In order to be able to enjoy the fun stuff ?

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In order to be able to enjoy the fun stuff ?

We first need to get the money thing handled and the first step to doing that is to know what your FREEDOM NUMBERS are

1. What do you really want– Get really clear and specific
• Business
• Finance
• Lifestyle
• Rewards to yourself

Can you describe how you would like your business to look in 3 years from now?

2. The market and the maths (Based on your Outcomes)
• Identify Best Payday Market
• High Net Profit
• Energising
• Easy To Sell
• Easy To Deliver
• Sustainable
• Scalable

3. Autonomy
What are you prepared to do to achieve your results based on solving those markets biggest problems.

4. Team
Who do you need to surround yourself with? who will be responsible for what in order to achieve the result? Are you measuring the results of your team and incentivising accordingly?

So here are the steps

Knowing what the endgame looks like

Understanding what the market’s problems are that they are motivated to solve Marketing to that market effectively and powerfully through a (Media Breakthrough)

Creating and Maximising your products to solve those markets problems transformationally and efficiently

Ensuring you have the right maths in those products and that they meet “BestPayday” requirements.

Building the Ultimate team around the maths and incentivising accordingly

Systemising and measuring improving daily.

Scale and automate.

And to help with that here are some questions to answer

 Do you have automated systems?

 Do you have an effective online presence?

 Do you have an automated lead generation process?

 Do you record your monthly leads?

 Do you know your conversion ratio? (from lead to a sale)?

 Do you know the value of your average sale?

 Do you have a Customer Relationship Marketing Funnel?

 Do you know the average lifetime of your client? (the period of time your client stays with you).

 Do you know the lifetime value of your client?

 Do you know how often your clients buy from you each year?

 Do you know what your monthly conversion rate is?

 Do you have client follow-up process?

 Do you have a complaint handling process?

 Do you have a process for handling late payments?

 Do you have effective administration systems?

If not its time to get these things handled once and for all so you can get back to enjoying the freedom, the money and the reasons why you got into business in the first place.

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