3 Steps To Supercharging Your Business

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Three Steps To ? Supercharging Your Business ?
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Hi, I’m Glen Michaelides

And this tutorial video is jam-packed full of content value and strategies that you can implement to supercharge your business.

And when I say Supercharge your business, I mean dramatically scale up the sales and profits of your local business.

Now over the last 25 years, I’ve built three successful business from the ground up two to 7 Figures and one to 8 figures, and now my team and I solely dedicate our time and skills to helping local business owners just like you get to 7 or even 8 figures and beyond.

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let’s get started with these 3 steps to Supercharging your business by showing the pathway to more sales and more profits.

Ok so here’s Step number #1 is all about Starting with what I call end game planning setting your goals and timeframes and really zeroing in on “Your Ultimate Outcome.”

Just as a building follows a blueprint making a detailed effort to distil down and clarify what you want out of your business in terms Results is the absolute best way to achieving your full potential.

End Game Planning means starting with the end in mind by spending your time, strategically working on tasks and projects that are in line with your Ultimate Outcome.

And to do this firstly you start with building strong foundations

Getting clear on exactly what your freedom number is to satisfy your ultimate lifestyle.

Next work out what your business revenue and profits need to be to achieve that.

Finally, drill down on who your Ultimate payday clients are that yield the most profit on average for your products and services and concentrate on them.

And when I say concentrate on them, I mean subordinate all other non-revenue producing tasks and busy work so that you have more time for finding nurturing and signing up more Ultimate clients into your business.

I make this point because often business owners are not using their time and core skillsets effectively and get sucked into the nonproductive Zone.

Like other people’s problems, distractions and non-revenue producing tasks that take you away from reaching your Ultimate outcome.

Now this is a very powerful and strategic way of thinking and making decisions about your business and life because if you know what your end game figures are

You get to question your daily decisions by ensuring they are in line with your Ultimate Outcome.

And it’s precisely the first thing I do in working with my clients by using specific tools and metrics to help them get crystal clear and design their Ultimate outcomes.

2 “Ultimate Clients.”


Now all clients are not created equal choosing your Ultimate clients is probably one of the most powerful ways to Supercharge your business.

Because if you not getting paid maximum dollar per client, you’re going to have to work twice as hard to reach your ultimate outcome.

Often low paying clients are often difficult to deal with and equal more time spent for less money

Ultimate High paying clients are often great to deal with and equal less time spent for more money with that said it’s fair to say that “Ultimate Clients are a critical key to increasing your profits.

Now, this might make obvious sense, but think about the clients you currently have in your business are they Ultimate paying clients or not?

To help with this you first need to get clear on what clients you don’t want, by identifying the following

You’re having trouble attracting and converting clients because there are always asking for more and making you jump through hoops to try and get them to buy.

You’re having trouble getting paid enough and on time plus their always haggling over the price for your products and services.

Your clients are forever driving you crazy and frustrating you because there is always a problem and they need your non-stop attention 24/7 if that the case then…you’re not working with your ideal clients.

So, once you know what you don’t want

Moving forward only target all your future clients by Identifying your highest paying client groups that yield high net profit for your products and services.

Identify your highest paying offers to that client group so that you are mainly offering the most profitable products and services.

Solve your Ultimate client’s problems and continually support and nurture them so they come back again and again and refer other Ultimate clients.

And continually swap out low paying clients for high paying clients.

It’s simple but powerful and the benefits of spending the time and targeting your Ultimate clients will compound your profits and overall success faster than you can imagine.

Here is the formula.

Target more ultimate clients = More Profit Per Client = More Transactions per client = More referrals per client = More Profits

Then It’s a case of working out the number of Ultimate clients that you need each month to reach your revenue target sand keep growing your business.

For that reason, I put in an expediential amount of time in helping my client’s niche down their target market so that the math’s and quality of the client support their Ultimate outcome.

Remember it’s your clients that will be paying for your lifestyle or not so choose wisely.

Let’s move on to step number 3

“Marketing your powerful message.”

To do this you create marketing and sales systems that attract your Ultimate clients into your business, so you can yield High Net Profit with fewer resources.

And do that on a consistent, repeatable, and predictable basis.

And there are three parts to this

Firstly, position yourself as the #1 Expert to Ultimate Client prospects who are actively and emotionally motivated and seeking to solve a problem.

Then educate your market on how to solve their problems.

And the best way for me to explain this is with a medical analogy if you think of your local GP hard working long hours and they usually have a small office, now compare the GP with a Specialist, they have a bigger office and earn more money.

Now a top Heart surgeon specialist they have a Suite and get paid considerably more because they are the best in their field, they also do less work and make considerably more money.

Finally think of the top celebrity specialist like DR Oz who has positioned himself at the top of the mountain by helping people via multimedia platforms like video, Facebook, Websites, and even TV shows, well they get paid the most.

The good news is you can do this too as I have, and many my clients have achieved the same celebrity status in our industry’s. This one strategy will catapult yourself to the top of your industry faster than you thought possible.

When you switch from selling to educating your market and helping them solve their problems you will rise to the top because when you educate the human brain automatically positions you as the expert.

Secondly, Provide tailored and transformational Solutions to solve your Ultimate client’s biggest problems.

I want you to re-think your currents offers and solutions with respect to your Ultimate Prospects’.

And reassess if they are specifically designed and crafted to solve your ultimate prospects biggest problems.

To do this you need to go deeper and really understand your ultimate prospects by asking tailored questions through surveying, to find out exactly what their biggest fears, frustrations, wants, needs and desires are

Then reverse engineer your products and services from that distilled information so that they provide such a powerful result that you could confidently say to those prospects only pay me when I get you the solution.

Thirdly Use multimedia platforms Like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn your website Instagram, blogs and email marketing with proven on-demand systems to get your message in front of your ultimate market, reliably predictably and affordably.

I’m talking about an advanced system for turning your ultimate market into your best clients who buy from you again and again.

The Big Idea behind this Concept Is for Clients to Buy More of your Products Because they … Know you… Like you… Trust you and want to buy your products without you having to sell to them

Most business owners don’t communicate to their marketplace effectively and inspire them with irresistible, solutions to their problems… …so they fail in increasing their sales and profits.

And that’s the Key to Increasing Sales and Profits

Provide Transformational Solutions and communicate those solutions to your Ultimate Prospects effectively, affordably and reliably.

Ok let’s do a quick recap of this formula

  1. Get your message in front of your Ultimate prospects who are motivated to solve a problem by positioning yourself as the #1 Expert to solve that problem.
  2. Design powerful, persuasive messages, to help your ultimate market solve their problems via your transformational solutions.
  3. Demonstrate that they can achieve that outcome by showing results in advance from past client’s past experiences and then guarantee those results.
  4. Use Multimedia to deliver solutions to your market predictably, reliably affordably and On-Demand.

Now using this concept in your business will give you a lot more sales profits and scalability, and that’s why when I work with my clients, we spend the time to ensure they are positioned as the number 1 expert in their industry.

And they love it because it makes selling in the old way obsolete, so they get to make more money more profit without having to do the traditional jumping through hoops and haggling on price just to make a sale.

Hey, look I trust you found this video tutorial packed full of valuable content and strategies that you can implement to supercharge the sales and profits in your local business

Now I’ve been in business for over 25 years, I’ve built three successful multimillion-dollar businesses one to over 40 million in revenue.

So, what I offer is completely different and unique the fact that I run a company and only work with a maximum of 20 clients and a large team that has the capacity to work on many different campaigns every single day.

That means I can spend the time with you one on one shoulder to shoulder and leave no stone unturned in helping you supercharge your sales and profits.

I really have mastered the art of helping local business owners achieve their Ultimate outcomes.

So If you want to take your skills to the next level and learn how to really master creating on-demand profit for your business, take the next step with me and click the link in the post, click the link in the description area, or click the button displaying in the video right now.

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Once inside you will get cheat sheets you will get case studies you will also get me giving you step by step business building strategies as well

So, do it now go and grab your FREE access to the private member’s group you won’t be disappointed, so that’s it from me and I look forward to helping you in the very near future.

Speak to you very soon thanks very much.


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