Are you a weak link in your SALES PROCESS?

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Are you a weak link in your SALES PROCESS?

it’s a big problem that no one is talking about what happens after lead generation.

You spend hard-earned time and money on generating sales opportunities, but they are left lying on the table and end up going cold and discarded like leftovers.

The main reason is that most business owners are only spending a fraction of their available time in REVENUE PRODUCTION MODE.

Because they are busy putting out fires all day long and fighting in the trenches in their businesses.

Think about want happens if you’re the sole producer that’s not producing, it’s a massive problem because it’s choking your growth.

It’s a big slap in the face from all your hard work because your opportunities and potential profits are being flushed down the toilet every day.

The main contributors are

  • lack of time
  • Lack of conversion systems
  • Lack of trained salesforce

There are 2 main common denominators that all 8-figure bottom line net profit companies have that 6-figure ones don’t are…

They Have Top Producers in crucial areas of the business complementing, enhancing, enabling the owner by massively contributing to the areas they’re not strong at or enjoy doing.

One of the most impacting areas is sales as all companies with an 8 figure Bottom Line Net Profit have a top Producing SalesForce.

Turnover is Vanity Net Profit is Sanity, bottom-line net profit is the predictor of what you will get for your business when you go to sell it, so you should be always positioning your business for exit.

So increased bottom-line net profit is the goal for your business.

Wearing yourself out and burning up precious time stuck doing menial tasks is not leverage.

If you are the only one selling and you’re not because you have no time, you have to free up your time by handing over menial tasks and other distractions and increase the time you spend selling.

But if you really want to increase your bottom line develop highly polished sales processes, then hire the best and train them on your system.

You then need to teach this process to everyone on your team and ensure they are using it accurately and consistently.

8 figure companies know It’s always harder to attract new clients than it is to do more business with the clients they already have.

Therefore, work at bonding with your clients and find new and creative ways to build your relationship to a deeper, more profitable level.

Sales come down to a science and skillset rather than something which is purely personality-driven.

There are seven steps involved in making a sale, each of which you can train your key people.

  1. Build massive rapport which shouldn’t be hard. If you have a genuine interest in your client’s wellbeing and are offering excellent products and services, buyers will naturally warm to you.

Encourage everyone in your team to be knowledgeable, so they can provide customers with expert advice that actually helps them solve their problems.

  1. Always qualify your buyers – which means ASKING them the right questions to deeply understand their needs.

Once you know what is frustrating, scaring or motivating them, then you will know which factors will influence them to buy, and how to reset your prospect’s buying bias in your favour.

Develop a series of probing questions which you ask, so you gain an accurate idea of their background needs and requirements; this is the Diagnosis stage.

  1. Begin to stack the value around your product or service by providing reasons why to buy through compelling market data and proof which just happens to reinforce the need for what you offer.

A good approach is: “Whether you do business with us or not, we’ve assembled a 10-point checklist on how to buy XYZ product without making the 5 dangerous mistakes that most people make in your market.

  1. Create want and desire by future pacing your prospect into your products and services through case studies, personal experiences and statistics which will motivate them to take immediate action.

Enhance their awareness on the problem with their current situation and the value of the solution you can offer right away to move them to the solution they want.

  1. Overcome their objections – ask what is stopping them from making an immediate decision, isolate that objection by clarifying that they have no other concerns.

Show them that staying stuck doing the same things that aren’t working is not moving them forward will cost them a lot more in the long run.

Become highly adept at designing rebuttals for the most common objections prospects come up with.

  1. Close the sale that means you need to ask for them to make a decision. Once you have answered all of their questions by providing them with everything, they need to move forward, lead them to make a decision.

If you are making a positive difference in their life that will be beneficial through your products and services, it’s good to make them feel a little bit of pressure and help them along.

  1. Always match the expectation you created in the sales process and make 100% sure you over-deliver on everything that was promised. “All 8 figure companies build systems, methods, tools, procedures and a culture that support these seven steps.

The more responsibility you take in going first and setting the benchmark of higher standards and performance for yourself, the more you can expect your team to perform at your desired levels.

Only disciplined leadership, training, practice and repetition will forge a Super Star Team so you can get enough leverage and performance to hit your 8 figure levels.

Switch to model because it… will dramatically shorten your sales cycle, increase conversion, eliminate discounting and dramatically improve cash flow, and profit margins.

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To your business and life success.

Glen Michaelides

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