Are you a Man fighting, struggling and striving Inside of SCARCITY AND FEAR

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Glen Michaelides CEO The Titans Academy

I Help Men in Business with a Pathway to Freedom, Wealth, Health and Outstanding Family Relationships so they Scale and THRIVE ? in all areas of their life.

Why is that important?

Most men will spend their whole lives and go to the grave fighting, struggling and striving Inside of SCARCITY AND FEAR because their superpowers are actually working agenized them.

They are built to perform and strive for results an innate drive from inside to succeed at all costs fuels their engines to run at max RPM.

Fighting on and pushing through they think one day soon “I will overcome this short-term challenge”, this is just stage or outside force that is out of my control.

They think if I could just generate more leads, more cashflow then I can celebrate, relax for a moment and feel Freedom once again.

Then I can plan quality time and be present with my family (Afterall I’m doing all of this for them) where else is the money going to come from?

If I could just get through these problems, I will finally have clarity, stop struggling, and everything will just fall into place.

I CAN TELL YOU IT WONT because Scarcity and Fear is far more powerful than just fixing your leads, cashflow or thinking you will ever get to the bottom of all of the problems that keep generating like a perpetual machine on a daily basis.

Scarcity and Fear is your brains ultimate deception weapon, lying to you by creating a perceived THREAT or LIMITATION existing only inside your mind, its total intent is to keep you safe but in reality…It’s Sabotaging the RESULTS you really want to create for yourself and your family.

It’s the hidden stories men share with me on a daily basis of FEAR, OVERWHELM, CONFUSION and lack of CLARITY dramatically affecting their ability to perform leaving them a mere shell of their former self’s is now at epidemic levels.

The Doubt, Frustration, the Excuses and Guilt that YOU Allow to circle inside your mind – robbing you of your Power to Take Consistent Action and PRODUCE Predictable Results…

Cascades through your health, wealth and relationships with your family extracting power away and vaporizing all of your efforts and momentum leaving your dreams of a better life always just out of your reach as you continue to chase the horizon of quick fixes.

So, if you are at the stage where your feed up and tired of all that

If you feel Stuck.

If you feel Bored and Unfulfilled.

If you struggle to do the things you know you must… like having the difficult conversations, with your staff.

If your too distracted to deliver the level of value to your clients that you know you must.

If you feel like you’re Playing Small in Business and you know you’re capable of much more than the results you are producing.

If when you finally get home, your body is there but, your attention and focus is still at the business thinking about the never-ending to-do list and ever-mounting problems.

And by the way, your wife and kids know what’s going on..

Whatever it is, deep down, you know you need to overcome these challenges, and yet you don’t.



“The same principals, methods, and mindsets you used to create your current life conditions; cannot be the same ones you use to solve them.”

Most men don’t find themselves stuck in a SECRET WORLD of anger, fear and frustration because they lack information or aren’t willing to work long hours.

What they lack are the right strategies to execute the information and wisdom they already know.

Which makes any new information completely pointless it’s like trying to drink out of a fire hose.

It’s like hoping to magically lose that gut you stare at in the mirror every morning by reading the latest book about nutrition – when you still haven’t dealt with the fact you smash down junk food because you say you don’t have the time to eat properly or you’re sedating yourself from stress.

Maybe your distracting yourself with unimportant tasks throughout the day, to chase that dopamine hit of “kidding yourself” that your making progress.

I say this all with Tuff love in my heart because I used to be also stuck in the never-ending loop of stories, self-doubt, and results sabotage until I ripped my blindfold off stopped lying to myself and woke up to a new paradigm.

In other words,

Until you deal with and redesign your current thinking strategies, no new information will get you off the Roller-coaster.

And 2 years later you find yourself stuck in the same place making the same amount of money and doing the same things with little to no progress towards where you expected to be by now.

So, if You’re ready to BREAK FREE from Patterns & Behaviors that have you STUCK Operating in Fear Overwhelm and Scarcity.

If you want to improve your business, become a better parent, partner, or start playing a bigger game all-round.

If you want a plan that will provide all of the direction and clarity you need to build a life of consistent results that will re-ignite the fire inside you and guide you in the right direction for the rest of your life.

Then let’s talk Click to book a free strategy session with Glen

And find out how you can Scale and THRIVE ? in all areas of your life.

I look forward to helping you soon

Glen Michaelides

CEO The Titans Academy





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