Meet Glen Michaelides

(Managing Director at The Titans Academy)

Glen is the creator of The Power of 4™ Performance Multiplier System that speeds up your results by using the power of marketing, innovation, team, and mindset helping business owners to increase sales, multiply profits and achieve their ultimate lifestyle sooner than they ever imagined.

With over 25 years of experience helping business owners, he is one of the most sought after business and life growth strategists in the country.


About Glen:


Hi I’m Glen Michaelides,

After several attempts of creating this page and ending up with five pages of personal achievements and success stories, I decided to scrap all of that and instead, speak with you as I would one of my friends who need my help.

I’m 44 years old, I live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife Shaye (the good looking one on the home page), my two adult children, Brendan and Shelby, her partner James and my dog Texas Rose (who’s a human in disguise).

So, if you’re asking yourself: “Is this guy worth my time? The answer is: I’m not for everyone, and I’m not into magic tricks.

Put simply: “If you’re not prepared to put in work, this is not for you.” I am not selling “get rich quick” – that’s someone else’s story; I’m not built that way. For me, Integrity and doing the right thing comes first.

“My clients are my friends,” I don’t have thousands of them, I only work with a small, select group of business people who want serious results. I don’t sell vaporware and bags of false promises. I don’t pump up their egos and leave them without a plan, to move onto the next sale for the day.

I stretch my clients and hold them accountable for what they want, and I make sure they do the work to get it. “I tell it like it is” then help them make it better.

Yes, it is possible to climb more than one run on the ladder at once, but it will take hard work. It’s simple, but not easy. If you’re looking for the easy way I can’t help you. If you’re not an action taker, then it is very unlikely you’ll get the results you want. Although this training is very powerful, I can’t do the heavy lifting for you.

You need to want your success more than I do. You must be willing to make positive changes, as doing the same things that are not working over and over, expecting a different result is really insanity!

The same thinking that got you your initial success is no longer going to work in today’s market. It is going to take a whole new way of thinking to get you the results you want.

Here’s what you can expect from me…

Number One:
You get me personally and not some computerised recording or basic instruction manual on how to be successful.

Number Two:
You’ll get real-life rubber to the road tools and strategies, that if followed, will create a turnkey systemized, salable, scalable, profitable business and best of all: you’ll get your life back.

Number Three:
I will be there and help you implement:

  • Marking systems
  • Social media strategies
  • Sales growth and conversion tools
  • Business innovation systems
  • Team building
  • Exit strategies
  • And also, how to use your brain more efficiently (yes that’s important)


OK, I know that some of you will want to learn more about me because you have to know that I know what I’m talking about… ( I Think It Is Important to do your Research )…


If that’s you, here’s a list of my achievements and a bit more about me:

Since 1997 I have been helping businesses solve their problems in Perth WA and around Australia, delivering high-quality solutions over a wide range of vocations.

I’m an international author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and real estate investor. Having started my first business at the age of ten, I learned the fundamental skills of how to be a successful businessman in a practical way:

Work hard, never give up, always be honest, and over deliver.

I have met and worked alongside the best of the best, including, Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  mind and brain experts, wealth creators, health and fitness icons and spiritual leaders.

I am a Fully Licenced NLP Master Practitioner

Despite the many challenges in business, I grew three separate multi-million dollar business all from the ground up. One to more than $40 million in revenue. In addition to my business success, I have managed, grown and invested in businesses in a diverse range of sectors, including health and fitness, share trading, and real estate.

Additionally, I have used my skills in business to buy, build, and sell real estate properties worth millions of dollars. I have helped thousands of individuals and companies including, Mum and Dad Owner operator Businesses Start ups, Corporate and large companies such as BHP, Alcoa, Rio Tinto, HWE, Leighton, FMG, WA Police, fire and emergency services, power companies, and gymnasium franchises, to name a few.

In my spare time, I enjoy owning and driving exotic cars as well as participating in motorsports and water skiing. A winner of an Iron Man competition, I love Health and fitness and being my best. I have also competed in martial arts events and trained and learned from champion fitness professionals. I enjoy meeting celebrities from around the world and support a variety of children’s charities, including The Starlight Foundation, Give a Feed and Food Bank.

I have traveled and worked throughout Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Asia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States of America, and New Caledonia.

So, if you’re still trying to work out if we’re a fit and you’re not sure if you’re ready for the extreme power I will put behind you in helping you get what you want, that’s Ok! Grab some of my FREE STUFF until you decide to take your life and Business to the Next Level.

Or grab a copy of my book – it’s also FREE you will find it on this site.


So, read it at your risk, until we meet in person

All the very best Glen Michaelides

Our Culture

Our culture is to uphold honesty and integrity above all else. To always give our clients a clear picture of their situation and the best advice to reach their goals. We never put profits ahead of getting you the result and will never take money from anybody we cannot help.

We strive to give clients more value than they pay for, so they make much more in increased profits than they pay in fees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our clients the best possible chance of reaching their goals in business and in life. We will do this by ensuring we’re providing them the best possible strategies we can create relevant to their situation and give them the support necessary to implement them.

We pride ourselves in always seeking out the latest knowledge in all areas of business and life and continually incorporating what is relevant into our system.

Our Commitment to Service and Values

Ownership: We are committed to helping you to completion, we do what we say
Team: With teamwork comes leverage, ideas, and support
Systems: Innovative turnkey autopilot systems – Allowing you to maximise time for the important things in life.
Communication: We seek to understand and give honest feedback, creating speed and certainty
Leadership: We inspire the right psychology to make the difference 
Accountability: We are committing to personal and professional excellence at all times
Responsibility: We are committed to giving the best quality information available.
Integrity: We back up our promise by doing what we say within the time frame we promised.

Glen Is a Fully Qualified As an NLP Master Practitioner

NLP is based on the study of excellence – on the mindsets, interpersonal skills, and unique behaviour of outstanding people from around the world.  Presidents, celebrities, top business minds, company management right through to sales representatives and other frontline staff can and do use NLP to learn the skills to create extraordinary results. In fact, no matter how good you are now, NLP will make you better, It’s like having an unfair ADVANTAGE over your competition.