Achieving Focus and Clarity To Get The Life You Want

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Achieving Focus and Clarity

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

‐ Henry Ford

The Aircraft Pilot enters in the exact coordinates to the location he is flying.

He knows the latitude and longitude precisely, how long it will take, how much fuel he needs.

There is no guesswork, he doesn’t make it up as he goes, or decide to get creative and try a different route over the ocean.

The same is right with your business and your life.

You must have a clear picture of your destination to reach it, and the journey is a lot easier with a focused attitude driven by (Necessity Leverage) on yourself.

Have a vision and consistently set clear intentions for whom you want to be each day, how you want to interact with others, what skills you must develop to win in the future, and how you can make a difference.

The Pilot sticks to the flight plan, he knows exactly where he is going, and the plane is correcting consistently ensuring it stays on course.

The opposite would be Monumentally Dangerous and probably result in a catastrophe.

The question is are operating your business and life without a flight plan right now.

Do you make plans and then abandon them as soon as you hear about the next big thing?

Do you get bored and stop pursuing goals as soon as the newness wears off and it gets tough?

If so, you will never enjoy the full fruits of your labour because you never stick around long enough for the harvest.

You can make it easy on yourself by taking the shortest road to success, and that is achieved by having a clear vision and a focused mind on the outcome.

There are a few things you can do to get started.


Where You Are Right Now The first thing you need to do is really take a look at where you are and how you are doing.

What is working? What is not working? What resources do you have and what do you need?

Are there opportunities that you need to take, or any that you need to pass on?

Take a real hard look and be honest.

You won’t grow if you lie to yourself. Remember that results are what count.

You need to know precisely where the problems are in your business and life because that’s where there is potential to grow.

At this moment you may be overlooking the very thing that could cause a breakthrough.

Create A Clear Mental Picture of What You Want Visualizing precisely what that is in detail then use that laser-focused clarity to propel you to success faster than ever.

Have you ever really given consideration to what your success to looks and feels like?

The worst thing that you could do is overlook the lifestyle you hope to create, get 5 years into a business and hate the lifestyle or company that you have created.

There are many different ways to grow the same business; you just have to plan ahead and create the company you want FROM THE END TO THE BEGINNING.

Ask yourself the following questions

·        What do I want to achieve in life, business, health?

·        Whom do I want to become?

·        Who is that person I would feel proud to be?

·        What goals do I need to hit this month?

·        How do I need to show up?

·        How do I develop my relationships further?

·        What’s required from me and what could I deliver on this month?

How about your schedule?

Every single day set time aside to work on something that’s most important to you, your business, your health, your relationships.

Then every day identify what the essential big rock items in your health, relationships and business then make them a must to get completed.

Fortify your life, eliminate things that distract or trigger you to move off-task.

Or you will let less important stuff or other people’s plans become your plans, and you won’t get the measurable improvements in your life.

You must have blocks of time allocated so that they become a habit and progress you towards your outcomes and goals.

Every week these blocks of time need to be allocated, or you won’t do them. It does not matter at what time you allocate them as long as you do them.

These are the types of things you must consider when you are clarifying your success.

You need to know what kind of business you want to build and precisely what the success you desire looks like.

You should be able to describe your ideal life if you were splashed with cold water at three o’clock in the morning and asked to recite it.

It should be so clear that you can’t do anything else but believe that it will be so.

So real, you can taste it.

Figure Out How Much Your Time Is Worth Until you finally sit down and calculate what your time is worth you will easily waste it on meaningless busy work and let others waste even more.

If you knew what every hour in your day was worth, would you spend two hours checking email?

Would you spend hours upon hours in unproductive meetings?

By putting a dollar value on every minute of your day, you will immediately begin to understand the importance of delegation and start respecting your time as a real asset.

You will begin to value the services that others can provide simply by trading money for time.

The more services you are willing to pay for the more time you will have.

The more time you have, the more you can focus on building your business and your life

Time is money, time is not infinite, and you should never forget that.

Here is the formula to use in order to arrive at just what your time is worth.

Firstly, decide what your base earnings target – the lowest amount of money you want to earn.

For example, if your target is $400,000, with 365 days per year (minus, say 130 days for weekends and holidays leaving 235 days) multiply by 8 hours in a day, giving you 1,880 working hours in a year, divide the base earnings by 1880, and you have $212 required per hour.

Out of fifty-time management books, 25 of them will present the same formula I just gave you.

And in 100-time management seminars, you’ll find the formula with one major flaw.

Nobody takes into account the ratio of productive to UN productive! So, to get to the TRUTH, you must first work out how much time of your day is actually PRODUCTIVE! To find out exactly what my time is worth and using $400,000 as an example, divide it by the number of productive hours I actually work.

For example, I figure I put in 6 hours of solid productivity per day, so I would need to divide $400,000 by 1410 hours which gives me $283 per hour as a measure of what my time is worth.

Now, this exercise is a perfect one to do because the higher the number works out to be, the less tolerant you will be of having that time stolen from you!

The people you allow to abuse your time might just as well reach their hands into your wallet and take out your money and robbing you and your life.

This is how you must come to view it ‐ this is the result of having your time wasted.

Or you will get to the end of another year, you say to yourself this year was no different from last year and I have not improved or changed apart from working harder and earning less money.

Or worse you look back 10 years or more and regretfully think I have just evaporated 10 years where did that time go?

The time disappeared because most people don’t think about it daily, strategise about it and get the work done.

Please understand until you put the discipline in to do this life-changing work you end up living a life that is entirely random, reactionary and without meaning or purpose and wonder why you feel empty and unfulfilled.

Decide to Work with What You Have

Most people make the big, BIG mistake of waiting till they’ve got all the RESOURCES, like time, money, skill, and people.

The reality is that picture-perfect scenarios will never happen in most people’s minds.

In truth, you have all the RESOURCES you need RIGHT NOW to achieve whatever you want to create. What you need to become is RESOURCEFUL.

Get Rid of Any Distractions

Once you have evaluated the state of your affairs and clearly defined your ideal life;

Then identify the friction and (Constraints) and eliminate any barriers to your success.

As soon as an obstacle is identified, it needs to be overcome one way or the other.

If you spend the time necessary planning, then you will be able to foresee immediate, obvious obstacles along with any foreseeable ones that accompany growth.

Focus on Your Core Competencies.

You will never be able to sustain your growth if you don’t uncover and focus on yours and your businesses core competencies.

Everything that is not linked to your core should be outsourced to keep all of your energy focused precisely where it makes the most significant impact.

Your core competency is something your business and you do exceptionally well relative to your competitors.

It is what sets you apart and gives your customers the value they seek.

It also makes it very hard and almost impossible for your competitors to imitate.

A few areas where your competency may be developed are Sales, Marketing, Leadership,  Service, Systems, and Quality.

Make a commitment to develop and invest in your core in order to give you a long‐term competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Once you identify and start to build on your most important actions, your time will be more productive and profitable, and your business and life will be free to grow by leaps and bounds.

I’m not talking about short cuts or magic tricks I’m talking about doing the work

So that… The new year doesn’t define you… You define it…

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To your business and life success.

Glen Michaelides

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