The #1 Skill for Business Domination

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The #1 Skill for Business Domination

I am going to give it to you straight up and bypass 99% of the shiny mirage success tactics that inexperienced advice practitioners dangerously offer to tired and overwhelmed business owners.

Band-aids on gunshot wounds do not work… they may cover the entry hole, but inside your still bleeding out…. It’s what you can’t see that can kill you… and your opportunities for success.

Let me explain away the real problem you are experiencing.

In a way, you have been preparing your whole life for this moment. What your strong at is the outcome of the natural talents you were born with. Throughout your life, you have honed and perfected your experiences, education, and skills towards shaping your abilities.

So here it is the number #1 skill for business domination…

YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS AROUND YOUR WEAKNESSES, and in order to build your business around your weaknesses, you need to first identify your strengths.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re operating in your strengths things go smoothly, you enjoy the process and the results you achieve far exceed your efforts?


Talents – Special capabilities that you developed very early in life or were born in the areas of thoughts, feelings, or behaviours.

Learnings – Information that was presented for you in order to facilitate absorption.

Experience – The key lessons and distinctions you have learned throughout your life.

Skills – The step by step instructions that experts before you refined and crafted for you to process practice effectively and eventually master.

All of these combines and build upon each other to create your STRENGTHS

Benefits of your Strengths

  • You are better at it, and you see people notice
  • You enjoy doing it, and it’s exciting and fulfilling
  • You feel alive, and energized when doing it
  • You continually improve your performance at it
  • You experience a now flow state while doing it

Your talents are a foundation of your strengths. To achieve mastery, to be really outstanding at anything first requires that you be born with a foundation for it.

If you have the foundation, then you still need to receive the learnings, experience, and skills training to convert your inbuilt talents into strength. It takes all these elements to come together, to hone and forge your strengths.

I’m sure as you went through school, you noticed that some people stared at Sports, or Science, others excelled at English, and for some Art was what they performed best at.

The reason why people excel in these areas is that they have natural inborn talents, highlighted through what they have learned and experienced.

You can see why your natural talents are so extraordinary? They really are the foundation for your success in all areas of your life.

That being said, think about a time where you were not true to yourself, and instead, you tried to take on someone else’s strengths for your own. Dangerously thinking that you need to be strong at every part of your business because you are the owner right!!!

Did you find yourself improve marginally but then sense your performance drop off and along with it your results, your excitement, passion, and energy?

Was the result you felt overwhelmed, tired with too much on your plate to see the woods from the trees and as a result made one wrong decision after another?

If that even partly resembles you and your mindset towards growth, it’s not your fault sellers of success illusions have been distracting you to look in the wrong direction.

You lead your business forward via your strengths and design your team, systems, and processes around supporting your weaknesses…. the key here is to be profitable on your worst day in business, not your best day.

Think about it if your only profitable when you’re at your absolute best, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your future.

If the only way you could be profitable was to maintain a superhuman workload doing and being good at everything, you can’t, you won’t, and eventually, the music will stop, and you will be left without a place at the table.

If the reliance of your success is solely pinned to maintaining Superhuman Efforts, you will get tired, lose momentum and eventually burnout.

 Identifying your strengths

  1. Think about, a time in your past, you were able to pick things up very fast in fact much quicker than all of the other people around you.
  2. Are there any areas of your life where people keep coming to you to solve the same type of problems?
  3. Is there an area of what you do that lots of people ask you to help them with?
  4. What are you most productive doing?
  5. Which activities come quickly and naturally for you?
  6. What have people praised you for throughout your life?
  7. As a child, were there any activities that you loved doing and that you did better than all your friends?

Concentrating on improving your weaknesses = Stressed out and Bankrupt.

Leveraging your strengths and building your business around your weaknesses = Wealthy and Carefree

 Safeguard Questions: 

  1. “Who knows how to do this far better than me?”
  2. “Is this the best use of my time, energy, and finances?”
  3. “What is the real outcome I’m trying to achieve here?
  4. “Am I confusing stress with results and activity with accomplishment?”
  5. “What’s the quickest path to achieving the result?”
  6. “If my life depended on making this work, what do I need to stop that’s not working, start what needs to be done and continue doing what is already working?”
  7. “What don’t I know yet that if I did know would cause me to have success?”

 Action list 

  1. Identify your strengths
  2. Lead the business forward through your strengths
  3. Find the problems that are and not the ones that are not (Symptoms V Root cause)
  4. Work on solving the biggest most transformational beneficial problems
  5. Build machines for those problems that largely run without you (Get Leverage)
  6. Supplement your weaknesses by empowering and mentoring the best quality solutions to the problems (People) and (Processes) that are strong in the areas you are not in order to help you solve the most important problems that are, freeing you up to build and grow a profitable salable business and enjoy life on your terms.

And that is exactly what I help business owners to do with my high level one on one business mentoring program.

Using cutting edge techniques and mindset models to help my clients lead their businesses to victory by identifying forging and strengthening their innate talents abilities and strengths while at the same time dramatically leveraging people, processes and technology to build their businesses around their weaknesses.

And in so create Wealth Freedom and Business Domination.

If you are ready to Power Shift from tired overwhelmed and low profits to wealth freedom and complete business domination, it’s time to step forward and get the business and life you want.


I’ll ask a serious of questions to better understand you your business, and what you want to achieve, then I will offer some options on how I can help you best.

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To your success

Glen Michaelides

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