3 Apr 2020

Video Will Blow The Roof Off Your Busines Success

3 Apr 2020

Clarity and communication is king

3 Apr 2020

10 Steps to Master your Thinking in Challenging times 1 Instead of focusing on yourself; focus on others. 2 Instead of focusing on your finances focus on your relationships. 3 Instead of focusing on ROI focus on creating value.

5 Mar 2020

This turbulent new economy is not going away overnight It might sound clinical, as the business owner, you need to take a front foot solution-orientated approach not one of doom and gloom. Yes, this is a problem, and unfortunately,

15 Jan 2020

Are you a weak link in your SALES PROCESS? it’s a big problem that no one is talking about what happens after lead generation. You spend hard-earned time and money on generating sales opportunities, but they are left lying

10 Jan 2020

Chasing Happiness Is Dangerous Here is the problem it’s not that being happy is a bad thing, on the contrary, we all want and have the right to be happy in our business, and lives. More chasing the illusion

6 Jan 2020

Do You Have 20/20 Vision? 20/20 vision is a term for visual acuity in which the numerator refers to distance and the denominator refers to size. Vision is all about seeing where you want to go, and 20/20 vision is considered spot on

28 Dec 2019

UNLEARNING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LEARNING Think about this: FOR 2020 What are the things in your life that cause you to react? What are the triggers that cause you to feel unfulfilled and like you’re a passenger in

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