements, and proven optimisation strategies to reach agreed-upon goals and KPIs.

A Business Coach should have the ability to look at the situation from a 30,000-foot view without emotion to establish a baseline and roadmap to the results.

This could involve more sales, higher profits, freedom or dominating their market.”Importantly, this is something that the client and coach need to agree upon as a collaborative; it needs to be achievable.

What Does a Business Coach do?

A business coach should have the ability to look at the detailed, bigger picture and its cause and effects. For example, “I’m not getting enough leads into my business because my website is not working or my marketing is not compelling.” In this scenario, the bigger picture is that there’s not enough revenue coming into the business, and we can’t pay our bills.

Now finding out what the cause of this lack of leads could be, could entail a number of things:

  • No sales system
  • Wrong sales team
  • Poor marketing
  • Outdated website
  • Wrong message to market match

And the list can go on; it’s not a case of just starting to pull levers and make adjustments, as ill-founded changes can actually hurt the business and its owner even is better to optimise that first before changing it completely; stabilise the business first and get it strong enough to handle the effects of change.

A good business coach will have the ability to help the business owner create a roadmap or blueprint to get the results they need, while also supporting them through the journey.

A business coach will also help make challenging or seemingly impossible goals achievable, by using their experience in the trenches along with multiple strategies and tactics to achieve the desired results.

What Do I Offer in Terms of Personal Business Coaching?

Milestone-blueprinting approach and perspective. Milestone is blueprinting, and I put everybody through this step-by-step process. Perspective involves me looking at what you’re personally doing in business, as well as your personal life and I coach you in a tailored way that will help you solve your problems, achieve the goal, or overcome the challenges you’re facing and need guidance to achieve.

I adopt the Rubber-to-the-Road approach starting with what the client wants (their goals), by getting very clear on this and why it is so important. Then I stretch them and make sure they are pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, so they can do the absolute best and not sell themselves short.

But, most importantly of all, I make sure they don’t strive for unachievable results or create unrealistic expectations and false, make-believe promises. This refers to reality and gravity (the laws of physics) that need to be applied to keep everything in perspective. This ensures a continual discovery of new ways to reach the desired result in less time is maintained, while the effort required to achieve success keeps the vital ecosystem in harmony.

Health, relationships, mindset, and revenue.

A mix of marketing, physiology, innovation, and teamwork will enable the mind to learn faster than you ever thought possible! Setting the brain up like a heat-seeking missile finding and colliding with its intended target.

Being really present and caring about my clients’ welfare is essential to any successful partnership; win, win, must be achieved.

Why am I Different to the Average Business Coach?

I don’t just read and work from a business coaches manual. I have owned-and-operated businesses for the last 24 years, building them from the ground up, so most of my experience comes from tangible, real-life results. From being in the trenches and doing it tough, learning lessons, making mistakes and becoming very successful; I’ve experienced it all.

I have created over $50 million in revenue in my own businesses, as well as big numbers for many of my clients. My focus is on helping you get the results you want, but not at the cost of what matters the most.

I have studied and worked with some of the best business minds and entrepreneurs on the planet, and have distilled these learnings into a method, model, and mindset.

I use a blend of Stabilisation Optimisation, Innovation and Scaling to help my clients get more momentum faster than they imagined, by using the Power Performance Multiplier System.

Who Can Benefit From Business Coaching and What Can They Expect to Achieve?

Anyone who is not achieving their ultimate business and lifestyle goals can benefit from business coaching, as most business owners have found themselves working in a tough job where they are controlled by the business.

Profit, freedom and happiness, health and good-quality relationships and their hopes and dreams of getting into business in the first place are a distant memory. These positive emotions are often replaced with fear, frustration, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with business and life in general.

So why does this happen and why can’t they achieve their ultimate lifestyle? Well, there are many reasons. What comes up a lot is:

  • They are not clear about what they want
  • They don’t have a measurable business and lifestyle plan
  • They keep doing more of the same and hope that things will get better
  • They don’t get help to change direction before it is too late

How Should You Prepare, to Ensure You’re Ready for Business Coaching?

You have to be an action taker and need to be willing to be responsible for your results. You have to be open to being the best and not just looking the best. In other words, you need to be open to being critiqued and open to adjusting your mindest, business and personal perspective.

You have to be prepared to pay a fee and commit to getting the best results possible for the money that you spend, and not waste one cent.

You have to be monomaniacal in your commitment to applying the knowledge and strategies you’re introduced to, and be willing to step up as a leader and not stop until you get the results you want.

To become the maven of your industry and dominate your market, so you can take the price off the table. And most of all, you want to be the only choice in the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

How Does Small Business Consulting Work and What are Some Examples?

I have mentored business operators to become business owners, so they are not handling the day-to-day anymore and are free to enjoy their time with a good income. I have helped systemize businesses so that the business is turnkey, scalable and easier to run. I have helped business owners create an exit strategy so they could cash out for their big payday whenever they feel ready. I have also helped business owners who were on the brink of collapse to go on to dominate their industry and change their life forever.