Develop A Millionaire Mindset CHAPTER 1

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Develop A Millionaire Mindset CHAPTER 1

Because without it, you’ll never give yourself permission to succeed…

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” Jim Rohn

Your Money Blue Print Your Money Blue Print is how you think, feel, and act in regards to money.

Your actions bring results, whether good or bad. Your thoughts are powerful and can prevent your success.

Many people think that they are unworthy to be rich.

Most people are never taught about money, and if they are, they are taught by people who don’t have any.

Starting from childhood, your mind is programmed by friends, relatives, culture, media, and leaders.

There are 3 ways that you are programmed:

1. Verbal – What you hear

2. Model – What you see and copy

3. Specific Ingredients – What you experience.

The first thing you can do to change your Money Blueprint is to become aware that the way you are thinking may not be congruent to becoming wealthy.

Second, you need to understand that your thoughts are not who you are.

Starting right now, begin to become conscious of your negative thinking and replace it with supportive and confident ways of thinking.

Become enlightened by examining every thought that comes into your mind and ask,

“Is this supportive or disruptive to my happiness or success?”

Place every thought that you evaluate into one of 3 categories:

1.   Empowering — Run with it 2. Neutral — Keep it 3. Disempowering — Cancel it Immediately

Your Millionaire Mindset

Are you ever amassed when you have been thinking about something happening for a long time and when it actually does you feel like your thoughts somehow played a part in it?

Just when you start thinking you’re having a bad day; you actually have one!

As soon as you start worrying and trying to avoid getting anything on your new glowing white shirt, boom – the red sauce at dinner, the blue ink in the pen, the dirt on the back of the chair… or some other substance almost jumps onto your chest! Is it a coincidence?

Or do your thoughts actually have the power to attract the thing you think most about?

The Millionaire Mindset is about getting your mind right for your own success.

Without it, your days will be harder, and your million-dollar success will be unlikely.

Your future just may not end up as bright as you hope it will if you don’t toss everything that is not serving you out the window and open your mind up to receiving new concepts, principles, and methods of doing business.

The good news is that if you fully commit yourself to possess nothing less for yourself, your life will become more than you could have ever imagined…and then some!

Steps to Developing the Millionaire Mindset Decide to Be Successful.

As simple as it sounds it is amazing how many people dream about success, talk about success, study success, and intensely want success but have never made a full-throttle commitment to actually being successful.

I don’t want you to have some crazy infatuation with the idea of being successful.

I want you to want the actual success and not just the dream of success.

At the point where you decide that you will do whatever it takes to succeed, you’re going to immediately be set on the real track to attaining it.

You absolutely have to decide what you want, record it, and review it daily to stay focused.

This will be one of the most critical decisions you ever make.

Deep down I think, you’ve had already realised what the true path to success is and are completely engaged in attaining it right now!

The mere fact that you can think it means you can do it.

So, congratulations, this is the first day of your road to million-dollar success!

Believe in Your Success Believing in your own ability to succeed will give you the courage to reach your goals.

Without self‐belief, you will be vulnerable to obstacles, criticism, and setbacks.

Business is not for the faint‐hearted, and sometimes the only person who will believe in you is you.

Don’t fall victim to the chains of disbelief that will keep your goals choking for life.

When you feel discouraged, and doubt creeps into your mind, you have to combat immediately by doing some activity that builds your success.

It may be as simple as making the most important things the most important things and dedicating your time to getting the important work done.

Connect with why it is supremely important that you get the most important things done first. These are very critical actions to take when you feel defeated.

If you do them, you will eventually silence the voice of defeat and doubt for good!

Become Congruent with Success.

Once you have decided to be successful, and have developed an attitude of self-belief, you need to make sure that your actions line up with the success that you are expecting.

If you want to lose weight, you can’t eat candy all day and sit on the sofa. All primary goals are achieved one small task at a time.

On this new path to business success, you have to make sure that you’re not sabotaging your success with actions that undercut your success.

By making the decision to develop a Millionaire Mindset, you begin to become an attraction magnet for success! Opportunities, knowledge, connections, and tools will begin to fall in your lap!

Clear Vision

You must have a clear vision of where you are going and what you want. This vision must be written down and reviewed daily to keep you focused on making it a reality.

You have to live, eat, sleep, and breathe your dream. Imagine your ultimate dream car, house, family or business and visit that dream daily to remind yourself why you have to keep pushing forward.

Keep your vision in front of you at all times.

Discipline One of the deadliest enemies of success is procrastination.

Being disciplined and doing what needs to be done without delay will set you apart from the crowd. Everybody wants to start a business, lose some weight, write a book, etc.

You’re not going to be rewarded for sitting on your butt! Get up and make something happen each and every day! This is what millionaires do.

Persistence Success comes by trial and error, and any failure is only an example of how not to do it the next time.

Be willing to do what it takes to see your vision come to pass, and the rewards will be worth the effort. Persistence is probably the number one key to success.

If you don’t get where you want to be today, get up tomorrow and get it.

If not tomorrow, get up and get it the next day.

Persistence will knock down any wall and break any barrier, so be persistent!


Accept responsibility for what you must do to reach your goals and dig deep inside yourself to finish all of it.

Don’t let that little voice start talking you out of doing what needs to be done to get what you really want. Because if you run from responsibility today, you’ll run from it tomorrow too!

Be determined enough to dig your heels in and go for broke.

Perseverance You will have many opportunities to make excuses for not succeeding and plenty of moments that seem unfair. If you want to rise to the top, you have to push past the temptation of settling for less and giving yourself a way out.

You have to overcome any obstacles that come your way and be set on winning. Integrity When it comes down to the bottom line of any situation, you must always choose to do what is right.

This will be a key factor in attracting success to yourself. Your reputation will depend on it.

If your reputation is weak, then you will be too! Having integrity is very hard sometimes, but it’s one of the most important keys to the success of anyone who is victorious, …and happy!


Having the confidence to pursue success is acquired easier when you have a clear vision of where you are going and a solid plan to get there and why that is so important.

Without these two things, you will feel lost and out of control.

With a clear vision and a solid plan, you will feel like you can conquer anything.

By reading this material and following my instructions, you will have both a clear vision and a solid plan that will give you confidence.

Take Action

There is one thing that all successful people have in common — They Take Action. They don’t sit around on their laurels, hoping and wishing.

They get up and get moving.

There is no substitute for actually getting into the game.

You don’t have to have a perfect plan or perfect circumstances, but Deciding to Have a Millionaire Mindset,

Believing in Yourself and Becoming Congruent with Success will only make you wealthy if you actually get up and take action!

I’m not talking about short cuts or magic tricks I’m talking about doing the work

So that… The new year doesn’t define you… You define it…

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To your business and life success.

Glen Michaelides

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