“The results are already speaking for themselves signed a $4,400 fee + $9,000 . in the first week”

The results are already speaking for themselves. He just signed a $4,400 fee + $9,000 media advertising trial with the first upsell task I set him. Now that might not sound like sheep stations, but I was trying to work out how I could provide the same work for more like $1,500 fee & $1,500 media. This not only would have failed, but I would have worked for free and taken my attention away from supporting the community (my team) where it’s most valuable.

I’m sharing this story because I really value the insights I’m gaining from you. There is only one other person I’ve met whos business advice I’ve really connected with. I really appreciate your wisdom helping me to push my own boundaries, and I hope the knife cuts both ways and I’m able to provide value in a different way to you.

Joshua Strawczynski

Managing Director J Marketing



“From Stalled At 90K PA To 50K in The First Week.”

Glen Changed my life Mark Burchardt Marketing, Consultant.

Business was complicated and had stalled for the last year

In 3 months built a brand new niched business from the ground up and in the first week brought on a 50K Client

$50k months are now achievable and sustainable

If you want to become a High Net Worth Coach and Consultant Glen the no BS guy to get you there

CEO and Marketing Consultant

Mark Burchard


“From Unknown To 1967 Qualified Leads in 3 Days”

Peter and Trudy O’Brien- Top series Camper Trailers

Business was stalled for a year and virtually unknown
To 1967 Qualified Leads in 3 Days

Having to slow down the leads to work on a new conversion Script before ramping back up

Now Lead generation and conversion is predictable & expected

Having to slow down on advertising because too many leads we coming into the system

Now we are working on a conversion and fulfilment system in to handle the deal flow


Peter and Trudy O’Brien


“From Stalled And Looking For The Next Job To 987 Qualified Leads and Stopping the Marketing”

Terry Oorschot Mr. Makeover

Business was stalled and hoping for the next job to niched and in high demand

To 987 Qualified Leads in 4 weeks and a $48000 sale in the second week and run off his feet

Having to slow down on advertising because too many leads we coming into the system

Now we are working on a conversion and fulfilment system in to handle the deal flow


Terry Oorschot 


“I have been working with Glen Michaelides for some years now and I have never been more impressed with a business coach.”

Glen came to us when we had way too much on our plate and broke things down into manageable pieces we could digest.

While many other business coaches are happy to offer shallow advice, Glen has a unique and worldly appreciation of how business operates in the real world.

He has had his own successful career in business and now has made it his life’s work to help others and get down in the trenches with the troops.

Glen’s no-nonsense “Roll up the sleeves and let’s get into it” attitude stands him head and shoulder above the rest.

I would highly recommend Glen and his services and he would become an indispensable member of your team if you want to 10 X your business


Jim McDonald, Hotwash Australia Pty Ltd


“From Almost No Leads And Struggling To 100s of Qualified Leads and a 380% conversion increase

Stan Makumbe Celsius Air

Business was barely breaking even

Facebook Campaign

Redesigned his website to Direct Response and 100s of new qualified leads

Created a conversion and fulfilment system Increased conversion by 380%

Stan Makumbe

Celsius Air


“There are tons of business and life coaches out there who claim they can help you solve any problem.”

So how do you decide who to pay attention to? It’s one thing to listen to someone who has read tons of books and has taken various trainings and now is a “coach”, and it’s an entirely different situation to work with someone who has been there, done that. Glen Michaelides is the real deal. He has built enormously successful companies from the ground up and helps entrepreneurs and leaders to be successful too. Not only that, you can tell he has a big heart and really cares about you, your business and your family. Now he is sharing his strategies for transformational change in his latest book. If you’re ready to leap to the next level and beyond, then I highly recommend Take Your Business to the Next Level by Glen Michaelides.

Founder of McCall Media Group

Joanne McCall


“We would like to thank Glen”

“For his Business Coaching and Personal Mentoring. Glen was able to identify some strategic Competitive advantages we were able to apply to our High Profile Power Fitness Gymnasium, to up our membership extensively. Glen left no stone unturned with his approach in ensuring we had a real rubber to the road plan. I can assure you that working with Glen will produce positive results.”

Bodybuilding Champions Power Fitness, Perth WA

Peta and Adam Baker


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you “

“for your work with myself and the On Your Side team. I would like to offer you to share this letter and my details should you have someone who is considering utilising Titans Academy services as I will happily share with them how you have become an integral part of the On Your Side Investments expansion and obviously making a difference to our bottom line. Having you spend the time to get to understand both myself and the business and then be involved in the goal-setting process and accountability to the same has been priceless, Thank you for being on our side!”


Mike Harvey, On Your Side 5 Pty Ltd


“Honesty, Integrity and Trust are Currency in today’s Turbulent Economy”

“Our industry and clients demand a supremely high level of customer service and support. Over the Last 9 years, Glen has delivered high-quality solutions doing what it takes to get it right the first time and going the extra mile to get to the desired result for our clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Glen in leveraging your business results.”

Steve Senior

Grand Toyota, Perth WA


“It was clear from the beginning that Glen was true to his word”

Over the last 5 years, working together Glen has been true to his word and created an action to make an immediate difference. His organized approach to getting what’s important done is the difference between success and failure. I strongly Endorse Glen and look forward too many more high-quality results.”

Kelvin Mansfield

Flexi.com.au, Perth WA


“For more than a decade I have worked alongside Glen”

Always trying something new and a more innovative thinker I am yet to meet. Staying ahead of the competition and leaving no stone unturned has seen Glen flourish through both good and lean times. Thinking out of the box can often be the difference between success and failure and in these times a must have characteristic. I am proud to have him as a business associate and equally importantly, a good friend .”

Directors RV Trade and Fleet P/L

Mark and Karen Oliver

307456-mark_karen-3cm_Y14 logo

“You’ve managed to put in more time and effort into helping me succeed than any other Business Coach or Consultant I have worked with over the years”

Hi Glen

I am writing to you to thank you for your Business Coaching over the last six months and helping with the Implementation of many tasks.

You’ve managed to put in more time and effort into helping me succeed than any other Business Coach or Consultant I have worked with over the years, and I’ve had a few along this journey.

Over the years I’ve found that most paid Business Coaches and Mentors charge a lot of money and they seem to spend as little time with you as possible.

But you’re a different calibre of a human; you give 100% effort and sound business advice through having been through the ups and downs of business yourself. It’s nice to see someone that cares and strives to see people succeed in their businesses and life.

Your blood is worth bottling, and there are not many people in this world that rise into this category and also reach the top of their field as you have.

I hear a lot of people say they have Honesty and Integrity. However, they prove themselves wrong a lot of the time, normally through the greed of the human race.

However, it is a pleasure that you do indeed possess these rare qualities of Honesty and Integrity and the good Solid Core Values that go with them.

I’m a better person through spending time with you, and my business will grow at a Rapid-Pace as a result. If anyone else needs help to grow their business, I recommend Glens, the best man for the job.

And not to forget, you’re a bloody good bloke who helps Businesses throughout Australia reach their Maximum Profit Potential.

Thanks again and all the best.

Director Profits From Property Pty Ltd

Jarrod Prout


“I feel happier and am looking better than I have in years”

Hi Glen

I had become so resolute on the fact that I was a failure, my life was a failure and that success was not in my future. I was struggling both in my personal and professional life yes was reluctant to accept any help.

After working with Glen over the last couple of months I feel better and stronger than I have in years. Glen has taught me different methods of approaching things, techniques to manage stress and build emotional intelligence.

I now look at everything with a different attitude, I choose to be positive. Things that I have considered personal and professional failures I now see as assets. I see my position within my company in a whole new light and as such am succeeding and growing within it.

Not only have these changes helped me on the inside they have also inspired other changes such as eating a healthier diet, exercising, socialising with friends and family more and now I feel happier and am looking better than I have in years. I am also more organised and am rarely running late, which is something I have struggled with for years.


Formula Aviation


“I chose you because you were local and I resonated with your story”

I was really in a bad spot when I reached out to you with relation to my work and family life.

I remember that from our first engagement I felt a big increase in my motivation and self-confidence, I really needed the assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

After reading your book in the beginning it was clear that you had been through some mammoth struggles with your business and although you went through a really tough time, came out on top at the end.

I think the fact that you had been there, done that and got the T-shirt was inspirational for me,

I really looked forward to our meetings as I would leave afterwards feeling refreshed and empowered

Gareth Howat

CEO Nexus Avionics

Untitled design (48)

Our Culture

Our culture is to uphold honesty and integrity above all else. To always give our clients a clear picture of their situation and the best advice to reach their goals. We never put profits ahead of getting you the result and will never take money from anybody we cannot help.

We strive to give clients more value than they pay for, so they make much more in increased profits than they pay in fees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our clients the best possible chance of reaching their goals in business and in life. We will do this by ensuring we’re providing them the best possible strategies we can create relevant to their situation and give them the support necessary to implement them.

We pride ourselves in always seeking out the latest knowledge in all areas of business and life and continually incorporating what is relevant into our system.

Our Commitment to Service and Values

Ownership: We are committed to helping you to completion, we do what we say
Team: With teamwork comes leverage, ideas, and support
Systems: Innovative turnkey autopilot systems – Allowing you to maximise time for the important things in life.
Communication: We seek to understand and give honest feedback, creating speed and certainty
Leadership: We inspire the right psychology to make the difference 
Accountability: We are committing to personal and professional excellence at all times
Responsibility: We are committed to giving the best quality information available.
Integrity: We back up our promise by doing what we say within the time frame we promised.

Glen Is a Fully Qualified As an NLP Master Practitioner

NLP is based on the study of Excellence – on the mindsets, interpersonal skills, and Unique behavior of Outstanding People. Around the World.  Presidents, Celebrities, Top Business Minds, Company Managment right through to sales representatives and other frontline staff can and do use NLP to learn the skills to create Extraordinary results. In fact, no matter how good you are now, NLP will make you better, It’s like having an unfair ADVANTAGE over your competition.