Do You Have 20/20 Vision?

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Do You Have 20/20 Vision?

20/20 vision is a term for visual acuity in which the numerator refers to distance and the denominator refers to size.

Vision is all about seeing where you want to go, and 20/20 vision is considered spot on and crystal clear.

If you were boarding an aircraft, you would assume without doubt the pilot should have 20/20 vision and complete clarity on where he is going.

Makes sense, right?

The big question is, do you have 20/20 vision when it comes to your business, family and life?

2020 is all about having 20/20 clarity without it; you will be rudderless and get sucked into the vortex of constant reactions and demands.

The risk is you could burn up weeks, months and even years zigging and zagging in different directions, resulting in you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired and confused as to why you feel empty and unfulfilled.

20/20 Needs To Start With An Extreme Focus On You

Here’s the distinction I learned from coaching a top-performing multimillion-dollar athlete.

Firstly, what do you think the job of a top-performing multimillion-dollar athlete should be?


If every time that athlete won, he made a hundred thousand dollars how would he look after himself?…

Would he eat junk food all day long and skip meals? No, he would have his diet on point, so his body produced maximum energy.

Would he run himself into the ground and not rest properly? No, he would get quality rest and sleep, so he performed at the optimum level.

Would he think about all of the competitions he had lost over the years paralyzing himself? Not he would imagine having already won the next competition in complete clarity.

Would he think he has to do it on his own? No, he will enlist the help and wisdom of experts and a coach to fast track his results.

He treats himself in an outstanding way every day and positions himself to win right through consistency, discipline and leveraging from experts.

Now think about your Health, Your Business, Your Mindset, You’re seeking the best knowledge to improve all aspects of your life.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your business to treat yourself like a Top Performing Athlete so that you get the results.

Remember you are in control of creating at least 98% of everything inside of your business and life either empowering or disempowering.

You get to pull the levers and turn the dials to get the life you want; the big question is do you know what the right ones are?

One thing I know for certain even if it looks good on the outside of your business and life when you pull the curtain back and lift the bonnet invariably there is a storm brewing or a Gordian knot needing untangling in one aspect or another.

People try and act as they have it all together, but they can be delusional and deny taking responsibility for their problems.

Here’s the thing it’s ok to have some weeds in the garden that need pulling out and if you start treating yourself like a multimillion-dollar Top Performing athlete, that’s being coached by an expert you would ask yourself

“What do I want for my health” “What do I want for my business?” “What do I want for my life?”  “Why do I want that?” “Who am I fighting for?” “What is my passion and cause?”

And when you’re clear on that…

Stop doing what’s driving you away from the results you want so badly?

Don’t get caught up in distractions and reactions when your clear and have 20/20 vision you start treating your business and life like you’re an athlete.

In 2020s hyperpaced world of distractions be prouder of what you say no to that’s not inline with your clear vision for your health, business, and life.

It’s better to take 20 steps towards the life you want than 20 steps all over the place.

What does your health look like?

What does your energy and output look like?

Who are you surrounding yourself with to win?

Who do you need on your team?

What does your business need to look like?

What is most important to you for your life?

How much money do you now make?

What does freedom look like?

Remember, your first job right now is simply to get clear on your 20/20 vision.

The clearer your vision is, the more you will treat yourself like a multimillion-dollar athlete and get the results you want.

So, think about the next steps that you are going to take in the right direction

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To your business and life success.

Glen Michaelides

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